How To Make Your Essay Longer Hacks

If you are struggling with making your essay longer, you will be happy to know that there may have been some things that you have missed in terms of adding content, answering questions, and sources.

How To Make Your Essay Longer Hacks?

There are also formatting tricks that you can try to make the essay longer too, read more to find out.

Check You Have Said Everything

Reread the prompt to ensure that you have answered all of the questions provided in the task and that you have reached a coherent conclusion.

Examine your notes for facts and concepts that you did not expand on and ensure that you supported your case with all sorts of evidence that were necessary.

Perhaps handouts include some recommendations you missed or a list of articles you were advised to utilize as sources.

Finally, try outlining in reverse. Reduce your essay to its minimal essentials.

Check to see if you can rearrange your essay to create room for new ideas or examples. If it won’t appear out of place, you might be able to add a complete area.

Be More Descriptive

Descriptive writing is an efficient approach to expand and strengthen your essay.

Descriptive writing, as the term implies, relates to explaining thoughts or ideas in great detail.

Don’t simply use brief sentences; explain what you’re attempting to convey to demonstrate your argument and make your point clearly.

It’s a good idea to construct a picture that appeals to all five senses while writing descriptively: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing.

Even though this isn’t always achievable, keep this hack in mind and utilize it whenever possible to improve the word count.

Re-Structure Your Paragraphs

Paragraphs in an essay usually follow the same pattern: topic sentence – explanation – evidence/examples – point conclusion.

Check to see if all of your paragraphs follow this format. If your paragraph is less than three sentences long, some of the pieces may be missing.

Do not forget to clarify how your paragraph’s point relates to the issue. Again, it may seem clear to you, but not to the reader.

Use Quotations

Any well-researched paper will incorporate quotations, so you’re already familiar with the notion.

A citation is a good approach to add important extra words while also supporting your point by showcasing other individuals who agree with you.

However, avoid overusing quotations in your essay because there is a delicate line between a well-sourced and supported article and a compilation of other people’s ideas.

Make sure to allow some area for your own thoughts. Always ensure that your quotations are properly attributed and referenced.

Include More Sources

True, the more study material you read, the more content you’ll have for your essay.

As a result, if you want to make your essay lengthier, it’s a good idea to find other sources of information and include them into your essay.

Return to the initial research you conducted and seek for more research material in the form of online articles, journals, encyclopedias, research papers, and other resources that may be of use.

Use Examples

Use Examples

It is a good idea to include examples while writing essays.

It allows you to write more simply and effectively, while also forcefully supporting your points and giving credibility.

Examples can be used to clarify material that is not common knowledge, to reintroduce an argument, to emphasize an idea, or even to illustrate distinctions.

Aside from that, this exercise contributes to the word count.

So, wherever feasible, include examples in the form of real-life incidents, paraphrases, quotes, and even analogies.

Re-Read Your Introduction

We understand that once you’ve completed your essay, the last thing you want to do is start again.

Having said that, the significance of your introduction cannot be overstated.

It should outline your overall theories and points of view that will be explored in the paper, as well as the format your essay will follow.

It is typical for theories to alter during writing, so always re-visit your introduction once you’ve completed it to ensure it accurately reflects the final material.

It should always connect to your conclusion, and ideally, your introduction will anticipate the questions that will be neatly addressed at the end of the essay.

Most importantly, your introduction is the first impression your readers will have of you, and just like in real life, a good first encounter may help you leave a good impression.

Making Your Essay Look Longer

It’s one thing to increase your essay word count, but there are additional techniques to make your essay look longer without adding any new information.

However, keep in mind that violating your teacher’s rules may result in a worse grade.

As a result, you should proceed with caution while employing the following tactics.

Spell Numbers

To begin, you may be a little sly and spell out numbers instead of writing them in numerical form.

Some argue that this is good writing practice in general, therefore if you haven’t already, it’s something you should start doing.

However, if the number is 10 or more, it should be written numerically.

Alter Contractions

To enhance the length of your essay, use contractions whenever possible.

For example, instead of “it’s,” write “it is,” and instead of “can’t,” write “cannot.” It will also give your writing a more official appearance.

Increase Margin Space

If you are able to, you can also alter the margin spaces in order to make the writing look more condensed.

This will also make the writing expand to more pages.

However, if your teacher or tutor has strict requirements for the margin spacing, then you should not go outside of the parameters asked of you.


It’s natural to get irritated when you’ve been researching and typing for what seems like an eternity and still haven’t met your teacher’s needed page count.

There’s a chance you overlooked anything on the assignment summary or missed an opportunity to incorporate extra quotes from credible sources.

You may even be able to add a few more instances to your case, easily increasing the word limit with more research.

Fortunately, even if you have added and changed all of the potential information to the essay, there are still tiny suggestions and methods you may use to make it even longer.

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