How Many Words In A Double Spaced Page? [A Word Count Guide]

If you’re a keen writer, then chances are that you already know how many words typically take up an entire A4 page once you’ve typed them all out.

So what about when you throw double spacing into the mix?

Or if you have to print out your project with double spacing, perhaps you’re a little unsure about how many pages it’s going to take to print it all out once you introduce the double spacing to your document.

How Many Words In A Double Spaced Page? [A Word Count Guide]

So how many words are there in a double spaced page?

That’s the question that we’re going to answer for you today! We’re going to cover everything that you need to know about double spacing so that you can get the most out of it.

This should help you to work out how many pages your finished project will need in order to print it out. Or it could show you how many pages you need to aim for if you have to hit a certain word count.

So let’s take a look at everything we need to know about double spacing!

How Many Words Are In A Page Double Spaced 12 Point Font?

On average, there tends to be around 250 words on a single page that has been double spaced.

That is of course providing that you have opted for the standard formatting and haven’t deviated from what is considered to be industry standard for many different purposes.

You will need to have stuck with an A4 page as standard, that makes use of 1 inch margins, and features a 12 point font.

This is so that every word, sentence, and paragraph will take up the same amount of space on the page. So if you have chosen to alter any aspect of this formatting, you could find that it alters the readability of your piece.

For example, opting for larger fonts can make your piece more accessible for the visually impaired. However, it will also mean that you are able to fit less words on a page.

Thinking about making your font smaller? Then you will notice that the overall readability of your piece changes. Some people may struggle to read tiny fonts, and won’t want to try and strain their eyes to do so.

It will mean that you can fit slightly more words onto a page, however, there will be little point if it is virtually illegible for readers.

If you were to try and widen the margins, this could fit more words onto the page. If you were to make the margins smaller, this could mean that less words fit on the page.

But by doing either of these formatting changes, you can alter the readability and printability of your content.

If the margins were to be too close to the edge of the A4 paper, then this could mean that part of the words are hidden in the binding if you were trying to put together something like a dissertation.

So in short, you should try and stick to standard formatting to average around 250 words per page that makes use of double spacing.

How Many Words Are 2 Pages Double Spaced Times New Roman?

How Many Words Are 2 Pages Double Spaced Times New Roman?

We now know that a double spaced page tends to have around 250 words on average.

So with this in mind, we can work out that 2 pages that have been double spaced using the Times New Roman font will be around 500 words in total.

This is because Times New Roman tends to be one of the go-to fonts for many writers, and it’s a font that won’t take up too much room on the page.

Using this same logic of 250 words per page that has been double spaced, it makes it super easy to work out how many pages your project will be when you finish it and need to print it out.

If you write out 3 pages that are double spaced, this will be roughly around 750 words. If you write out 20 pages, you will know that this is roughly 5,000 words.

It’s a good rule of thumb to have, and can give you a much better idea of how thick your final project will look once you’ve got it all printed out.

Is 2.0 Or 2.5 Double Spaced?

When you change the spacing settings on your word document, you will notice that it is automatically set to single spacing, which is 1.0.

You should then have the option to change it to a different font spacing if you so wish, which will be essential if you need to use double spacing in your piece.

You will need to select standard double spacing, which is typically 2.0. If you were to opt for 2.5 spacing, this would create even more space between each sentence in your document, and alter how many words were on the page.

Just as altering other aspects of the formatting can increase or decrease how many words are on your double spaced page, selecting the 2.5 spacing will mean that you have fewer words to play with on your page.

Standard double spacing tends to be 2.0 spacing. This creates more space between each sentence on your document, and serves 2 purposes.

This makes it easier for people to read your piece, and can also make it easier for people to write comments in the extra space.

How Many Pages Is 200 Words Double Spaced 12 Font?

So if 250 words takes up an entire A4 page that has been double spaced, how many pages is 200 words double spaced using a 12 point font?

Whereas 250 words are needed to fill the page, you will find that 200 words typically takes up around 80% of the page. So even though this may not be enough to fill the entire page, it still fills the majority of the page.

You can also use this math to work out other amounts of words and how much space it would take up on a page that has been double spaced.

In Summary

So there you have it! You now know that a double spaced page that follows typical formatting standards will have around 250 words on a page.

The standard formatting tends to be sticking to an A4 page, having 1 inch margins, and making sure that you select an appropriate 12 point font.

If you alter any of these elements, it could affect the total amount of words that end up on the page.

If you were to make the font smaller, this could alter how readable your project is. It may reduce the amount of pages required, but it will be trickier for people to read whatever you’ve written.

Opting for a larger font size for easier readability for the visually impaired will also increase the amount of pages required to print your piece of work.

It will be important to think about what it is you are writing, what you need it for, and whether you should stick to standard formatting, or try to switch it up a bit.

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