How Long Is 2000 Words?

Writing 2000 words is no easy feat. It sounds like a lot, and that’s because it is. Especially if you haven’t really written a lot in the past.

how long is 2000 words

You might be wondering just how long 2000 words is, in terms of pages, paragraphs, sentences and anything else related. 

In this article, we’ll be going over just how long 2000 words is and how you can structure a 2000-word essay with ease, so let’s take a look! 

How Long Is 2000 Words? 

So, how long is 2000 words? Well, that depends. 

For a standard essay, it’s about 8 pages, but again, this can vary depending on the font style, the spacing, the margins, and anything else that contributes to your essay. 

Double spacing is going to be about double single spacing, so 2000 words in a standard size 12 Ariel font but single spaced is going to be about 4 pages, whereas double spacing with the same font and size will be about 8 pages instead. 

There are usually about 10 to 20 paragraphs found in a 2000-word essay, but again, this depends on the sentence sizes.

If you write longer sentences, it will lean more towards 10 paragraphs, but if you use shorter sentences, it will be more. 

In terms of sentences, there are between 100 and 134 sentences in a 2000-word essay. 

How Long Does It Take To Write 2000 Words? 

How long it takes to write 2000 words purely depends on your typing speed.

If we use the average writing speed just to answer this question, then it’s going to take about 50 minutes at a typing speed of 40 words per minute. 

This time will vary depending on your writing speed though.

People who type faster than 40 words per minute will take less than 50 minutes to write a 2000-word essay, but people who type slower than 40 words per minute will take longer. 

You also have to take into consideration what you’re writing about. If you’re just writing to write, the 50-minute average will be roughly how long it takes.

But if you’re doing research in between, regardless of how fast you type, it will take you longer than 50 minutes to finish. 

How To Write A 2000 Word Essay

Writing a 2000-word essay might seem incredibly difficult and intimidating at first, but once you know how to structure it, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier than it might seem. 

As long as you have the subject matter ready to go and you’ve done enough research, it’s just a matter of putting it all into an organized format that flows really well. 

There are three main parts to any essay regardless of how many words you need to use.

These three parts are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

All good essays will follow this format and even if you haven’t written an essay before when you use this format, you’ll find that no matter how many words you need to write, it will be a lot easier to achieve. 

Let’s take a look at the different parts in a little bit more detail now. 


Every essay starts with an introduction. You use this part of the essay to introduce the topic you’ll be talking about and you can briefly introduce some arguments and points you will be discussing. 

The introduction is basically an outline of what the whole essay is going to be about.

It gives you a chance to grip the reader straight away and make them want to read on. 

A great way to start your introduction is to use a striking statement or an anecdote that is really descriptive.

This is your chance to reel your reader in and make them want to read the rest of your essay.

Gripping introductions are especially effective for longer essays. 


Your body is where the majority of your words are going to be.

It’s in the body where you will be focusing on the points, arguments, and themes you introduced in the introduction.

You’ll be going into them in more detail and depth in this part.

The body is broken up into numerous paragraphs and parts depending on what you’re talking about. 

Even with longer essays, you still need to make sure that what you’re talking about in your body is to the point and make sure that you aren’t waffling on too much.

Be precise in what you’re talking about and try to stay as on topic as you possibly can, but you want to make sure that any points, agreements, and themes have been resolved by the end of your body. 


Once you’ve wrapped up your body, then you will come to the conclusion.

It’s in this part of your essay that you reiterate your themes, points, and arguments, but this time with the wrapped-up parts in a more condensed way.

It’s sort of like the opposite of the introduction. 

You’re outlining the points you’ve made, but you’re also briefly touching on their resolutions too. 

Once you’ve done this, you need to wrap the whole essay up with the end of the conclusion.

The conclusion needs to be clear, though you can leave open-ended questions if they suit the overall theme of the essay, but you want the end of the essay and conclusion to be very apparent to your readers. 

Final Thoughts

Though 2000 words might seem like an intimidating number, once you have a better understanding of how long it is in terms of sentences and pages, it suddenly makes writing that quantity yourself much easier. 

If you need to write a 2000-word essay, then the tips we’ve included in this article will help you achieve that goal without much stress.

Though it can seem like a lot at face value, once you get used to writing this many words, it will become second nature to you. 

Don’t forget as well, you don’t need to rush writing. Take your time and don’t let yourself get stressed!

Alan Reiner

Alan Reiner

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