About Us

There’s no getting around it – writing long pieces of work can be tiring and strenuous. If you’re not someone who enjoys writing, then you might struggle to meet a word count. 


Hi, my name is Alan Reiner and I have been in the writing industry for almost seven years. I write articles that can span from 200 words all the way to 20,000 words every single day. How do I do it? With a lot of determination. 

All my way through school and college, I hated long-form assignments. I could never get into the groove of working on one piece for an extended period of time. My pieces were always late because I didn’t have the motivation to type them, let alone edit them.

You might be wondering how someone like that got into the writing business in the first place. When I find that out, I’ll let you know! 

But I did, and I love my job. Now that I know how long it takes me to type a certain number of words, how many pages I have to write for the word count, and tricks on how to write faster, I write all day long without any issues.

But I know that there are still people out there like I used to be, hating writing and struggling through it. That’s why I created Word Counter, to help you write quicker with the knowledge that I’ve picked up over the years.

I hope that my website is helpful to you, and good luck on your writing journey!