‘Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.’ – Bil Keane

‘You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.’ – Abraham Lincoln

‘If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?’ – John Wooden

‘Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.’ – Nathaniel Hawthorne

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.’ – William Shakespeare

‘Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use.’ – Earl Nightingale

‘Time and tide wait for no man.’ – Geoffrey Chaucer

‘Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.’ – Evelyn Waugh

‘The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.’ – Albert Einstein

‘Lost time is never found again.’ – Benjamin Franklin

‘Tough times never last, but tough people do.’ – Robert H. Schuller

‘If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.’ – Bruce Lee

‘The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.’ – Bertrand Russell

‘I went to a restaurant that serves ‘breakfast at any time’. So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.’ – Steven Wright

‘Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.’ – Carl Sandburg

‘Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.’ – Charles M. Schulz

‘Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.’ – John Lennon

‘How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?’ – Dr. Seuss

‘Time changes everything except something within us which is always surprised by change.’ – Thomas Hardy

‘Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.’ – Leonardo da Vinci

‘Time moves in one direction, memory in another.’ – William Gibson

‘The present time has one advantage over every other – it is our own.’ – Charles Caleb Colton

‘Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.’ – Coco Chanel

‘Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.’ – Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

‘Perfection is the child of time.’ – Joseph Hall

‘Put two ships in the open sea, without wind or tide, and, at last, they will come together. Throw two planets into space, and they will fall one on the other. Place two enemies in the midst of a crowd, and they will inevitably meet; it is a fatality, a question of time; that is all.’ – Jules Verne

‘Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.’ – William Penn

‘Forever is composed of nows.’ – Emily Dickinson

‘Lost – yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever.’ – Horace Mann

‘The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is.’ – C. S. Lewis

‘People who cannot find time for recreation are obliged sooner or later to find time for illness.’ – John Wanamaker

‘Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn.’ – Delmore Schwartz

‘Time and memory are true artists; they remould reality nearer to the heart’s desire.’ – John Dewey

‘What then is time? If no one asks me, I know what it is. If I wish to explain it to him who asks, I do not know.’ – Saint Augustine

‘Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.’ – Theophrastus

‘Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.’ – Napoleon Hill

‘It is strange that the years teach us patience; that the shorter our time, the greater our capacity for waiting.’ – Elizabeth Taylor

‘In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.’ – Paul Harvey

‘There are no secrets that time does not reveal.’ – Jean Racine

‘At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent.’ – Barbara Bush

‘I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.’ – Golda Meir

‘Time sometimes flies like a bird, sometimes crawls like a snail; but a man is happiest when he does not even notice whether it passes swiftly or slowly.’ – Ivan Turgenev

‘No matter how busy you are, you must take time to make the other person feel important.’ – Mary Kay Ash

‘Waste your money and you’re only out of money, but waste your time and you’ve lost a part of your life.’ – Michael LeBoeuf

‘Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.’ – Max Frisch

‘Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.’ – M. Scott Peck

‘Time brings all things to pass.’ – Aeschylus

‘Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.’ – Alan Lakein

‘Let the refining and improving of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others.’ – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

‘Time, the devourer of all things.’ – Ovid

‘Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.’ – John Archibald Wheeler

‘Lost wealth may be replaced by industry, lost knowledge by study, lost health by temperance or medicine, but lost time is gone forever.’ – Samuel Smiles

‘Men talk of killing time, while time quietly kills them.’ – Dion Boucicault

‘Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.’ – Ben Hecht

‘Time will pass and seasons will come and go.’ – Roy Bean

‘Time is the wisest counselor of all.’ – Pericles

‘Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.’ – Khalil Gibran

‘If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own.’ – Richard Cecil

‘The trouble with our times is that the future is not what it used to be.’ – Paul Valery

‘Everything that has existed, lingers in the Eternity.’ – Agatha Christie

‘Hide nothing, for time, which sees all and hears all, exposes all.’ – Sophocles

‘It is my feeling that Time ripens all things; with Time all things are revealed; Time is the father of truth.’ – Francois Rabelais

‘My time is now.’ – John Turner

‘Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short.’ – Adam Hochschild

‘Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.’ – William Shakespeare

‘Time is the most valuable thing on earth: time to think, time to act, time to extend our fraternal relations, time to become better men, time to become better women, time to become better and more independent citizens.’ – Samuel Gompers

‘Lose not yourself in a far off time, seize the moment that is thine.’ – Friedrich Schiller

‘The one thing I regret is that I will never have time to read all the books I want to read.’ – Francoise Sagan

‘The clock talked loud. I threw it away, it scared me what it talked.’ – Tillie Olsen

‘For disappearing acts, it’s hard to beat what happens to the eight hours supposedly left after eight of sleep and eight of work.’ – Doug Larson

‘When Time is spent, Eternity begins.’ – Helen Hunt Jackson

‘You must have been warned against letting the golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden only because we let them slip by.’ – James M. Barrie

‘Time makes heroes but dissolves celebrities.’ – Daniel J. Boorstin

‘Each moment is perfect and heaven-sent, in that each moment holds the seeds for growth.’ – Suzan-Lori Parks

‘Time has a way of demonstrating that the most stubborn are the most intelligent.’ – Yevgeny Yevtushenko

‘Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.’ – Marcus Aurelius

‘I confess, I do not believe in time.’ – Vladimir Nabokov

‘The time I kill is killing me.’ – Mason Cooley

‘Time goes, you say? Ah, no! alas, time stays, we go.’ – Henry Austin Dobson

‘You may delay, but time will not.’ – Benjamin Franklin

‘The best way to fill time is to waste it.’ – Marguerite Duras

‘By the time we’ve made it, we’ve had it.’ – Malcolm Forbes

‘Time was God’s first creation.’ – Walter Lang

‘Time and space – time to be alone, space to move about – these may well become the great scarcities of tomorrow.’ – Edwin Way Teale

‘Both young children and old people have a lot of time on their hands. That’s probably why they get along so well.’ – Jonathan Carroll

‘Nothing puzzles me more than the time and space; and yet nothing troubles me less.’ – Charles Lamb

‘The past always looks better than it was. It’s only pleasant because it isn’t here.’ – Finley Peter Dunne

‘Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present.’ – Roger Babson

‘Time passes irrevocably.’ – Virgil

‘The time to hesitate is through.’ – Robby Krieger

‘My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.’ – Steve Jobs

‘Nobody sees a flower really; it is so small. We haven’t time, and to see takes time – like to have a friend takes time.’ – Georgia O’Keeffe

‘Patience and time do more than strength or passion.’ – Jean de La Fontaine

‘Procrastination is the thief of time.’ – Edward Young

‘Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.’ – George Bernard Shaw

‘The past cannot be cured.’ – Elizabeth I

‘Now is the age of anxiety.’ – W. H. Auden

‘Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once.’ – John Archibald Wheeler

‘We are so obsessed with doing that we have no time and no imagination left for being. As a result, men are valued not for what they are but for what they do or what they have – for their usefulness.’ – Thomas Merton

‘True time is four-dimensional.’ – Martin Heidegger

‘Time is the father of truth, its mother is our mind.’ – Giordano Bruno

‘Old age and the passage of time teach all things.’ – Sophocles

‘Eternity: a moment standing still for ever.’ – James Montgomery

‘Finding some quiet time in your life, I think, is hugely important.’ – Mariel Hemingway

‘For time is the longest distance between two places.’ – Tennessee Williams

‘Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations.’ – Faith Baldwin

‘I put instant coffee in a microwave oven and almost went back in time.’ – Steven Wright

‘I want to go ahead of Father Time with a scythe of my own.’ – H. G. Wells

‘Time abides long enough for those who make use of it.’ – Leonardo da Vinci

‘Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them.’ – Henry Ford

‘Friends are thieves of time.’ – Francis Bacon

‘We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.’ – John F. Kennedy

‘Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.’ – Henry David Thoreau

‘Time is bunk.’ – Douglas Adams

‘Who makes quick use of the moment is a genius of prudence.’ – Johann Kaspar Lavater

‘Time is flying never to return.’ – Virgil

‘We are time’s subjects, and time bids be gone.’ – William Shakespeare

‘Time makes more converts than reason.’ – Thomas Paine

‘I have just got a new theory of eternity.’ – Albert Einstein

‘Time is money.’ – Benjamin Franklin

‘We must use time creatively.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘Like as the waves make towards the pebbl’d shore, so do our minutes, hasten to their end.’ – William Shakespeare

‘We must go fast, because the race is against time.’ – Anna Held

‘Time is a beautiful thing. It’s like when you meet an old lover on the street six years later and they don’t look so ugly anymore.’ – Sarah McLachlan

‘Much may be done in those little shreds and patches of time which every day produces, and which most men throw away.’ – Charles Caleb Colton

‘When in doubt, take more time.’ – John Zimmerman

‘O sweet, delusive Noon, Which the morning climbs to find, O moment sped too soon, And morning left behind.’ – Helen Hunt Jackson

‘It would take six months to get to Mars if you go there slowly, with optimal energy cost. Then it would take eighteen months for the planets to realign. Then it would take six months to get back, though I can see getting the travel time down to three months pretty quickly if America has the will.’ – Elon Musk

‘There’s time enough, but none to spare.’ – Charles W. Chesnutt

‘All our sweetest hours fly fastest.’ – Virgil

‘Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.’ – Ambrose Bierce

‘I took some time out for life.’ – James L. Brooks

‘We have not the time to take our time.’ – Eugene Ionesco

‘Well-timed silence is the most commanding expression.’ – Mark Helprin

‘The only thing wrong with immortality is that it tends to go on forever.’ – Herb Caen

‘The present is a point just passed.’ – David Russell

‘And when is there time to remember, to sift, to weigh, to estimate, to total? – Tillie Olsen’ – Tillie Olsen

‘In all our deeds, the proper value and respect for time determines success or failure.’ – Malcolm X

‘But time growing old teaches all things.’ – Aeschylus

‘So during those first moments of the day, which are yours and yours alone, you can circumvent these boundaries and concentrate fully on spiritual matters. And this gives you the opportunity to plan the time management of the entire day.’ – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

‘Know how to live the time that is given you.’ – Dario Fo

‘Time, whose tooth gnaws away everything else, is powerless against truth.’ – Thomas Huxley

‘Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.’ – Thomas A. Edison

‘Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.’ – Marie Curie

‘The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.’ – Thomas Jefferson

‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.’ – Maya Angelou

‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.’ – Barack Obama

‘Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’ – Confucius

‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.’ – Mark Twain

‘We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ – T. S. Eliot

‘Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.’ – Henry Van Dyke

‘Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.’ – Warren Buffett

‘I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.’ – Thomas Paine

‘Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.’ – Henry Ford

‘The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time.’ – Jack London

‘Time plays a role in almost every decision. And some decisions define your attitude about time.’ – John Cale

‘In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.’ – Albert Schweitzer

‘You can’t be afraid to fail. It’s the only way you succeed – you’re not gonna succeed all the time, and I know that.’ – LeBron James

‘The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function.’ – F. Scott Fitzgerald

‘It takes a long time to become young.’ – Pablo Picasso

‘Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.’ – Swami Vivekananda

‘Try and leave this world a little better than you found it, and when your turn comes to die, you can die happy in feeling that at any rate, you have not wasted your time but have done your best.’ – Robert Baden-Powell

‘When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home.’ – Tecumseh

‘Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.’ – Marcus Aurelius

‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.’ – Steve Jobs

‘They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.’ – Andy Warhol

‘Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.’ – George Herbert

‘Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.’ – Joel A. Barker

‘To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.’ – Leonard Bernstein

‘Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.’ – Aristotle

‘We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.’ – Ronald Reagan

‘It’s crazy how fast time flies and how things progress.’ – Nathan Chen

‘A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.’ – Charles Darwin

‘And know that I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.’ – Jesus Christ

‘Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.’ – E. B. White

‘Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.’ – Elvis Presley

‘I’m not perfect; I make mistakes all the time. All I can do is to try my best to learn from my mistakes, take responsibility for them, and do a better job tomorrow.’ – Lana

‘Each time you love, love as deeply as if it were forever.’ – Audre Lorde

‘I would fight for my liberty so long as my strength lasted, and if the time came for me to go, the Lord would let them take me.’ – Harriet Tubman

‘It has been said that time heals all wounds. I don’t agree. The wounds remain. Time – the mind, protecting its sanity – covers them with some scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone.’ – Rose Kennedy

‘Let your life lightly dance on the edges of Time like dew on the tip of a leaf.’ – Rabindranath Tagore

‘Since day one, since the first time I touched the pen, I wanted to be the best at what I do.’ – Kendrick Lamar

‘My ultimate goal is to end up being happy. Most of the time.’ – Taylor Swift

‘I think anything is possible if you have the mindset and the will and desire to do it and put the time in.’ – Roger Clemens

‘Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.’ – Oscar Wilde

‘When my time on earth is gone, and my activities here are passed, I want they bury me upside down, and my critics can kiss my ass!’ – Bobby Knight

‘To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go.’ – Mary Oliver

‘It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.’ – David Allan Coe

‘An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.’ – Ernest Hemingway

‘Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark journey with us. Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind.’ – Henri Frederic Amiel

‘There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.’ – Elie Wiesel

‘Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.’ – Drake

‘The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.’ – Harriet Beecher Stowe

‘People always tell you, ‘Be humble. Be humble.’ When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!’ – Kanye West

‘You never know the plan. You never know what’s going to happen. We are not even promised tomorrow. I just try to focus on one day at a time.’ – Morgan Wallen

‘If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.’ – Zig Ziglar

‘All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.’ – Friedrich Nietzsche

‘Champions are not the ones who always win races – champions are the ones who get out there and try. And try harder the next time. And even harder the next time. ‘Champion’ is a state of mind. They are devoted. They compete to best themselves as much if not more than they compete to best others. Champions are not just athletes.’ – Simon Sinek

‘We are drowning in information, while starving for wisdom. The world henceforth will be run by synthesizers, people able to put together the right information at the right time, think critically about it, and make important choices wisely.’ – E. O. Wilson

‘Time flies never to be recalled.’ – Virgil

‘Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.’ – Denis Waitley

‘Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time.’ – Don Miguel Ruiz

‘Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.’ – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

‘In every battle there comes a time when both sides consider themselves beaten, then he who continues the attack wins.’ – Ulysses S. Grant

‘You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don’t try to forget the mistakes, but you don’t dwell on it. You don’t let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space.’ – Johnny Cash

‘Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening – and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.’ – Arnold Palmer

‘Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while… you don’t do things right once in a while… you do them right all the time. Winning is habit.’ – Vince Lombardi

‘This is no time for ease and comfort. It is time to dare and endure.’ – Winston Churchill

‘It’s pretty scary to know how quickly time flies.’ – James Wan

‘Nothing great is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig. If you tell me that you desire a fig. I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.’ – Epictetus

‘So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being.’ – Franz Kafka

‘I love a man with a great sense of humor and who is intelligent – a man who has a great smile. He has to make me laugh. I like a man who is very ambitious and driven and who has a good heart and makes me feel safe. I like a man who is very strong and independent and confident – that is very sexy – but at the same time, he’s very kind to people.’ – Nicole Scherzinger

‘It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.’ – Ernie Harwell

‘All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.’ – J. R. R. Tolkien

‘Only the guy who isn’t rowing has time to rock the boat.’ – Jean-Paul Sartre

‘Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.’ – Hippocrates

‘Life is designed to knock you down. It will knock you down time and time again, but it doesn’t matter how many times you fall – it matters how many times you get back up.’ – Lilly Singh

‘It’s all about the experience and having a good time and connecting with the fans.’ – Robert Trujillo

‘Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.’ – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

‘The time is always right to do what is right.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘I’ve got a theory that if you give 100% all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end.’ – Larry Bird

‘If I could talk to my younger self, I would just say that the path to great things is filled with a lot of stumbles, suffering, and challenges along the way. But if you have the right attitude and know that hard times will pass – and you get up each time – you will reach your destination.’ – Jonny Kim

‘Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen. It teaches you what you should have done next time.’ – Snoop Dogg

‘A bad system will beat a good person every time.’ – W. Edwards Deming

‘If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing.’ – Margaret Thatcher

‘Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.’ – Jim Rohn

‘I’ve got a lot of fans, but I say friends, because every time I meet a fan somewhere around the world, I don’t consider them a fan; I consider them as a friend.’ – Jason David Frank

‘The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship.’ – Jackie Kennedy

‘The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.’ – John F. Kennedy

‘Everybody is responsible for their own actions. It’s easy to point the finger at somebody else, but a real man, a real woman, a real person knows when it’s time to take the blame and when to take responsibility for their own actions.’ – Marcus Smart

‘A successful competition for me is always going out there and putting 100 percent into whatever I’m doing. It’s not always winning. People, I think, mistake that it’s just winning. Sometimes it could be, but for me, it’s hitting the best sets I can, gaining confidence, and having a good time and having fun.’ – Simone Biles

‘The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.’ – Leo Tolstoy

‘Time is long but life is short.’ – Stevie Wonder

‘I like refried beans. That’s why I wanna try fried beans, because maybe they’re just as good and we’re just wasting time. You don’t have to fry them again after all.’ – Mitch Hedberg

‘There is never time in the future in which we will work out our salvation. The challenge is in the moment; the time is always now.’ – James Baldwin

‘There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.’ – Martha Graham

‘There is no science in this world like physics. Nothing comes close to the precision with which physics enables you to understand the world around you. It’s the laws of physics that allow us to say exactly what time the sun is going to rise. What time the eclipse is going to begin. What time the eclipse is going to end.’ – Neil deGrasse Tyson

‘You never know where life is going to take you. So everything I do, I just take it one day at a time, and it always leads you to the right place.’ – Kyle Massey

‘Employ your time in improving yourself by other men’s writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have labored hard for.’ – Socrates

‘I learned that we can do anything, but we can’t do everything… at least not at the same time. So think of your priorities not in terms of what activities you do, but when you do them. Timing is everything.’ – Dan Millman

‘Peace is a journey of a thousand miles and it must be taken one step at a time.’ – Lyndon B. Johnson

‘I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

‘Death is a commingling of eternity with time; in the death of a good man, eternity is seen looking through time.’ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

‘Time management is an oxymoron. Time is beyond our control, and the clock keeps ticking regardless of how we lead our lives. Priority management is the answer to maximizing the time we have.’ – John C. Maxwell

‘Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.’ – Oswald Chambers

‘The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.’ – Will Rogers

‘It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.’ – Madeleine Albright

‘Sometimes you have to accept you can’t win all the time.’ – Lionel Messi

‘We should not say that one man’s hour is worth another man’s hour, but rather that one man during an hour is worth just as much as another man during an hour. Time is everything, man is nothing: he is at the most time’s carcass.’ – Karl Marx

‘Winning is great, sure, but if you are really going to do something in life, the secret is learning how to lose. Nobody goes undefeated all the time. If you can pick up after a crushing defeat, and go on to win again, you are going to be a champion someday.’ – Wilma Rudolph

‘The best time to plant a tree was 25 years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree is today.’ – Eliud Kipchoge

‘Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.’ – Oprah Winfrey

‘The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.’ – Charles Bukowski

‘Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.’ – Sydney J. Harris

‘You can’t have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time.’ – Charles Kettering

‘Choose to focus your time, energy and conversation around people who inspire you, support you and help you to grow you into your happiest, strongest, wisest self.’ – Karen Salmansohn

‘Everything changes with time. You can’t predict where you’re gonna be next year; you have no idea, you know what I mean?’ – Lil Peep

‘Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.’ – Robert Kennedy

‘Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life.’ – Samuel Ullman

‘The time you feel lonely is the time you most need to be by yourself.’ – Douglas Coupland

‘I’m just here for good times, man. I want people to have the best time ever. Especially if they’re around me.’ – Travis Scott

‘Life is too short to not have fun; we are only here for a short time compared to the sun and the moon and all that.’ – Coolio

‘A lot of things are going to happen that you can’t necessarily control all the time, but you can control what you do after it happens. So that’s what I try to do, keep my head up, keep moving forward, stay positive and just work hard.’ – Lonzo Ball

‘Police officers know that each time they put on their uniform, they are taking on risks to protect others.’ – Mike Parson

‘Everything we want to do in life requires discipline. And like strength, flexibility, and endurance, it can be built up over time.’ – Laird Hamilton

‘Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.’ – Hafez

‘Child labor and poverty are inevitably bound together and if you continue to use the labor of children as the treatment for the social disease of poverty, you will have both poverty and child labor to the end of time.’ – Grace Abbott

‘You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.’ – George W. Bush

‘Richard Nixon is a no good, lying bastard. He can lie out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, and if he ever caught himself telling the truth, he’d lie just to keep his hand in.’ – Harry S Truman

‘Life is all about having a good time.’ – Miley Cyrus

‘Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority.’ – Francis Bacon

‘You’ll have time to rest when you’re dead.’ – Robert De Niro

‘When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it, it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to someone else. Most people in the city rush around so, they have no time to look at a flower. I want them to see it whether they want to or not.’ – Georgia O’Keeffe

‘There’s no time for regrets. You’ve just got to keep moving forward.’ – Mike McCready

‘Life is strong and fragile. It’s a paradox… It’s both things, like quantum physics: It’s a particle and a wave at the same time. It all exists all together.’ – Joan Jett

‘Progress takes time and discipline.’ – Ronnie Coleman

‘The Joker is my favorite villain of all time: You don’t know his past; you just know what his plans are.’ – The Weeknd

‘In my mind I’m a blind man doin’ time.’ – Tupac Shakur

‘With each new day in Africa, a gazelle wakes up knowing he must outrun the fastest lion or perish. At the same time, a lion stirs and stretches, knowing he must outrun the fastest gazelle or starve. It’s no different for the human race. Whether you consider yourself a gazelle or a lion, you have to run faster than others to survive.’ – Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

‘Character is the result of two things: mental attitude and the way we spend our time.’ – Elbert Hubbard

‘There is nothing as sweet as a comeback, when you are down and out, about to lose, and out of time.’ – Anne Lamott

‘In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time.’ – Anthony J. D’Angelo

‘Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.’ – Oliver Goldsmith

‘If you are not doing what you love, you are wasting your time.’ – Billy Joel

‘The sun don’t shine on the same dog’s ass all the time.’ – Catfish Hunter

‘There is no greater harm than that of time wasted.’ – Michelangelo

‘As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.’ – Henry David Thoreau

‘Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass.’ – Euripides

‘I am a marvelous housekeeper. Every time I leave a man I keep his house.’ – Zsa Zsa Gabor

‘Time is the substance from which I am made. Time is a river which carries me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger that devours me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire that consumes me, but I am the fire.’ – Jorge Luis Borges

‘Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.’ – Miles Davis

‘Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.’ – H. G. Wells

‘Every time I appoint someone to a vacant position, I make a hundred unhappy and one ungrateful.’ – Louis XIV

‘Everything is a learning process: any time you fall over, it’s just teaching you to stand up the next time.’ – Joel Edgerton

‘Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.’ – Frank Gehry

‘My mission is to kill time, and time’s to kill me in its turn. How comfortable one is among murderers.’ – Emil Cioran

‘I don’t care how busy I am – I will always make time for what’s most important to me.’ – Kevin Hart

‘If atomic bombs are to be added as new weapons to the arsenals of a warring world, or to the arsenals of nations preparing for war, then the time will come when mankind will curse the names of Los Alamos and of Hiroshima.’ – J. Robert Oppenheimer

‘Anyone who said he wasn’t afraid during the civil rights movement was either a liar or without imagination. I was scared all the time. My hands didn’t shake but inside I was shaking.’ – James L. Farmer, Jr.

‘History is a cyclic poem written by time upon the memories of man.’ – Percy Bysshe Shelley

‘That brain of mine is something more than merely mortal, as time will show.’ – Ada Lovelace

‘Time makes fools of us all. Our only comfort is that greater shall come after us.’ – E. T. Bell

‘When I read things like the foundations of capitalism are shattering, I’m like, maybe we need that. Maybe we need some time where we’re walking around with a donkey with pots clanging on the sides.’ – Louis C. K.

‘One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.’ – Andre Gide

‘Puberty is such a confusing time. You are still a child, with all that wonderful naivete and innocence, but your body is changing, and you’re self-conscious and curious about its impact on others all at the same time.’ – Maimouna Doucoure

‘It takes a long time to grow an old friend.’ – John Leonard

‘Beauty is unbearable, drives us to despair, offering us for a minute the glimpse of an eternity that we should like to stretch out over the whole of time.’ – Albert Camus

‘Time flies really quickly. It feels like only a few months ago that I was traded over here and started my career as a Cub in 2013.’ – Jake Arrieta

‘History is not everything, but it is a starting point. History is a clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day. It is a compass they use to find themselves on the map of human geography. It tells them where they are but, more importantly, what they must be.’ – John Henrik Clarke

‘Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.’ – Phylicia Rashad

‘Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator.’ – Robert Orben

‘Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.’ – John Lubbock

‘The airplane stays up because it doesn’t have the time to fall.’ – Orville Wright

‘A week is a long time in politics.’ – Harold Wilson

‘For me, forgiveness and compassion are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed?’ – bell hooks

‘People always talk about how time flies; it’s become sort of a colloquialism now. You don’t really understand it until you reach your late 30s and early 40s – and I’m sure time will move even faster as I get older.’ – Ben Gibbard

‘It’s almost mind-boggling how time flies.’ – Martin Brodeur

‘Life is short and the older you get, the more you feel it. Indeed, the shorter it is. People lose their capacity to walk, run, travel, think, and experience life. I realise how important it is to use the time I have.’ – Viggo Mortensen

‘Motherhood is a great honor and privilege, yet it is also synonymous with servanthood. Every day women are called upon to selflessly meet the needs of their families. Whether they are awake at night nursing a baby, spending their time and money on less-than-grateful teenagers, or preparing meals, moms continuously put others before themselves.’ – Charles Stanley

‘Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over.’ – Octavia E. Butler

‘The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.’ – Robert Peel

‘You’re only as young as the last time you changed your mind.’ – Timothy Leary

‘Death is caused by swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time.’ – George Carlin

‘The only time you really live fully is from thirty to sixty. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits.’ – Theodore Roosevelt

‘The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.’ – Julia Child

‘Keep on beginning and failing. Each time you fail, start all over again, and you will grow stronger until you have accomplished a purpose – not the one you began with perhaps, but one you’ll be glad to remember.’ – Anne Sullivan

‘Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. It may not be difficult to store up in the mind a vast quantity of facts within a comparatively short time, but the ability to form judgments requires the severe discipline of hard work and the tempering heat of experience and maturity.’ – Calvin Coolidge

‘I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I’m rooting for the machines.’ – Claude Shannon

‘Time gives you experience and maturity to face things in different ways.’ – Deco

‘Our whole life is set up in the path of least resistance. We don’t want to suffer. We don’t want to feel discomfort. So the whole time, we’re living our lives in a very comfortable area. There’s no growth in that.’ – David Goggins

‘Every time I hear the fans, it’s exciting. It gives me a great feeling because I know it comes from their heart.’ – Kaka

‘Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.’ – Elon Musk

‘The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.’ – George Washington

‘Scars are a truly beautiful thing. Yes, they can be a little ugly on the outside, but scars show that you’re a survivor, that you made it through something, and not only did you make it through, but now you’re stronger and wiser and more educated because of that tough time that you went through.’ – Kyle Carpenter

‘Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time.’ – Ron Hall

‘Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.’ – Auguste Rodin

‘I have moments where I miss my old self. But I think anyone can get caught up in what we used to have. But at the same time, we can choose to focus on the beauty of now.’ – Steve Gleason

‘I think it’s important for us as a society to remember that the youth within juvenile justice systems are, most of the time, youths who simply haven’t had the right mentors and supporters around them – because of circumstances beyond their control.’ – Q’orianka Kilcher

‘If we listened to our intellect, we’d never have a love affair. We’d never have a friendship. We’d never go into business, because we’d be cynical. Well, that’s nonsense. You’ve got to jump off cliffs all the time and build your wings on the way down.’ – Ray Bradbury

‘I’ll always love the time I spent making ‘Black and White.” – Peter Molyneux

‘The season of failure is the best time for sowing the seeds of success.’ – Paramahansa Yogananda

‘Tell the truth, work hard, and come to dinner on time.’ – Gerald R. Ford

‘Immorality: the morality of those who are having a better time.’ – H. L. Mencken

‘Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action has arrived, stop thinking and go in.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte

‘Transitions are a time for reflection, and a time for looking forward.’ – Roy Cooper

‘You will never find time for anything. If you want time you must make it.’ – Charles Buxton

‘Fun is one of the most important – and underrated – ingredients in any successful venture. If you’re not having fun, then it’s probably time to call it quits and try something else.’ – Richard Branson

‘Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years.’ – Ausonius

‘Every time your picture is taken, you lose a part of your soul.’ – Anna May Wong

‘The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.’ – Thomas Sowell

‘I never could have done what I have done without the habits of punctuality, order, and diligence, without the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.’ – Charles Dickens

‘There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do.’ – Bill Watterson

‘I collect memories. I look for opportunities to try new things, go to new places, and meet new people all the time.’ – Marcel Wanders

‘It doesn’t hurt to feel sad from time to time.’ – Willie Nelson

‘People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.’ – Thich Nhat Hanh

‘I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.’ – Jimi Hendrix

‘The truth is of course is that there is no journey. We are arriving and departing all at the same time.’ – David Bowie

‘Treat your kid like a darling for the first five years. For the next five years, scold them. By the time they turn sixteen, treat them like a friend. Your grown up children are your best friends.’ – Chanakya

‘Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time runs out.’ – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

‘Just take your time – wave comes. Let the other guys go, catch another one.’ – Duke Kahanamoku

‘Social media is changing the way we communicate and the way we are perceived, both positively and negatively. Every time you post a photo, or update your status, you are contributing to your own digital footprint and personal brand.’ – Amy Jo Martin

‘I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there.’ – Richard P. Feynman

‘Be not entangled in this world of days and nights; Thou hast another time and space as well.’ – Muhammad Iqbal

‘As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.’ – Amy Poehler

‘Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.’ – Peter Drucker

‘We’re all just passing time and occupy our chair very briefly.’ – John Hurt

‘Some people think that the truth can be hidden with a little cover-up and decoration. But as time goes by, what is true is revealed, and what is fake fades away.’ – Ismail Haniyeh

‘Don’t get discouraged with your skin when it doesn’t do what you want it to do… Give it some time. That’s the only way to get to know yourself.’ – SZA

‘No man goes before his time – unless the boss leaves early.’ – Groucho Marx

‘The time is right for electric cars – in fact the time is critical.’ – Carlos Ghosn

‘Time flies. Especially when you have a great time, when you’re winning and the team is playing great.’ – Bojan Bogdanovic

‘All blame is a waste of time. No matter how much fault you find with another, and regardless of how much you blame him, it will not change you. The only thing blame does is to keep the focus off you when you are looking for… reasons to explain your unhappiness or frustration.’ – Casey Stengel

‘I think there’s a right time for everything, and I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason.’ – Bella Hadid

‘Around the age of 14, I was very discouraged from a coach. It was my first youth club team while playing soccer. She told me at the time that I wasn’t good enough to play on the team, that I would never get into the game.’ – Alex Morgan

‘Time is something that interests me a whole lot – past and present, and how the past appears as people change.’ – Alice Munro

‘Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time.’ – Voltaire

‘A lot of legends, a lot of people, have come before me. But this is my time.’ – Usain Bolt

‘I must uphold my ideals, for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able to carry them out.’ – Anne Frank

‘Don’t waste time on jealousy. Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind.’ – Mary Schmich

‘Failure saves lives. In the airline industry, every time a plane crashes the probability of the next crash is lowered by that. The Titanic saved lives because we’re building bigger and bigger ships. So these people died, but we have effectively improved the safety of the system, and nothing failed in vain.’ – Nassim Nicholas Taleb

‘New vaccines are being developed all the time, which could save many more lives and dramatically improve people’s health. And this goes beyond the traditional burden of childhood infectious diseases.’ – Seth Berkley

‘Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time.’ – Viktor E. Frankl

‘I firmly believe that without the fans, I wouldn’t be where I am. I’m truly fortunate to be relevant for a very long time, and it’s because of them wanting to see more of me.’ – Randy Orton

‘Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about.’ – Gerard Way

‘Every time there’s a new tool, whether it’s Internet or cell phones or anything else, all these things can be used for good or evil. Technology is neutral; it depends on how it’s used.’ – Rick Smolan

‘No one is born believing in harmful stereotypes. They are learned over time. The good news is they can be unlearned.’ – Kevin Faulconer

‘I can’t imagine there has ever been a more gratifying time or place to be alive than America in the 1950s. No country had ever known such prosperity.’ – Bill Bryson

‘The right man, in the right place, at the right time, can steal millions.’ – Gregory Nunn

‘A hair-hopper is someone who pretends they’re rich, who really wasn’t brought up very wealthy but now tries to brag that they’re rich, and they spend too much time on their hair.’ – John Waters

‘Wondrous is the strength of cheerfulness, and its power of endurance – the cheerful man will do more in the same time, will do it; better, will preserve it longer, than the sad or sullen.’ – Thomas Carlyle

‘You’d have a hard time finding anything better than Barcelona for food, as far as being a hub. Given a choice between Barcelona and San Sebastian to die in, I’d probably want to die in San Sebastian.’ – Anthony Bourdain

‘This is the key to time management – to see the value of every moment.’ – Menachem Mendel Schneerson

‘I try to keep it real. I don’t have time to worry about what I’m projecting to the world. I’m just busy being myself.’ – Demi Lovato

‘It is impossible for you to be angry and laugh at the same time. Anger and laughter are mutually exclusive and you have the power to choose either.’ – Wayne Dyer

‘Sadness flies away on the wings of time.’ – Jean de La Fontaine

‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’ – Thomas Merton

‘Nothing happens in a vacuum in life: every action has a series of consequences, and sometimes it takes a long time to fully understand the consequences of our actions.’ – Khaled Hosseini

‘There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation.’ – W. C. Fields

‘Time is my greatest enemy.’ – Evita Peron

‘I don’t believe that if you do good, good things will happen. Everything is completely accidental and random. Sometimes bad things happen to very good people and sometimes good things happen to bad people. But at least if you try to do good things, then you’re spending your time doing something worthwhile.’ – Helen Mirren

‘No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place.’ – Meir Kahane

‘Space is to place as eternity is to time.’ – Joseph Joubert

‘The true currency of life is time, not money, and we’ve all got a limited stock of that.’ – Robert Harris

‘True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time.’ – George Gershwin

‘Take life on life’s terms – one day at a time. And have fun while you’re doing it.’ – Joe Perry

‘We look forward to the time when the Power of Love will replace the Love of Power. Then will our world know the blessings of peace.’ – William E. Gladstone

‘Music is the best means we have of digesting time.’ – W. H. Auden

‘It’s so important to realize that every time you get upset, it drains your emotional energy. Losing your cool makes you tired. Getting angry a lot messes with your health.’ – Joyce Meyer

‘If you could get all the people in the organization rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.’ – Patrick Lencioni

‘Time flies when you’re on an emotional roller coaster.’ – Kaitlyn Bristowe

‘The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.’ – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

‘Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.’ – Luigi Pirandello

‘The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.’ – James Allen

‘That’s the funny thing about time. It is only in looking back that it’s easy to connect the dots. To see exactly why everything needed to happen the way that it did.’ – Rebecca Serle

‘We look at life from the back side of the tapestry. And most of the time, what we see is loose threads, tangled knots and the like. But occasionally, God’s light shines through the tapestry, and we get a glimpse of the larger design with God weaving together the darks and lights of existence.’ – John Piper

‘No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.’ – Robert Southey

‘I served in all commissioned ranks from a second Lieutenant to a Major General. And during that time, I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street, and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism.’ – Smedley Butler

‘There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first time. I owe him my best.’ – Joe DiMaggio

‘It takes no more time to see the good side of life than it takes to see the bad.’ – Jimmy Buffett

‘That’s my only goal. Surround myself with funny people, and make sure everyone has a good time and works hard.’ – Joe Rogan

‘Though music transcends language, culture and time, and though notes are the same, Indian music is unique because it is evolved, sophisticated and melodies are defined.’ – Dayananda Saraswati

‘In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’ – Unknown

‘It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.’ – Johann Sebastian Bach

‘It takes discipline not to let social media steal your time.’ – Alexis Ohanian

‘Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so.’ – Robert Green Ingersoll

‘We die only once, and for such a long time.’ – Moliere

‘The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.’ – Dean Acheson

‘In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.’ – Ansel Adams

‘People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.’ – Stephen Hawking

‘Writing is my love. If you love something, you find a lot of time. I write for two hours a day, usually starting at midnight; at times, I start at 11.’ – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

‘You can’t have it all, all at once. Who – man or woman – has it all, all at once? Over my lifespan, I think I have had it all. But in different periods of time, things were rough. And if you have a caring life partner, you help the other person when that person needs it.’ – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

‘It is old age, rather than death, that is to be contrasted with life. Old age is life’s parody, whereas death transforms life into a destiny: in a way it preserves it by giving it the absolute dimension. Death does away with time.’ – Simone de Beauvoir

‘I do believe in love; it’s wonderful – especially love third time around, it’s even more precious; it’s kind of amazing.’ – Robin Williams

‘Was I always going to be here? No I was not. I was going to be homeless at one time, a taxi driver, truck driver, or any kind of job that would get me a crust of bread. You never know what’s going to happen.’ – Morgan Freeman

‘It’s cool when fans spend so much time making things for me. It means a lot.’ – Justin Bieber

‘Sometimes you will think you can’t take it another day. But if you hang in there, one step at a time, you will be able to accomplish more than you ever imagine.’ – Taya Kyle

‘You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you’re in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don’t fall in love with people because they’re fun. It just happens.’ – Kirsten Dunst

‘I try to treat all the money I’m making like it’s the last time I’m going to make it.’ – Eminem

‘Drugs are a waste of time. They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with with your self-esteem. They’re no good at all.’ – Kurt Cobain

‘Looking back, we were the luckiest people in the world. There was no choice but to be pioneers; no time to be beginners.’ – Margaret H. Hamilton

‘I was in my thirteenth year when I heard a voice from God to help me govern my conduct. And the first time I was very much afraid.’ – Joan of Arc

‘I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.’ – Michael Phelps

‘You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset.’ – Tom Hopkins

‘I am not the first Buddha who came upon Earth, nor shall I be the last. In due time, another Buddha will arise in the world – a Holy One, a supremely enlightened One, endowed with wisdom in conduct, auspicious, knowing the universe, an incomparable leader of men, a master of angels and mortals.’ – Buddha

‘The industrial revolution allowed us, for the first time, to start replacing human labour with machines.’ – Vitalik Buterin

‘In time of difficulties, we must not lose sight of our achievements.’ – Mao Zedong

‘Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when you’re listening. Playing the piano allows you to do both at the same time.’ – Kelsey Grammer

‘Everything that happens once can never happen again. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.’ – Paulo Coelho

‘It’s only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth – and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.’ – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

‘The most amazing thing for me is that every single person who sees a movie, not necessarily one of my movies, brings a whole set of unique experiences. Now, through careful manipulation and good storytelling, you can get everybody to clap at the same time, to hopefully laugh at the same time, and to be afraid at the same time.’ – Steven Spielberg

‘The game of basketball has been everything to me. My place of refuge, place I’ve always gone where I needed comfort and peace. It’s been the site of intense pain and the most intense feelings of joy and satisfaction. It’s a relationship that has evolved over time, given me the greatest respect and love for the game.’ – Michael Jordan

‘You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.’ – Jim Bouton

‘Truth uttered before its time is always dangerous.’ – Mencius

‘Humans are creatures of habit. If you quit when things get tough, it gets that much easier to quit the next time. On the other hand, if you force yourself to push through it, the grit begins to grow in you.’ – Travis Bradberry

‘Over time, the lines blur sometimes. A little of you comes into the character.’ – Sean Murray

‘The man who rows the boat seldom has time to rock it.’ – Bill Copeland

‘I would like to be remembered as a man who had a wonderful time living life, a man who had good friends, fine family – and I don’t think I could ask for anything more than that, actually.’ – Frank Sinatra

‘When you get a groove going, time flies.’ – Donald Fagen

‘Time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was playing my first game against Ireland, when I came off the bench, full of energy and flying into tackles, even though I couldn’t tackle back then.’ – Beauden Barrett

‘I used to tease Joe Louis by reminding him that I was the greatest of all time. But Joe Louis was the greatest heavyweight fighter ever.’ – Muhammad Ali

‘Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing. She goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.’ – Henny Youngman

‘Every time I step on stage an’ see all of the lights or hear fans singing the words to my songs ,it’s a surreal moment for me.’ – A Boogie wit da Hoodie

‘There is something good in all seeming failures. You are not to see that now. Time will reveal it. Be patient.’ – Swami Sivananda

”The time has come,’ the walrus said, ‘to talk of many things: of shoes and ships – and sealing wax – of cabbages and kings.” – Lewis Carroll

‘Spending quality time with my closed ones is always on my wish list.’ – Nidhhi Agerwal

‘It was sad leaving ‘All Saints’ because I was leaving a family that had nurtured me and looked after me for a couple of years, and at the same time that particular storyline wasn’t a surprise to me. I knew I was going. It had been worked out very carefully over many months.’ – Chris Vance

‘I wanted to play Dracula because I wanted to say: ‘I’ve crossed oceans of time to find you.’ It was worth playing the role just to say that line.’ – Gary Oldman

‘Only in our dreams are we free. The rest of the time we need wages.’ – Terry Pratchett

‘Time is not measured by the passing of years but by what one does, what one feels, and what one achieves.’ – Jawaharlal Nehru

‘Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.’ – Douglas Adams

‘Do the best you can in every task, no matter how unimportant it may seem at the time. No one learns more about a problem than the person at the bottom.’ – Sandra Day O’Connor

‘I can’t think of anything I want and need that I don’t already have but at the same time, I’m not sated.’ – Ashley Judd

‘Love is space and time measured by the heart.’ – Marcel Proust

‘When you work for something, no matter hard it is, no matter how time consuming, how draining it is, you work for it.’ – Jalen Brunson

‘We get to live in a time that we get to use social media as a tool. It’s not just a face on a piece of paper, and that’s what makes you someone’s favorite model. We can have a very similar sense of humor as someone, and that’s why we’re their favorite model, or our personal style, off the runway, is why we’re their favorite.’ – Gigi Hadid

‘When it comes to age, I just feel like puberty is, like, the most horrible time of anyone’s life.’ – Sam Smith

‘Attitude and enthusiasm play a big part in my life. I get excited about the things that inspire me. I also believe in laughing and having a good time.’ – Dwayne Johnson

‘Marriage is the highest state of friendship. If happy, it lessens our cares by dividing them, at the same time that it doubles our pleasures by mutual participation.’ – Samuel Richardson

‘If you quit every time you face a new challenge, giving up can change how you view yourself. You may begin to think you’re weak or that you’re a failure because you can’t seem to stick with things long enough to see positive results.’ – Amy Morin

‘Time flies when you’re changing the world.’ – Craig Kielburger

‘A dying man needs to die, as a sleepy man needs to sleep, and there comes a time when it is wrong, as well as useless, to resist.’ – Stewart Alsop

‘Maybe I’m just like a child. I’m full of curiosity about things, and it’s fine as long as it’s fun at that time, yet at the same time, I hate things that are tough.’ – Akira Toriyama

‘The difference between the greats and the legends is their ability to focus for longer periods of time.’ – Jordan Burroughs

‘Puberty was the most horrifying time of my life.’ – Brigitte Nielsen

‘The time to worrying about flying is when you’re on the ground. When you’re up in the air, it’s too late. No point in worrying about it then.’ – Denzel Washington

‘Connecting with people is not hard. I love the interaction and the feedback after shows. It does take some time, but the fans appreciate it which makes it worth it.’ – Gabriel Iglesias

‘We provoke a shark every time we enter the water where sharks happen to be, for we forget: The ocean is not our territory – it’s theirs.’ – Peter Benchley

‘I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past.’ – Virginia Woolf

‘You don’t have to compose a masterpiece every time, but I think the challenge of art is always searching for something different, searching for a new sensitivity, a new perspective, a new vision.’ – Ludovico Einaudi

‘Time and space always change, but there is something which is eternal and changeless. For example, the world and time, past or future, nothing exists for us in sleep. But we exist. Let us try to find out that which is changeless and which always exists.’ – Ramana Maharshi

‘Every day is about growing and evolving, and each day I just take it one day at a time and embrace it as it comes.’ – Trina

‘Careers, like rockets, don’t always take off on time. The trick is to always keep the engine running.’ – Gary Sinise

‘Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time… It tells us to tell each other right now that we love each other.’ – Leo Buscaglia

‘God may not be there when you want him but he is always on time.’ – Terrell Owens

‘You can learn new things at any time in your life if you’re willing to be a beginner. If you actually learn to like being a beginner, the whole world opens up to you.’ – Barbara Sher

‘India does not need to become anything else. India must become only India. This is a country that once upon a time was called the golden bird.’ – Narendra Modi

‘Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.’ – Marian Wright Edelman

‘Mental prayer in my opinion is nothing else than an intimate sharing between friends; it means taking time frequently to be alone with Him who we know loves us. The important thing is not to think much but to love much and so do that which best stirs you to love. Love is not great delight but desire to please God in everything.’ – Saint Teresa of Avila

‘No matter what job or industry you’re in, life is hard, but we’re all going through a difficult time and the best thing we can do is pick each other up and move on together.’ – Eric Nam

‘The innocent and the beautiful have no enemy but time.’ – William Butler Yeats

‘Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.’ – Dorothea Lange

‘Luck has nothing to do with it, because I have spent many, many hours, countless hours, on the court working for my one moment in time, not knowing when it would come.’ – Serena Williams

‘Time discovers truth.’ – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

‘Basically what I’m trying to tell you is that it’s almost impossible to drive a jet ski at night time unless you’re in a city with lights lit up so you can navigate. Besides being pitch black, that water turn black at night. Listen, I don’t recommend it.’ – DJ Khaled

‘The more time you spend contemplating what you should have done… you lose valuable time planning what you can and will do.’ – Lil Wayne

‘The important thing is to learn a lesson every time you lose. Life is a learning process and you have to try to learn what’s best for you. Let me tell you, life is not fun when you’re banging your head against a brick wall all the time.’ – John McEnroe

‘True generosity is an offering; given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations. Time and love are the most valuable possession you can share.’ – Suze Orman

‘I’m always trying to show versatility. I’m juggling, and I’m flipping fire, and I’m chewing gum and rhyming at the same time… on a unicycle, while playing the drums.’ – MF Doom

‘I have spent a lot of time in Italy throughout my career – especially when I was karting, because it’s kind of the world centre of that sport – and I love it.’ – Lewis Hamilton

‘Since the beginning of time, children have not liked to study. They would much rather play, and if you have their interests at heart, you will let them learn while they play; they will find that what they have mastered is child’s play.’ – Carl Orff

‘Not managing your time and making excuses are two bad habits. Don’t put them both together by claiming you ‘don’t have the time’.’ – Bo Bennett

‘Achievers have an enabling attitude, realism, and a conviction that they themselves were the laboratory of innovation. Their ability to change themselves is central to their success. They have learned to conserve their energy by minimizing the time spent in regret or complaint. Every event is a lesson to them, every person a teacher.’ – Marilyn Ferguson

‘I have come to the conclusion that it’s a waste of time to have too much pride in anything. Perhaps it’s good to have a sense of duty, a jealous zeal to protect or improve, but pride ultimately is only that which stands vulnerable to offense and degradation.’ – Henry Rollins

‘Fashion and music are two great artistic forms that can be molded by the youth culture – our taste and our passion for evolving things in our limited time on earth allows us to look at things with fresh eyes.’ – Virgil Abloh

‘There’s no wrong time to make the right decision.’ – Dalton McGuinty

‘In the time of darkest defeat, victory may be nearest.’ – William McKinley

‘The right of every American to first-class citizenship is the most important issue of our time.’ – Jackie Robinson

‘Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.’ – Jean Paul

‘There are two kinds of worries – those you can do something about and those you can’t. Don’t spend any time on the latter.’ – Duke Ellington

‘Your greatest asset is your earning ability. Your greatest resource is your time.’ – Brian Tracy

‘Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.’ – Andrew Jackson

‘Who would know but ten years ago that kids would be texting each other all the time, that that would be one of their main forms of communication.’ – Amy Klobuchar

‘Life is so fast. And I still remember when I came up to the big leagues and played as if it were yesterday. Time flies.’ – Asdrubal Cabrera

‘If men knew how women pass the time when they are alone, they’d never marry.’ – O. Henry

‘Personally, I’ve learned about perseverance: when you hear the word ‘No,’ and when you hear rejection, that it’s not always final. And that timing is everything, and you have to stay the course and just keep working hard and know that, when your time comes, that it will be sweet and that it will be the perfect time.’ – Angela Robinson

‘Mickey Mouse popped out of my mind onto a drawing pad 20 years ago on a train ride from Manhattan to Hollywood at a time when business fortunes of my brother Roy and myself were at lowest ebb and disaster seemed right around the corner.’ – Walt Disney

‘Every day sees humanity more victorious in the struggle with space and time.’ – Guglielmo Marconi

‘Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time.’ – Benjamin Disraeli

‘Trust has to be earned, and should come only after the passage of time.’ – Arthur Ashe

‘There is no doubt that counterterrorism takes time because it is not action against a regular army.’ – Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

‘One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute.’ – William Feather

‘All my possessions for a moment of time.’ – Elizabeth I

‘It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives. The act of dying is not of importance, it lasts so short a time.’ – Samuel Johnson

‘In 1985, I was living with my sister in Virginia, and since I was still in high school, I worked at McDonald’s to save money to get an abortion. It sounds really terrible, but it was the best decision I ever made. It was the first time I took responsibility for my actions. I messed up, had sex without contraception, and got pregnant at 15.’ – Kathleen Hanna

‘Anything that’s not positive, I don’t have the energy to focus on it. Anything that’s not going in the right direction, I don’t have the time or the energy.’ – DMX

‘The dream is to have it all. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Live this life, that life, this life, you know? You only live one time – I want to get it all in.’ – Paul Walker

‘I put so much pressure on myself. I’m my toughest critic. I always push myself to go harder than I did last time.’ – Polo G

‘The first time I see a jogger smiling, I’ll consider it.’ – Joan Rivers

‘In every adversity there lies the seed of an equivalent advantage. In every defeat is a lesson showing you how to win the victory next time.’ – Robert Collier

‘Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them in: but as a rule the purchase of books is mistaken for the appropriation of their contents.’ – Arthur Schopenhauer

‘There are too many mediocre things in life to deal with. Love shouldn’t be one of them. Anything less than extraordinary is a waste of my time.’ – Jill Robinson

‘When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.’ – Creighton Abrams

‘I drink too much. The last time I gave a urine sample it had an olive in it.’ – Rodney Dangerfield

‘I’m hungry for knowledge. The whole thing is to learn every day, to get brighter and brighter. That’s what this world is about. You look at someone like Gandhi, and he glowed. Martin Luther King glowed. Muhammad Ali glows. I think that’s from being bright all the time, and trying to be brighter.’ – Jay-Z

‘People come in and out of our lives, and the true test of friendship is whether you can pick back up right where you left off the last time you saw each other.’ – Lisa See

‘Civilization began the first time an angry person cast a word instead of a rock.’ – Sigmund Freud

‘If you marry the wrong person for the wrong reasons, then no matter how hard you work, it’s never going to work, because then you have to completely change yourself, completely change them, completely – by that time, you’re both dead.’ – Anne Bancroft

‘Solitude is very different from a ‘time-out’ from our busy lives. Solitude is the very ground from which community grows. Whenever we pray alone, study, read, write, or simply spend quiet time away from the places where we interact with each other directly, we are potentially opened for a deeper intimacy with each other.’ – Henri Nouwen

‘How can you think and hit at the same time? – Yogi Berra’ – Yogi Berra

‘Every great architect is – necessarily – a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.’ – Frank Lloyd Wright

‘This is the miracle that happens every time to those who really love: the more they give, the more they possess.’ – Rainer Maria Rilke

‘John Candy knew he was going to die. He told me on his 40th birthday. He said, well, Maureen, I’m on borrowed time.’ – Maureen O’Hara

‘Every girl should use what Mother Nature gave her before Father Time takes it away.’ – Laurence J. Peter

‘It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.’ – Helen Keller

‘The best time to buy a home is always five years ago.’ – Ray Brown

‘Happiness, for me, has to be real – life that is made of real conversations, of spending quality time with close friends, walks in nature and woods, praying, feeling real gratitude, reading good books, being able to be in the moment and hearing the sounds of nature.’ – Bhumika Chawla

‘Your competition is not other people but the time you kill, the ill will you create, the knowledge you neglect to learn, the connections you fail to build, the health you sacrifice along the path, your inability to generate ideas, the people around you who don’t support and love your efforts, and whatever god you curse for your bad luck.’ – James Altucher

‘Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got.’ – Art Buchwald

‘I am grateful for all the moments that I have, and I’m moving forward one step at a time to the future.’ – Park Bo-gum

‘Every time I plant a seed, He say kill it before it grow, he say kill it before they grow.’ – Bob Marley

‘Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.’ – Frank Zappa

‘I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence but it comes from within. It is there all the time.’ – Anna Freud

‘We name time when we say: every thing has its time. This means: everything which actually is, every being comes and goes at the right time and remains for a time during the time allotted to it. Every thing has its time.’ – Martin Heidegger

‘Most of us aren’t defeated in one decisive battle. We are defeated one tiny, seemingly insignificant surrender at a time that chips away at who we should really be.’ – Jocko Willink

‘I come into the peace of wild things who do not tax their lives with forethought of grief… For a time I rest in the grace of the world, and am free.’ – Wendell Berry

‘Betrayal is one of my biggest fears. Betrayal happens on many different levels all the time, and there is no worse feeling than realizing someone you thought you could trust has gone against you.’ – Katie Lee

‘It’s always refreshing to step into another time.’ – Diane Lane

‘The two most important requirements for major success are: first, being in the right place at the right time, and second, doing something about it.’ – Ray Kroc

‘To help a friend in need is easy, but to give him your time is not always opportune.’ – Charlie Chaplin

‘I am not a vegetarian. For some time, I tried to be a semi-vegetarian, eating only fish, birds, and no red meat, but… I don’t know if I have an opinion on vegetarianism.’ – Varg Vikernes

‘Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time to figure out whether you like it or not.’ – Virgil Thomson

‘It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.’ – Sally Field

‘You’ve just got to have to put the work in. Put work first. Put the hours in and the time in, and do your job. And when you get a little time off, you can go out and have a little fun. But you have to make sure you get done what you need to get done first off.’ – Rob Gronkowski

‘We need time to defuse, to contemplate. Just as in sleep our brains relax and give us dreams, so at some time in the day we need to disconnect, reconnect, and look around us.’ – Laurie Colwin

‘A guitar is a very personal extension of the person playing it. You have to be emotionally and spiritually connected to your instrument. I’m very brutal on my instruments, but not all the time.’ – Eddie Van Halen

‘When you encounter difficulties and contradictions, do not try to break them, but bend them with gentleness and time.’ – Saint Francis de Sales

‘We have a finite amount of time. Whether short or long, it doesn’t matter. Life is to be lived.’ – Randy Pausch

‘Many a trip continues long after movement in time and space have ceased.’ – John Steinbeck

‘The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course.’ – Billy Graham

‘I don’t want to miss out on the chance of having a good time.’ – Victor Webster

‘The senses deceive from time to time, and it is prudent never to trust wholly those who have deceived us even once.’ – Rene Descartes

‘I’m a pretty tough guy, you know. I’m a pretty hard man. I’ve got a lot of compassion, but I don’t waste time with people.’ – Anthony Hopkins

‘Dreams have only one owner at a time. That’s why dreamers are lonely.’ – Erma Bombeck

‘Every great film should seem new every time you see it.’ – Roger Ebert

‘Killing Japanese didn’t bother me very much at that time… I suppose if I had lost the war, I would have been tried as a war criminal.’ – Curtis LeMay

‘I realized how Latina I was, and then also, at the same time, how not Latina enough I was, because I’m born and raised in Los Angeles. I speak Spanish, but I don’t speak perfect Spanish, not like a native speaker.’ – America Ferrera

‘During the time men live without a common power to keep them all in awe, they are in that conditions called war; and such a war, as if of every man, against every man.’ – Thomas Hobbes

‘In a liquid modern life there are no permanent bonds, and any that we take up for a time must be tied loosely so that they can be untied again, as quickly and as effortlessly as possible, when circumstances change – as they surely will in our liquid modern society, over and over again.’ – Zygmunt Bauman

‘The No. 1 rule in any negotiation is don’t take yourself hostage. People do this to themselves all the time by being desperate for ‘yes’ or afraid of ‘no,’ so they don’t ask for what they really want. Instead, they ask for what they can realistically get. I’ve heard many people say, ‘Well, that’s a non-starter, so we won’t even bring it up.” – Christopher Voss

‘Eventually, my eyes were opened, and I really understood nature. I learned to love at the same time.’ – Claude Monet

‘Muhammad Ali – he was a magnificent fighter and he was an icon… Every head must bow, every knee must bend, every tongue must confess, thou art the greatest, the greatest of all time, Muhammad, Muhammad Ali.’ – Don King

‘Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need.’ – Gillian Anderson

‘Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.’ – Mia Hamm

‘Like anything worth doing in life, happiness takes time and patience and consistency.’ – Mark Manson

‘While the four-day work week is not yet universal, most citizens enjoy the pleasures of added three-day weekends during the year. These extra days, as well as monthlong vacations, are used in the pursuit of our studies, hobbies and travels – and often all three are indulged at the same time.’ – Michael Frome

‘The more work you put in, and the more you constantly and consistently give good performances against good opponents and constantly exceed people’s expectations, the more you really endear yourself to the crowd. That’s how your career takes off – it’s just consistency and time.’ – Sami Zayn

‘I’m a big fan of breakfast food. Literally, the simplest thing in the world – if you can scramble eggs without burning them, I’ll eat them. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is.’ – Chris Young

‘Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.’ – Hector Berlioz

‘I’m dealing with fools and trolls and soft targets. It’s just strafing runs in my underwear before my first cup of coffee. I don’t have time for these clowns.’ – Charlie Sheen

‘Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows?’ – Joel Osteen

‘Truth is the daughter of time, and I feel no shame in being her midwife.’ – Johannes Kepler

‘You’ve got to make tough decisions, sometimes unpopular decisions… Whatever it is, if it’s the right move at the right time, you’ve got to be also willing to make mistakes.’ – Sean McDermott

‘I think that any time of great pain is a time of transformation, a fertile time to plant new seeds.’ – Debbie Ford

‘Ocean is more ancient than the mountains, and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.’ – H. P. Lovecraft

‘I think it is really important to not only take advantage of these tools that you have at your disposal but also to really take the time to develop ideas within yourself and think about what you want to animate, and then you can use these tools to create what you want to create.’ – Makoto Shinkai

‘Stay open-minded; stay focused. Train hard and train smart. For me, the older I get, the smarter I have to train also, because the recovery time is longer. Work on everything: become a well-rounded fighter – don’t just be good at one thing; be good at everything.’ – Brock Lesnar

‘It’s really important to have balance, spend some time in nature, go to a few parties, enjoy my friends and really chill out.’ – Joakim Noah

‘I think most of us are raised with preconceived notions of the choices we’re supposed to make. We waste so much time making decisions based on someone else’s idea of our happiness – what will make you a good citizen or a good wife or daughter or actress. Nobody says, ‘Just be happy – go be a cobbler or go live with goats.” – Sandra Bullock

‘There are things we control – but things that are not in control, no point wasting time and energy into that.’ – Rohit Sharma

‘It is impossible to predict the time and progress of revolution. It is governed by its own more or less mysterious laws.’ – Vladimir Lenin

‘It is so important to get respect for what you do and at the same time give it.’ – Estelle Parsons

‘The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who… burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles.’ – Jack Kerouac

‘Be on the alert to recognize your prime at whatever time of your life it may occur.’ – Muriel Spark

‘Everything changes with time. I am not so experienced enough to analyze what the people love in me.’ – Allu Arjun

‘I think the older I get, the more I realize that the ultimate luxury is time.’ – Michael Kors

‘In Russia I felt for the first time like a full human being. No color prejudice like in Mississippi, no color prejudice like in Washington. It was the first time I felt like a human being.’ – Paul Robeson

‘When leaders know how to lead great meetings, there’s less time wasted and less frustration. We have more energy to do the work that matters, realize our full potential, and do great things.’ – Justin Rosenstein

‘Time will inevitably uncover dishonesty and lies; history has no place for them.’ – Norodom Sihanouk

‘Tramping is too easy with all this money. My days were more exciting when I was penniless and had to forage around for my next meal… I’ve decided that I’m going to live this life for some time to come. The freedom and simple beauty of it is just too good to pass up.’ – Christopher McCandless

‘Every cliche about kids is true; they grow up so quickly, you blink and they’re gone, and you have to spend the time with them now. But that’s a joy.’ – Liam Neeson

‘I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that things happen for a reason, and I think God has things – whether it’s good or bad – happen towards a bigger picture that you don’t necessarily understand at the present time.’ – Goldlink

‘The first time I do something, I’ll probably be good at it.’ – King Von

‘A lot of the time when I write about the person that I love, I feel like I’m writing about New York.’ – Lana Del Rey

‘Brazil is not what you see but what you feel. Once you spend time here – a week, two weeks – you get in the vibe. It’s really intoxicating.’ – Francisco Costa

‘I believe there is a time for everything. Time changes, and you need to accept that. Else, you stagnate.’ – Manisha Koirala

‘My motivation is tomorrow, just one day at a time, right?’ – Rafael Nadal

‘Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do if you stay in the present moment.’ – Deepak Chopra

‘We act as if that being of a man or that being of a woman is actually an internal reality or something that is simply true about us, a fact about us, but actually it’s a phenomenon that is being produced all the time and reproduced all the time, so to say gender is performative is to say that nobody really is a gender from the start.’ – Judith Butler

‘The right time is any time that one is still so lucky as to have.’ – Henry James

‘Truth made you a traitor as it often does in a time of scoundrels.’ – Lillian Hellman

‘I think people who multitask pay a huge price. They think they’re being extra productive, and I think when you multitask so much you don’t have time to think about anything deeply, you are giving the world an advantage you shouldn’t do, and practically everybody is drifting into that mistake.’ – Charlie Munger

‘Science is constantly proved all the time. If we take something like any fiction, any holy book, and destroyed it, in a thousand years’ time, that wouldn’t come back just as it was. Whereas if we took every science book and every fact and destroyed them all, in a thousand years they’d all be back because all the same tests would be the same result.’ – Ricky Gervais

‘A schedule defends from chaos and whim. It is a net for catching days. It is a scaffolding on which a worker can stand and labor with both hands at sections of time.’ – Annie Dillard

‘We young Filipinos are trying to make over a nation and must not halt in our march, but from time to time turn our gaze upon our elders. We shall wish to read in their countenances approval of our actions.’ – Jose Rizal

‘Batman. I like the idea that if I had enough money, time, and vengeance, I could become him.’ – Todd Howard

‘As people are walking all the time, in the same spot, a path appears.’ – John Locke

‘We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.’ – Jeremy Irons

‘I was born at a bad time for Spain, but a really good one for cinema.’ – Pedro Almodovar

‘There’s always time to grow older. You can never grow younger.’ – JoJo Siwa

‘I feel sorry for kids these days. They get so much homework. Remember the days when we put a belt around our two books and carried them home? Now they’re dragging a suitcase. They have school all day, then homework from six until eleven. There’s no time left to be creative.’ – Tom Petty

‘People say that if you find water rising up to your ankle, that’s the time to do something about it, not when it’s around your neck.’ – Chinua Achebe

‘The spectacles of experience; through them you will see clearly a second time.’ – Henrik Ibsen

‘Enjoy your time in public service. It may well be one of the most interesting and challenging times of your life.’ – Donald Rumsfeld

‘Time is neutral and does not change things. With courage and initiative, leaders change things.’ – Jesse Jackson

‘The Union, which can alone insure internal peace, and external security to each State, Must and Shall be Preserved, cost what it may in time, treasure, and blood.’ – George B. McClellan

‘The content of most textbooks is perishable, but the tools of self-directedness serve one well over time.’ – Albert Bandura

‘Saying goodbye doesn’t mean anything. It’s the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.’ – Trey Parker

‘Time flies like an arrow – but fruit flies like a banana.’ – Terry Wogan

‘Time is the fairest and toughest judge.’ – Edgar Quinet

‘About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends.’ – Herbert Hoover

‘By all means use some time to be alone.’ – Edward Young

‘I think that music, being an expression of the human heart, or of the human being itself, does express just what is happening – the whole of human experience at the particular time that it is being expressed.’ – John Coltrane

‘Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.’ – Arnold H. Glasow

‘Some people worry that artificial intelligence will make us feel inferior, but then, anybody in his right mind should have an inferiority complex every time he looks at a flower.’ – Alan Kay

‘It’s the same each time with progress. First they ignore you, then they say you’re mad, then dangerous, then there’s a pause and then you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you.’ – Tony Benn

‘I discovered freedom for the first time in England.’ – Hirohito

‘In time of peace prepare for war.’ – Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

‘Our time here is magic! It’s the only space you have to realize whatever it is that is beautiful, whatever is true, whatever is great, whatever is potential, whatever is rare, whatever is unique, in. It’s the only space.’ – Ben Okri

‘Every time I dance, I’m trying to prove myself to myself.’ – Misty Copeland

‘Here’s the thing: every office I’ve run for I was the first to win. First person of color. First woman. First woman of color. Every time.’ – Kamala Harris

‘Time to open up a new chapter in life, and to explore a larger centre.’ – Lillian Russell

‘We have to acknowledge that adolescence is that time of transition where we begin to introduce to children that life isn’t pretty, that there are difficult things, there are hard situations, it’s not fair. Bad things happen to good people.’ – Laurie Halse Anderson

‘Language is a cracked kettle on which we beat out tunes for bears to dance to, while all the time we long to move the stars to pity.’ – Gustave Flaubert

‘Tattoos, for me, are like a timeline of my life. I could look at a certain tattoo, and it reminds of me of a certain time in my life and why I got that tattoo.’ – Tyga

‘The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.’ – Orlando Aloysius Battista

‘I strongly believe that the Founding Fathers of our country got it right: power corrupts, and any time you have too much power concentrated in one place, it tends to get abused, so checks and balances are always needed.’ – Dean Ornish

‘Eagles don’t flock, you have to find them one at a time.’ – Ross Perot

‘Bitcoin is mostly about anonymous transactions, and I don’t think over time that’s a good way to go. I’m a huge believe in digital currency… but doing it on an anonymous basis I think that leads to some abuses, so I’m not involved in Bitcoin.’ – Bill Gates

‘It may be true that you can’t fool all the people all the time, but you can fool enough of them to rule a large country.’ – Will Durant

‘If you are the kind of person who is waiting for the ‘right’ thing to happen, you might wait for a long time. It’s like waiting for all the traffic lights to be green for five miles before starting the trip.’ – Robert Kiyosaki

‘We are weighed down, every moment, by the conception and the sensation of Time. And there are but two means of escaping and forgetting this nightmare: pleasure and work. Pleasure consumes us. Work strengthens us. Let us choose.’ – Charles Baudelaire

‘Critical thinking is not something you do once with an issue and then drop it. It requires that we update our knowledge as new information comes in. Time spent evaluating claims is not just time well spent. It should be considered part of an implicit bargain we’ve all made.’ – Daniel Levitin

‘Yet, taught by time, my heart has learned to glow for other’s good, and melt at other’s woe.’ – Homer

‘If we are all in agreement on the decision – then I propose we postpone further discussion of this matter until our next meeting to give ourselves time to develop disagreement and perhaps gain some understanding of what the decision is all about.’ – Alfred P. Sloan

‘Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.’ – Barry Goldwater

‘No one remembers who climbed Mount Everest the second time.’ – Edmund Hillary

‘I have made this letter longer than usual, only because I have not had the time to make it shorter.’ – Blaise Pascal

‘When you take the time to be calm, that means you are actually taking the time to be good to yourself, and to reset, and to calm down.’ – Tabitha Brown

‘The world is so competitive, aggressive, consumive, selfish and during the time we spend here we must be all but that.’ – Jose Mourinho

‘Sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit in us whereby our inner being is progressively changed, freeing us more and more from sinful traits and developing within us over time the virtues of Christlike character.’ – Jerry Bridges

‘Humans have a light side and a dark side, and it’s up to us to choose which way we’re going to live our lives. Even if you start out on the dark side, it doesn’t mean you have to continue your journey that way. You always have time to turn it around.’ – Taraji P. Henson

‘Life is weird and complex but very simple at the same time. It’s all about perception.’ – Tyler Posey

‘All space exploration is risky. As an astronaut, I had to decide each and every time I went to space whether or not to risk my life for the mission.’ – John M. Grunsfeld

‘If you have a chance to accomplish something that will make things better for people coming behind you, and you don’t do that, you are wasting your time on this earth.’ – Roberto Clemente

‘Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.’ – George Bernard Shaw

‘Time is an illusion. Time only exists when we think about the past and the future. Time doesn’t exist in the present here and now.’ – Marina Abramovic

‘Many things we need can wait. The child cannot. Now is the time his bones are formed, his mind developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow, his name is today.’ – Gabriela Mistral

‘It is true, as Sartre once wrote, referring to French Army atrocities in Algeria, that the real tragedy in our time is that any of us can be, interchangeably, victim or torturer.’ – Gore Vidal

‘You can never step into the same book twice, because you are different each time you read it.’ – John Barton

‘You’re playing a game, whether it’s Little League or Game 7 of the Word Series. It’s impossible to do well unless you’re having a good time. People talk about pressure. Yeah, there’s pressure. But I just look at it as fun.’ – Derek Jeter

‘Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; serenity, that nothing is.’ – Thomas Szasz

‘The time when most of you should withdraw into yourself is when you are forced to be in a crowd.’ – Epicurus

‘You win a race, the next race it’s a question mark. Are you still the best or not? That’s what is funny. But that’s what is interesting. And that’s what is challenging. You have to prove yourself every time.’ – Michael Schumacher

‘It’s time for the human race to enter the solar system.’ – Dan Quayle

‘For myself, personally, I am never really aware of timing or anything because I am passionate about what I do, so I have found that if you really love what you do, then time flies.’ – Colm Wilkinson

‘You can’t go forward and backwards at the same time.’ – Steve Harvey

‘It needs time. Nobody wants to hear it, but that’s the truth: if you want to have success in the future, you have to be ready to work now.’ – Jurgen Klopp

‘I don’t feel pressure in a negative way. I like pressure. I feel excitement and calm at the same time. No pressure, no diamonds. I want pressure: pressure creates drama, creates emotion.’ – Conor McGregor

‘I regret those times when I’ve chosen the dark side. I’ve wasted enough time not being happy.’ – Jessica Lange

‘One of the things I realized is that if you do not take control over your time and your life, other people will gobble it up. If you don’t prioritize yourself, you constantly start falling lower and lower on your list, your kids fall lower and lower on your list.’ – Michelle Obama

‘I’ve been on a calendar, but I’ve never been on time.’ – Marilyn Monroe

‘I take time to open up with people. But once I know you, I’m fine. I’m a shy person.’ – Sushant Singh Rajput

‘I’ve gotten to travel all over the world and meet all kinds of people and do all kinds of great things, so it’s, like, surreal. It just lets you know how time flies, especially when you’re having fun. It seems like time keeps going by faster as I get older.’ – Mekhi Phifer

‘That so few now dare to be eccentric, marks the chief danger of the time.’ – John Stuart Mill

‘The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That’s the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!’ – George S. Patton

‘There are moments of life that we never forget, which brighten and brighten as time steals away.’ – James Gates Percival

‘If you’re being ignored, that’s a good time to concentrate on finding yourself and creating your own mystery.’ – Lykke Li

‘Shout out to Sting: that’s the G.O.A.T. right there. The goat. Greatest of all time.’ – Juice Wrld

‘An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.’ – Victor Hugo

‘Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don’t have time.’ – Tallulah Bankhead

‘Regardless of who wins, an election should be a time for optimism and fresh approaches.’ – Gary Johnson

‘Take some time to learn first aid and CPR. It saves lives, and it works.’ – Bobby Sherman

‘What’s important to me is love, especially that. What’s important to me is growing and evolving. But ultimately, what’s important to me is being real and being authentic. I’ve spent enough time in my life holding poses, playing roles.’ – Ann Wilson

‘Time is your friend; impulse is your enemy.’ – John C. Bogle

‘The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust.’ – Josh Billings

‘The Cube is, at the same time, a symbol of simplicity and complexity.’ – Erno Rubik

‘You live in the image you have of the world. Every one of us lives in a different world, with different space and different time.’ – Alejandro Jodorowsky

‘There comes a time in a man’s life when to get where he has to go – if there are no doors or windows he walks through a wall.’ – Bernard Malamud

‘Life and death matters, yes. And the question of how to behave in this world, how to go in the face of everything. Time is short and the water is rising.’ – Raymond Carver

‘If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions? – Scott Adams’ – Scott Adams

‘I think the best riffs and the best songs come when you’re jamming and having a good time.’ – Scott Ian

‘Opportunity knocks at any time in life and everybody should answer that door when it does. Go for it!’ – Amanda Redman

‘It was Jesus who gave me peace when the shark severed my arm. I trust in Jesus whenever I’m going through a hard time. I see all the beautiful things that have come out of my situation. I’m able to share my story with young girls who have few role models, and I can help others cope with what they have been through.’ – Bethany Hamilton

‘I’ve been asked whether I have a hobby, and have felt strangely offended that anyone would assume I have the time.’ – Mitski

‘The Antichrist will be the infernal prince again for the third and last time… so many evils shall be committed by the means of Satan, the infernal Prince, that almost the entire world shall be found undone and desolate. Before these events happen, many rare birds will cry in the air, ‘Now! Now!’ and sometime later will vanish.’ – Nostradamus

‘Personality is less a finished product than a transitive process. While it has some stable features, it is at the same time continually undergoing change.’ – Gordon W. Allport

‘All civilization has from time to time become a thin crust over a volcano of revolution.’ – Havelock Ellis

‘Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it.’ – Ray Kurzweil

‘Time is the scarcity, and it’s the commodity we can’t create any more of.’ – Jim Mitchell

‘Bruges is a beautiful medieval city almost untouched by time. If you like jazz, you will be well catered for. If you like chocolate and beer, you will be in heaven.’ – James Frain

‘The conditions were terrible. The farmworkers were only earning about 70 cents an hour at that time – 90 cents was the highest wage that they were earning. They didn’t have toilets in the fields; they didn’t have cold drinking water. They didn’t have rest periods. People worked from sunup to sundown. It was really atrocious.’ – Dolores Huerta

‘Some women can be fooled all of the time, and all women can be fooled some of the time, but the same woman can’t be fooled by the same man in the same way more than half of the time.’ – Helen Rowland

‘You have to turn the lemons life gives you into lemonade, and you have to take time to sit back and enjoy it.’ – Jon Jones

‘Wise are they who have learned these truths: Trouble is temporary. Time is tonic. Tribulation is a test tube.’ – William Arthur Ward

‘Wisdom is the power to put our time and our knowledge to the proper use.’ – Thomas J. Watson

‘Last time I was in London, I visited Number 5, Bruton Street, which is the address I gave to Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the Bridgerton clan in my novels. It was a bit disconcerting to learn that it’s actually a pub.’ – Julia Quinn

‘When you have a system, you kind of get in a routine of what’s important. And then you spend a lot more time on thinking of things that would make it better.’ – Nick Saban

‘I’ve been a Christian for a long time, and I think that Christianity gets a bad rap. I think that people’s perception of what a Christian is today is something that is close-minded and narrow, and that’s not what I am.’ – Andie MacDowell

‘I don’t feel old. I don’t feel anything till noon. That’s when it’s time for my nap.’ – Bob Hope

‘Everything that happens is meant to be. It’s meant to happen like that. But sometimes you don’t know at the time that it’s meant to be disaster.’ – Tony Kaye

‘One of things I like about looking at pictures when you’re young and also meeting back with old friends you haven’t seen in a long time is, for me, it’s a glimpse of who I was.’ – Lea Thompson

‘Art and nature shall always be wrestling until they eventually conquer one another so that the victory is the same stroke and line: that which is conquered, conquers at the same time.’ – Maria Sibylla Merian

‘Don’t get too comfortable with who you are at any given time – you may miss the opportunity to become who you want to be.’ – Jon Bon Jovi

‘If you have faith, then your whole life is put in a new perspective. You get to work but enjoy the work at the same time. If you grow spiritually, you do what’s in front of you and let the results speak for themselves.’ – Roy Orbison

‘I think we all do have a guardian angel. I believe they work through us all the time, when we are thoughtful and good and kind to each other.’ – Roma Downey

‘The jealous are possessed by a mad devil and a dull spirit at the same time.’ – Johann Kaspar Lavater

‘I always tell my traders that they would’ve loved the 1990s because it was a fairly easy time to make money.’ – Steven A. Cohen

‘There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.’ – John Cage

‘Being human is being a lot of things at the same time.’ – Matthias Schoenaerts

‘Spending time outdoors makes you feel great.’ – Elizabeth Hurley

‘You know, I was once named Minor League Player of the Year… unfortunately, I had been in the majors for two years at the time.’ – Bob Uecker

‘Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution.’ – Alexander McQueen

‘Cute is when a person’s personality shines through their looks. Like in the way they walk, every time you see them you just want to run up and hug them.’ – Natalie Portman

‘The real test of a musician is live performance. It’s one thing to spend a long time learning how to play well in the studio, but to do it in front of people is what keeps me coming back to touring.’ – Neil Peart

‘If one is master of one thing and understands one thing well, one has at the same time, insight into and understanding of many things.’ – Vincent Van Gogh

‘Raising awareness on the most pressing environmental issues of our time is more important than ever.’ – Leonardo DiCaprio

‘Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. It was not an expensive piece of wood. Far from it. Just a common block of firewood, one of those thick, solid logs that are put on the fire in winter to make cold rooms cozy and warm.’ – Carlo Collodi

‘On the whole, human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.’ – George Orwell

‘Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.’ – Neil Gaiman

‘Laziness in my biggest pet peeve of all time. Get up, make a plan, do the work, and love yourself, people!’ – Dove Cameron

‘It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes.’ – Thomas Aquinas

‘It is even better to act quickly and err than to hesitate until the time of action is past.’ – Carl von Clausewitz

‘Sometimes you need that time away to disconnect from social media.’ – Skai Jackson

‘Close to a billion people – one-eighth of the world’s population – still live in hunger. Each year 2 million children die through malnutrition. This is happening at a time when doctors in Britain are warning of the spread of obesity. We are eating too much while others starve.’ – Jonathan Sacks

‘Time misspent in youth is sometimes all the freedom one ever has.’ – Anita Brookner

‘God has always opened up doors at the right time. He’s closed doors at the right time.’ – Michael Chandler

‘The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.’ – James Taylor

‘The joke of our time is the suicide of intention.’ – Theodor W. Adorno

‘There never is a good time for tough decisions. There will always be an election or something else. You have to pick courage and do it. Governance is about taking tough, even unpopular, decisions.’ – Jairam Ramesh

‘What you feel inside reflects on your face. So be happy and positive all the time.’ – Sridevi

‘The one thing we know about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.’ – Jeff Rich

‘Beautiful fabrics last; synthetics don’t. Certain fabrics, such as linen or cotton, develop their own character over time.’ – John Rocha

‘Jazz is the only music in which the same note can be played night after night but differently each time.’ – Ornette Coleman

‘Whatever I like, even after a long time, I still like it. And I reminisce about the moment when I first heard it. That’s what I love. Just remembering those moments.’ – G-Dragon

‘It’s because it was at a time when women didn’t have any power. It was so unusual for a young woman in her 20s to have power that I seized the power but tried not to flaunt it.’ – Marlo Thomas

‘The wages of sin are death, but by the time taxes are taken out, it’s just sort of a tired feeling.’ – Paula Poundstone

‘We must find new lands from which we can easily obtain raw materials and at the same time exploit the cheap slave labor that is available from the natives of the colonies. The colonies would also provide a dumping ground for the surplus goods produced in our factories.’ – Cecil Rhodes

‘Women have been called queens for a long time, but the kingdom given them isn’t worth ruling.’ – Louisa May Alcott

’90 percent of my time is spent on 10 percent of the world.’ – Colin Powell

‘All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership.’ – John Kenneth Galbraith

‘I read all the time that people think I’m arrogant. They say I am cocky, a bad character. I had that from a young age. But when they meet me, they say, ‘That image doesn’t fit you.” – Zlatan Ibrahimovic

‘Every time people struggle, they survive, they do better, and then they forget, and they end up back where they started from.’ – Faith Ringgold

‘Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings.’ – Letitia Baldrige

‘The present moment, if you think about it, is the only time there is. No matter what time it is, it is always now.’ – Marianne Williamson

‘We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.’ – Tom Robbins

‘One must be of one’s own time.’ – Honor√© Daumier

‘To give somebody your time is the biggest gift you can give.’ – Franka Potente

‘Every time I paint a portrait I lose a friend.’ – John Singer Sargent

‘There’s a time in your life where you’re not quite sure where you are. You think everything’s perfect, but it’s not perfect… Then one day you wake up and you can’t quite picture yourself in the situation you’re in. But the secret is, if you can picture yourself doing anything in life, you can do it.’ – Tom DeLonge

‘The real composer thinks about his work the whole time; he is not always conscious of this, but he is aware of it later when he suddenly knows what he will do.’ – Igor Stravinsky

‘The time making money should be greater than the time that you are spending money.’ – Sophia Amoruso

‘There is a time for departure even when there’s no certain place to go.’ – Tennessee Williams

‘Death means change our clothes. Clothes become old, then time to come change. So this body become old, and then time come, take young body.’ – Dalai Lama

‘My two little twin brothers have autism, so I grew up around it and misunderstood it for a long time.’ – Lakeith Stanfield

‘Your phone needs to recharge every night. Your laptop needs to recharge. Everything needs to recharge. Are you giving yourself space, time and effort to recharge?’ – Jay Shetty

‘Anything can happen to anyone at any time and you shouldn’t just live through the days, or you lose them. You should do what you can to enjoy every moment.’ – Sarah Brightman

‘I tend to stay up late, not because I’m partying but because it’s the only time of the day when I’m alone and don’t have to be performing.’ – Jim Carrey

‘There is no right time and right place for love… it can happen any time.’ – Shah Rukh Khan

‘If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.’ – E. W. Howe

‘The greatest miracle of all time, without any close seconds, is the universe. It is the miracle of all miracles, one that ineluctably points with the combined brightness of every star to something – or Someone – beyond itself.’ – Eric Metaxas

‘You will encounter misguided people from time to time. That’s part of life. The challenge is to educate them when you can, but always to keep your dignity and self-respect and persevere in your personal growth and development.’ – Bernice King

‘Ego is the great enemy. Ego will hold you back every single time.’ – Nikki Sixx

‘Whenever I gaze up at the moon, I feel like I’m on a time machine. I am back to that precious pinpoint of time, standing on the foreboding – yet beautiful – Sea of Tranquility. I could see our shining blue planet Earth poised in the darkness of space.’ – Buzz Aldrin

‘You have to let fear go. Another lesson is you just have to believe in yourself; you just have to. There’s no way around it. No matter how things are stacked against you, you just have to every time.’ – Venus Williams

‘Every time I slip into the ocean, it’s like going home.’ – Sylvia Earle

‘It’s a challenge for all quarterbacks, though: You want to make the big play; you want to throw a touchdown every single play. But at the same time, you have to know that it’s a process.’ – Patrick Mahomes

‘Leadership can not be measured in a poll or even in the result of an election. It can only be truly seen with the benefit of time. From the perspective of 20 years, not 20 days.’ – Marco Rubio

‘In every age ‘the good old days’ were a myth. No one ever thought they were good at the time. For every age has consisted of crises that seemed intolerable to the people who lived through them.’ – Brooks Atkinson

‘The future doesn’t just happen. We are building it, and we are building it all the time.’ – Hannah Fry

‘I stopped loving my father a long time ago. What remained was the slavery to a pattern.’ – Anais Nin

‘Closed mouths don’t get fed, and I’m gonna eat every time I get on the court.’ – Shabazz Muhammad

‘I think history repeats itself. There’s a constant conversation between the oppressed and the oppressor. No matter what your field is, whether it’s gender equality, the Time’s Up movement, or diversity casting, it’s always going to be a back-and-forth battle.’ – Michael B. Jordan

‘In my office in Jerusalem, there’s an ancient seal. It’s a signet ring of a Jewish official from the time of the Bible. The seal was found right next to the Western Wall, and it dates back 2,700 years, to the time of King Hezekiah. Now, there’s a name of the Jewish official inscribed on the ring in Hebrew. His name was Netanyahu.’ – Benjamin Netanyahu

‘Time takes all and gives all.’ – Giordano Bruno

‘There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.’ – Louis L’Amour

‘I learned a long time ago that reality was much weirder than anyone’s imagination.’ – Hunter S. Thompson

‘I feel like God gives you what you deserve. Whatever that time is, you get what you deserve.’ – Common

‘Together with a culture of work, there must be a culture of leisure as gratification. To put it another way: people who work must take the time to relax, to be with their families, to enjoy themselves, read, listen to music, play a sport.’ – Pope Francis

‘Sometimes you’ve got to know when it’s time to leave the party.’ – Victoria Beckham

‘Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.’ – Jean Cocteau

‘Every time I get in the studio, I feel like I wanna have some fun. My fun is not doing the easy work. My fun is doing what’s me.’ – Nas

‘Don’t look too far into the future, just look at tomorrow. One day at a time. Can you win tomorrow? Can you make progress? The answer is yes, you have a choice and tomorrow you’re going to win.’ – Joe Wicks

‘I applaud my mother now for getting me through that time and making me believe in myself.’ – Leah Remini

‘Time in our universe is always one way: no going back, no reverse. In music, you can reverse it!’ – Ryuichi Sakamoto

‘All great achievements require time.’ – Maya Angelou

‘Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time.’ – Steven Wright

‘Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.’ – Benjamin Franklin

‘In my opinion, the only way to conquer stage fright is to get up on stage and play. Every time you play another show, it gets better and better.’ – Taylor Swift

‘Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.’ – Rabindranath Tagore

‘We didn’t lose the game; we just ran out of time.’ – Vince Lombardi

‘But meanwhile time flies; it flies never to be regained.’ – Virgil

‘The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.’ – Mark Twain

‘The future rewards those who press on. I don’t have time to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have time to complain. I’m going to press on.’ – Barack Obama

‘There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never prove how it got there.’ – Albert Einstein

‘If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.’ – Winston Churchill

‘Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘That old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘I am what time, circumstance, history, have made of me, certainly, but I am also, much more than that. So are we all.’ – James Baldwin

‘I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.’ – Groucho Marx

‘I’ve actually not read any books on time management.’ – Elon Musk

‘Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.’ – Maya Angelou

‘When you go to war as a boy, you have a great illusion of immortality. Other people get killed, not you… Then, when you are badly wounded the first time, you lose that illusion, and you know it can happen to you.’ – Ernest Hemingway

‘Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them.’ – Oscar Wilde

‘As long as we are persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow. We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom. It happens in its own time.’ – Denis Waitley

‘Right now I’m having amnesia and deja vu at the same time… I think I’ve forgotten this before.’ – Steven Wright

‘I have short goals – to get better every day, to help my teammates every day – but my only ultimate goal is to win an NBA championship. It’s all that matters. I dream about it. I dream about it all the time, how it would look, how it would feel. It would be so amazing.’ – LeBron James

‘At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.’ – Abraham Lincoln

‘I have a new philosophy. I’m only going to dread one day at a time.’ – Charles M. Schulz

‘It’s human nature to not say everything that’s on your mind at the time you think it. Because we fear saying something that people will laugh at, people will think is dumb. We’re afraid of being embarrassed.’ – Taylor Swift

‘For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.’ – John F. Kennedy

‘The only time I have problems is when I sleep.’ – Tupac Shakur

‘The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.’ – Sydney J. Harris

‘Remembering what you’ve been through and how that has strengthened your mindset can lift you out of a negative brain loop and help you bypass those weak, one-second impulses to give in. Even if you’re feeling low and beat down by life right now, I guarantee you can think of a time or two when you overcame odds and tasted success.’ – David Goggins

‘The time you spend alone with God will transform your character and increase your devotion. Then your integrity and godly behavior in an unbelieving world will make others long to know the Lord.’ – Charles Stanley

‘Y’know, you can’t please all the people all the time… and last night, all those people were at my show.’ – Mitch Hedberg

‘Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that.’ – George Carlin

‘You’ve got to always go back in time if you want to move forward.’ – Snoop Dogg

‘In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.’ – Leonardo da Vinci

‘The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.’ – Henry David Thoreau

‘Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.’ – Thomas Jefferson

‘The greatest friend of truth is Time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion is Humility.’ – Charles Caleb Colton

‘To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.’ – Emily Dickinson

‘Forgiveness is not a feeling – it’s a decision we make because we want to do what’s right before God. It’s a quality decision that won’t be easy and it may take time to get through the process, depending on the severity of the offense.’ – Joyce Meyer

‘I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.’ – William Shakespeare

‘Books are sharks… because sharks have been around for a very long time. There were sharks before there were dinosaurs, and the reason sharks are still in the ocean is that nothing is better at being a shark than a shark.’ – Douglas Adams

‘It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste.’ – Henry Ford

‘People who use time wisely spend it on activities that advance their overall purpose in life.’ – John C. Maxwell

‘Great minds are related to the brief span of time during which they live as great buildings are to a little square in which they stand: you cannot see them in all their magnitude because you are standing too close to them.’ – Arthur Schopenhauer

‘The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.’ – Rabindranath Tagore

‘I think and think for months and years. Ninety-nine times, the conclusion is false. The hundredth time I am right.’ – Albert Einstein

‘There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game and that is first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay and I never want to finish second again.’ – Vince Lombardi

‘Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.’ – Mark Twain

‘You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for his own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful.’ – Marie Curie

‘Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.’ – Robert H. Schuller

‘If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.’ – Bruce Lee

‘I’m a human being. I’ve got opinions, I’m not always right, I’m not always on time, I don’t always say things in the proper way, but my intentions are always extremely pure.’ – Kanye West

‘I bought some instant water one time but I didn’t know what to add to it.’ – Steven Wright

‘There are people in every time and every land who want to stop history in its tracks. They fear the future, mistrust the present, and invoke the security of a comfortable past which, in fact, never existed.’ – Robert Kennedy

‘I learned a long time ago the wisest thing I can do is be on my own side, be an advocate for myself and others like me.’ – Maya Angelou

‘The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.’ – Oprah Winfrey

‘Art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time.’ – Karl Marx

‘When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.’ – Harriet Beecher Stowe

‘Jerry Ford is so dumb he can’t fart and chew gum at the same time.’ – Lyndon B. Johnson

‘I’ve been called a recluse. There’s definitely truth in that. I like to spend time alone.’ – Kendrick Lamar

‘It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link of the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.’ – Winston Churchill

‘Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by the accidents of time, or place, or circumstances, are brought into closer connection with you.’ – Saint Augustine

‘Cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right? And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but one must take it because it is right.’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.

‘We need to internalize this idea of excellence. Not many folks spend a lot of time trying to be excellent.’ – Barack Obama

‘If your ego starts out, ‘I am important, I am big, I am special,’ you’re in for some disappointments when you look around at what we’ve discovered about the universe. No, you’re not big. No, you’re not. You’re small in time and in space. And you have this frail vessel called the human body that’s limited on Earth.’ – Neil deGrasse Tyson

‘How much time he saves who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks.’ – Marcus Aurelius

‘Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.’ – Will Rogers

‘Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.’ – Benjamin Franklin

‘Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.’ – Carl Sandburg

‘Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre.’ – Warren Buffett

‘Time goes on. So whatever you’re going to do, do it. Do it now. Don’t wait.’ – Robert De Niro

‘We will be more successful in all our endeavors if we can let go of the habit of running all the time, and take little pauses to relax and re-center ourselves. And we’ll also have a lot more joy in living.’ – Thich Nhat Hanh

‘I believe time wounds all heels.’ – John Lennon

‘Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.’ – Charles Kettering

‘I am alone a lot, which is good. I need that time to just be alone after a long day, just decompress. So, I go to either my house or the hotel, or my apartment, or whatever – wherever I am, I go home and I watch TV and I sit there, with my cat, and I just watch TV or go online, check my emails.’ – Taylor Swift

‘Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.’ – Earl Nightingale

‘I’ve learned from experience that if you work harder at it, and apply more energy and time to it, and more consistency, you get a better result. It comes from the work.’ – Louis C. K.

‘Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own; and from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it is but a succession of changes so gentle and easy that we can scarcely mark their progress.’ – Charles Dickens

‘Leadership to me means duty, honor, country. It means character, and it means listening from time to time.’ – George W. Bush

‘This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Quakers almost as good as colored. They call themselves friends and you can trust them every time.’ – Harriet Tubman

‘No one can possibly know what is about to happen: it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.’ – James Baldwin

‘Where I am today… I still have my ups and downs, but I take it one day at a time and I just hope that I can be the best that I can possibly be, not only for myself, but also young people that are out there today that need someone to look up to.’ – Demi Lovato

‘I cannot believe in a God who wants to be praised all the time.’ – Friedrich Nietzsche

‘You begin saving the world by saving one man at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.’ – Charles Bukowski

‘Genius is never understood in its own time.’ – Bill Watterson

‘Time can be an ally or an enemy. What it becomes depends entirely upon you, your goals, and your determination to use every available minute.’ – Zig Ziglar

‘For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.’ – William Penn

‘I remember the time I was kidnapped and they sent a piece of my finger to my father. He said he wanted more proof.’ – Rodney Dangerfield

‘The devil ain’t got no power over me. The devil come, and me shake hands with the devil. Devil have his part to play. Devil’s a good friend, too… because when you don’t know him, that’s the time he can mosh you down.’ – Bob Marley

‘Video games are a waste of time for men with nothing else to do. Real brains don’t do that.’ – Ray Bradbury

‘I remember the first time I had sex – I kept the receipt.’ – Groucho Marx

‘The minute we stop learning, we begin death, the process of dying. We learn from each other with every action we perform. We are teaching goodness or evil every time we step out of the house and into the street.’ – Leo Buscaglia

‘You don’t have to be serious all the time to do a good job.’ – Simone Biles

‘A youth, when at home, should be filial and, abroad, respectful to his elders. He should be earnest and truthful. He should overflow in love to all and cultivate the friendship of the good. When he has time and opportunity, after the performance of these things, he should employ them in polite studies.’ – Confucius

‘Make measurable progress in reasonable time.’ – Jim Rohn

‘Most of me was glad when my mother died. She was a handful, but not in a cute, festive way. More in a life-threatening way, that had caused me a long time ago to give up all hope of ever feeling good about having had her as a mother.’ – Anne Lamott

‘Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.’ – Marcel Proust

‘Humans are amphibians – half spirit and half animal. As spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time.’ – C. S. Lewis

‘I live in a crazy time.’ – Anne Frank

‘I’d do anything at the right time, and I would also do things at the wrong time if they felt right.’ – Virgil Abloh

‘Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.’ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

‘It’s not the time to look for excuses.’ – Rafael Nadal

‘If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.’ – Mahatma Gandhi

‘You could warm Mars up, over time, with greenhouse gases.’ – Elon Musk

‘There comes a time in every man’s life, and I’ve had plenty of them.’ – Casey Stengel

‘There is one kind of robber whom the law does not strike at, and who steals what is most precious to men: time.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte

‘The loss of a friend is like that of a limb; time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss cannot be repaired.’ – Robert Southey

‘For one swallow does not make a summer, nor does one day; and so too one day, or a short time, does not make a man blessed and happy.’ – Aristotle

‘If you spend enough time with yourself in silence, you’ll be surprised what goes through your head.’ – Sandra Bullock

‘Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time.’ – Victor Hugo

‘I’ll never, ever be full. I’ll always be hungry. Obviously, I’m not talking about food. Growing up, I had nothing for such a long time. Someone told me a long time ago, and I’ve never forgotten it, ‘Once you’ve ever been hungry, really, really hungry, then you’ll never, ever be full.” – Dwayne Johnson

‘Time is generally the best doctor.’ – Ovid

‘I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and you put the work and time into it. I think your mind really controls everything.’ – Michael Phelps

‘All the lessons are in nature. You look at the way rocks are formed – the wind and the water hitting them, shaping them, making them what they are. Things take time, you know?’ – Diane Lane

‘Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family.’ – Bo Bennett

‘As you get older, the questions come down to about two or three. How long? And what do I do with the time I’ve got left?’ – David Bowie

‘The big picture doesn’t just come from distance; it also comes from time.’ – Simon Sinek

‘Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time.’ – E. B. White

‘A smart contract is a mechanism involving digital assets and two or more parties, where some or all of the parties put assets in, and assets are automatically redistributed among those parties according to a formula based on certain data that is not known at the time the contract is initiated.’ – Vitalik Buterin

‘There is a time to take counsel of your fears, and there is a time to never listen to any fear.’ – George S. Patton

‘Waste is worse than loss. The time is coming when every person who lays claim to ability will keep the question of waste before him constantly. The scope of thrift is limitless.’ – Thomas A. Edison

‘When Jonathan Winters died, it was like, ‘Oh, man!’ I knew he was frail, but I always thought he was going to last longer. I knew him as being really funny, but at the same time, he had a dark side.’ – Robin Williams

‘Time and the hour run through the roughest day.’ – William Shakespeare

‘People who have time on their hands will inevitably waste the time of people who have work to do.’ – Thomas Sowell

‘Money you lose you can always make back. But even five minutes of time lost is gone forever.’ – James Altucher

‘God lets you be successful because he trusts you that you will do the right thing with it. Now, does he get disappointed often? All the time, because people get there and they forget how they got it.’ – Steve Harvey

‘Consciously or not, we are all on a quest for answers, trying to learn the lessons of life. We grapple with fear and guilt. We search for meaning, love, and power. We try to understand fear, loss, and time. We seek to discover who we are and how we can become truly happy.’ – Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

‘We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.’ – John Steinbeck

‘I can’t play bridge. I don’t play tennis. All those things that people learn, and I admire, there hasn’t seemed time for. But what there is time for is looking out the window.’ – Alice Munro

‘There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep.’ – Homer

‘Love is all around us all the time. Love is the ethers that we swim in. Love is the amniotic fluid of the soul.’ – Marianne Williamson

‘All women have a perception much more developed than men. So all women somehow, being repressed for so many millennia, they ended up by developing this sixth sense and contemplation and love. And this is something that we have a hard time to accept as part of our society.’ – Paulo Coelho

‘I like a woman that’s capable and at the same time feminine. I admire tomboy qualities but with a feminine touch.’ – Paul Walker

‘Never permit a dichotomy to rule your life, a dichotomy in which you hate what you do so you can have pleasure in your spare time. Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time.’ – Pablo Picasso

‘Earthshaking fire from the center of the Earth will cause tremors around the New City. Two great rocks will war for a long time, then Arethusa will redden a new river.’ – Nostradamus

‘Divorce is a time of change. It really rocks a foundation of most people’s lives. When we have our heart broken or our dreams taken away from us, it is a time of growth and change.’ – Debbie Ford

‘A lot of people think international relations is like a game of chess. But it’s not a game of chess, where people sit quietly, thinking out their strategy, taking their time between moves. It’s more like a game of billiards, with a bunch of balls clustered together.’ – Madeleine Albright

‘If you don’t fail at least 90 percent of the time, you’re not aiming high enough.’ – Alan Kay

‘Do not say, ‘It is morning,’ and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name.’ – Rabindranath Tagore

‘I want to go when I want. It is tasteless to prolong life artificially. I have done my share; it is time to go. I will do it elegantly.’ – Albert Einstein

‘You don’t do things right once in a while. You do things right all the time.’ – Vince Lombardi

‘Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, creeds follow one another, but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons, a possession for all eternity.’ – Oscar Wilde

‘What is a fear of living? It’s being preeminently afraid of dying. It is not doing what you came here to do, out of timidity and spinelessness. The antidote is to take full responsibility for yourself – for the time you take up and the space you occupy. If you don’t know what you’re here to do, then just do some good.’ – Maya Angelou

‘Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.’ – Denis Waitley

‘Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.’ – Sydney J. Harris

‘It seems like every time you come up something happens to bring you back down.’ – Tupac Shakur

‘We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength.’ – Charles Stanley

‘Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.’ – Thomas Jefferson

‘If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality.’ – Benjamin Franklin

‘The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I’m just not close enough to get the job done.’ – George Carlin

‘My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.’ – Abraham Lincoln

‘When you are missing someone, time seems to move slower, and when I’m falling in love with someone, time seems to be moving faster.’ – Taylor Swift

‘Mental toughness is a lifestyle. It’s something that you live every single day of your life. When I was growing up, I was a lazy kid. I was a lazy kid, and everybody goes, ‘How did you get to where you’re at today? How did you get to where you’re running 200 miles at one time in 39 hours? Being so disciplined?” – David Goggins

‘Time is the least thing we have of.’ – Ernest Hemingway

‘What people don’t understand is joining a gang ain’t bad, it’s cool, it’s fine. When you in the hood, joining a gang it’s cool because all your friends are in the gang, all your family’s in the gang. We’re not just killing people every night, we’re just hanging out, having a good time.’ – Snoop Dogg

‘Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon.’ – Emily Dickinson

‘If someone decides they’re not going to be happy, it’s not your problem. You don’t have to spend your time and energy trying to cheer up someone who has already decided to stay in a bad mood. Believe it or not, you can actually hurt people by playing into their self-pity.’ – Joyce Meyer

‘My father wasn’t around when I was a kid, and I used to always say, ‘Why me? Why don’t I have a father? Why isn’t he around? Why did he leave my mother?’ But as I got older I looked deeper and thought, ‘I don’t know what my father was going through, but if he was around all the time, would I be who I am today?” – LeBron James

‘Opinion is like a pendulum and obeys the same law. If it goes past the centre of gravity on one side, it must go a like distance on the other; and it is only after a certain time that it finds the true point at which it can remain at rest.’ – Arthur Schopenhauer

‘Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time.’ – Charles M. Schulz

‘As you get older, time speeds up but life slows down.’ – John C. Maxwell

‘Every time I go and shave, I assume there’s someone else on the planet shaving. So I say, ‘I’m gonna go shave, too.’ – Mitch Hedberg’ – Mitch Hedberg

‘It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington. To help build a new foundation for the 21st century, we need to reform our government so that it is more efficient, more transparent, and more creative. That will demand new thinking and a new sense of responsibility for every dollar that is spent.’ – Barack Obama

‘To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time.’ – James Baldwin

‘Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole.’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

‘Next time I see you, remind me not to talk to you.’ – Groucho Marx

‘One does not leave a convivial party before closing time.’ – Winston Churchill

‘Whatever the universal nature assigns to any man at any time is for the good of that man at that time.’ – Marcus Aurelius

‘Loyalty to the Nation all the time, loyalty to the Government when it deserves it.’ – Mark Twain

‘I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay, and I don’t ever want to finish second again. There is a second place bowl game, but it is a game for losers played by losers. It is and always has been an American zeal to be first in anything we do, and to win, and to win, and to win.’ – Vince Lombardi

‘He who is too busy doing good finds no time to be good.’ – Rabindranath Tagore

‘It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.’ – Maya Angelou

‘I saw a bank that said ’24 Hour Banking’, but I don’t have that much time.’ – Steven Wright

‘I think every girl’s dream is to find a bad boy at the right time, when he wants to not be bad anymore.’ – Taylor Swift