‘I’m having fun. I’m being myself. I’m doing what I love. That’s all that matters.’ – James Charles

‘I’m not trying to be different. To me, I’m just being myself.’ – Jaylen Brown

‘The greatest thing about where my life is right now is it’s very relaxed and chill. I’m just hanging out, being myself and doing my work.’ – Lucas Grabeel

‘Being myself is what got me to where I am.’ – Jeff Hardy

‘As the years have gone, I’ve just kind of grown into myself a little bit more. And maybe felt more comfortable just being myself and not really worrying about what everybody else thinks or says.’ – Auston Matthews

‘Everyone has a right to their own opinion about me, and that’s fine. I’m just going to keep being myself and living my life. That’s all I can do.’ – Dan Bilzerian

‘I do not try to play a role. I feel good being myself and saying what I think.’ – Volodymyr Zelensky

‘I try to keep it real. I don’t have time to worry about what I’m projecting to the world. I’m just busy being myself.’ – Demi Lovato

‘I take a lot of pride in being myself. I’m comfortable with who I am.’ – James McAvoy

‘I’ll always keep fighting, keep being myself and be as respectful as I can be to stay as true to myself as I can and stay humble.’ – Anthony Johnson

‘I’m happy with being myself.’ – Khris Middleton

‘I’m not somebody that’s trying to be somebody else. I’m being myself for the most part and people respect that.’ – Gervonta Davis

‘I’m confident in who I am, and I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m just being myself: being comfortable with my body, comfortable with my sound, and I’m figuring out who I am.’ – Justine Skye

‘I’m not playing a role. I’m being myself, whatever the hell that is.’ – Bea Arthur

‘I was both loved and hated for being upfront. But I was just being myself.’ – Sunny Deol

‘I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale, perfect, everything else, I am just being myself.’ – Rebecca Loos

‘I’m happy being myself, which I’ve never been before. I always hid in other people, or tried to find myself through the characters, or live out their lives, but I didn’t have those things in mine.’ – Angelina Jolie

‘I feel like I’m good at always just being myself.’ – Sean O’Malley

‘I’m being myself when the camera is rolling.’ – Scott Borchetta

‘Everything I do, I do it being myself.’ – Gareth Thomas

‘When I was younger, I used to try to fit in, but now I’m much more comfortable with just being myself.’ – Andrea Riseborough

‘I’m just being myself. To me, that people are interested in Jenni, not necessarily the artist, but the woman… it amazes me still.’ – Jenni Rivera

‘As an adolescent, I was painfully shy, withdrawn. I didn’t really have the nerve to sing my songs on stage, and nobody else was doing them. I decided to do them in disguise so that I didn’t have to actually go through the humiliation of going on stage and being myself.’ – David Bowie

‘I can’t tone it down. I’m being me and being myself.’ – Adam Rippon

‘It took me years to realize that ‘normal’ is actually super boring and that being myself was harder but infinitely more rewarding.’ – Franchesca Ramsey

‘There are lots of people I admire and respect, but I don’t necessarily want to be like them. I’m too happy being myself.’ – James D’arcy

‘I would classify myself as an individual. That’s what I try to stay true with – being myself, 100 percent.’ – Khalid

‘I guess I just feel very comfortable with being myself.’ – LP

‘I had everything I’d hoped for, but I wasn’t being myself. So I decided to be honest about who I was. It was strange: The people who loved me for being funny suddenly didn’t like me for being… me.’ – Ellen DeGeneres

‘What I really realized is that by being myself, regardless of what that means, you become a better role model.’ – Lzzy Hale

‘If I’m with a man, is that going to prevent me from achieving my goal? What sacrifices will I have to make in terms of being myself, if I’m with a man? Something that young women find out really quickly is that when you start dating, all of a sudden you’re supposed to have a role. You’re not allowed to just be yourself.’ – Candace Bushnell

‘I like being myself. Maybe just slimmer, with a few less wrinkles.’ – Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

‘I wanted to support things that are helpful to people and maybe bash what I think is dangerous. So I switched from being everybody to being myself.’ – Jenny Holzer

‘I don’t mind being called a weirdo. There are a lot of people in hip-hop who are probably never going to get what I do. But, by just being myself, I end up touching a lot more people who might never have paid much attention to a female rapper.’ – Nicki Minaj

‘I never had any trouble being myself. Myself was a problem for a lot of people, but I didn’t have a problem.’ – Tituss Burgess

‘I wasn’t perfect and didn’t have it together. I felt alone. So through acting, I decided to be a shape shifter and with every role become the character instead of being myself. It meant about 10 years of no one knowing I was the same person in every movie.’ – Brie Larson

‘I want to be sure I’m being myself. I don’t want to follow something because someone’s like ‘do this, it’s popular.” – MO

‘I walk in the world as a woman because I am a woman, and people should take me as that. I’m not passing as anything that I’m not. I’m just being myself.’ – Janet Mock

‘I’ve always prided myself on being myself and trying to stick true to who I am and how I was raised.’ – Patrick Kane

‘I’m not different for the sake of being different, only for the desperate sake of being myself. I can’t join your gang: you’d think I was a phony and I’d know it.’ – Vivian Stanshall

‘When I’m trusting and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously.’ – Shakti Gawain

‘People have always found me challenging – I don’t know why, when I am only being myself. I don’t understand why they find me so annoying but they do. It is pity, but that is how it is.’ – Ian Hamilton Finlay

‘I look at it like this: I’m being myself, everybody else in my industry is faking it.’ – Maxwell Jacob Friedman

‘I’ll never be Jennifer Lawrence or Tom Cruise, someone who can hold a movie and then be charming and charismatic doing promotion. I haven’t got what they’ve got. But at least I’m now comfortable just being myself.’ – Aaron Taylor-Johnson

‘I’m just being myself, honestly. I know society puts it, Oh, this is masculine and this is feminine. I don’t put myself in categories.’ – Brittney Griner

‘I feel more and more like ‘myself’ these days. Before becoming a father, I can remember a low-level feeling of somehow not quite being myself.’ – B. D. Wong

‘Being real in pro wrestling has paid off. Just being myself – that really translated to the fans.’ – Matt Riddle

‘When it comes to fitting in, I think I’m really fly. It’s not really hard; I’m just being myself.’ – Kodie Shane

‘I’m quite happy being myself. I’m a big fan of Jessica Lange and Jeanne Moreau, but I don’t want to be anyone else.’ – Jacqueline Bisset

‘People will come at me telling me to wear this or wear that. If I don’t like it, I don’t like it. They couldn’t pay me to wear it. If it’s something I can rock with, I’ll rock it. I’m more interested in being completely authentic to me. In my opinion, being myself is making a statement.’ – Jaylen Brown

‘Whenever anyone says I’ve taught them things by me being myself, I’m always like, ‘Really? I just thought that was like, Wednesday for me. I was just wearing a kilt and a sleeveless top in a Rotary Club, it wasn’t that big of a deal.” – Jonathan Van Ness

‘But, by just being myself, I end up touching a lot more people who might never have paid much attention to a female rapper.’ – Nicki Minaj

‘I felt like I got more comfortable on ‘Idol’ when I just started being myself and not trying to be what I thought I had to be.’ – Kara DioGuardi

‘I used to go around looking as frumpy as possible because it was inconceivable you could be attractive as well as be smart. It wasn’t until I started being myself, the way I like to turn out to meet people that I started to get any work.’ – Catherine Zeta-Jones

‘I don’t follow other players or the tournaments they play. I have my own schedule and do my own thing. I never really think, ‘Oh, I want to be or play like so-and-so.’ I just like being myself.’ – Maria Sharapova

‘I have never regarded myself as this or that. I have been too busy being myself to bother about regarding myself.’ – Rex Stout

‘Just going along with this, what I did, or what I do is I imagine not being myself seeing it, but imagine somebody else who’s seeing it for the first time.’ – Dennis Muren

‘I really enjoy singing, it’s entirely different to acting because I’m just being myself.’ – Michelle Dockery

‘But my strength was in singing and songwriting, which was a new discovery for me when I was 18. And I decided if I pursued songwriting, which is what was closest to my heart, then there would be no competition. I would just live my life being myself and living my dream.’ – Jason Mraz

‘I was in a group called Wild Orchid and it just wasn’t working. I wasn’t being myself. What I should have done was say. ‘Girls, it’s really time for me to go on my own. I need to fulfill this dream of mine to have a solo album.’ And I didn’t know how to do that. I wanted to please them.’ – Fergie

‘Interestingly, I matured as a musician and as an artist before I matured as a man. What I mean by that is, I was ready to be completely vulnerable and honest with myself and unapologetic when it comes to how I express myself in my medium. But I wasn’t as secure in doing that when it came to just being myself.’ – Miguel

‘I try to associate myself as just being myself – and being a person, an American citizen, going out there every day and just trying to be successful.’ – Robert Griffin III

‘I felt more comfortable playing other people than being myself, when I was a kid. And then, the tables turned. Through my performances, I’ve become more comfortable with who I am, and then I just bring more of myself into the people that I play.’ – Jay Ryan

‘I really like playing other people. There is no other feeling like it, to have a different voice come out of you and to have a different life for a couple of hours. I like being myself. But maybe it’s like you ride a bike every day and someone says, ‘For two hours tonight do you want to ride this Harley?’ You’d be like, ‘OK yeah!” – Cristin Milioti

‘So many people in the gay community have always asked me to come out, say it like it is, and help our cause. But for me… I think my biggest statement I could give to the world is to be strong being myself… you have to make something of yourself, and that’s what makes us strong.’ – Johnny Weir

‘I’m very comfortable in my own skin now. I started just being myself more and more. For women, this happens as you get older. I loved my 40s – I thought they were fantastic. And I’m loving my 50s. I’m going to love everything because you’re either older or dead!’ – Gloria Estefan

‘I never wanted to be an actor, and to this day I don’t. I can’t get a handle on it. An actor wants to become someone else. I am a song-and-dance man, and I enjoy being myself, which is all I can do.’ – Dick Van Dyke

‘The only people who have doubts about the sincerity of my music are people who come to it relatively late, off the back of having seen me in a film. Acting is about being other people, and music is about being myself.’ – Riz Ahmed

‘Me just being myself in public or on TV is the biggest nightmare in the world.’ – Jennifer Saunders

‘My strength was in singing and songwriting, which was a new discovery for me when I was 18. And I decided if I pursued songwriting, which is what was closest to my heart, then there would be no competition. I would just live my life being myself and living my dream.’ – Jason Mraz

‘I love to act and put on a show, but you’re playing a character all the time. For music, it’s really just me being myself.’ – Tinashe

‘I didn’t start to work until I realized what it was I had to offer. I stopped imitating performers I admired and started just being myself.’ – Rob McClure

‘If I were really being myself. I’d just curl up in the corner and knit.’ – Shamir

‘My tutorial videos are educational, but they’re goofy – I’m just being myself.’ – Rosanna Pansino

‘I’m happier on the runway than I am on the red carpet. Because then I am not being myself. I think, on the red carpet, it’s a weird, like, ‘Who am I? Am I me? Am I them?” – Kate Moss

‘When I started playing music, I was more of a character. Now I’m just me with a cool outfit on. I’m more comfortable being myself.’ – Ben Hopkins

‘I definitely try to be myself and not try to imitate other performers. That’s why I got my music degree. I wanted to be prepared and not be a ‘product.’ I want people to know that I’m not only a singer but a musician as well. I studied guitar, piano, and composition. I believe that it’s just about being myself on and off stage.’ – Luis Fonsi

‘I’m angry because I was so scared for so many years about just being myself.’ – John Grant

‘I can’t create music if I’m wearing a mask and not being myself, and that was the problem with The Czars.’ – John Grant

‘I would have had an easier life if I were straight, but I would not be me. And I now like being myself better than the idea of being someone else, someone who, to be honest, I have neither the option of being nor the ability fully to imagine.’ – Andrew Solomon

‘When I was 19 or 20 and doing my thing, I can’t sit here and say I had this strong political agenda – I was literally just being myself.’ – Boy George

‘I played at being someone else in movies and live theater, and at being myself in life’s most intense, fascinating game – the game of love.’ – Monica Vitti

‘When I first came to New York, I was surprised by all these out teenagers who were openly on the street being who they were. That intrigued me because I was 27 and still struggling with being myself.’ – Dee Rees

‘I love interacting with an audience. I love just being myself in front of a crowd.’ – Jonathan Groff

‘I’ve gotten a lot of attention, I think, just for being myself. I think that a lot of people, when they come to a competition, are afraid to be themselves no matter who they are.’ – Adam Rippon

‘I can’t tone it down. I’m being me, and I’m being myself, and I’d be doing myself an injustice, and I’d be doing an injustice to those kids who don’t feel like they’re comfortable to be themselves.’ – Adam Rippon

‘When I perform, I’m just very much just being myself.’ – India Arie

‘Being genuinely humble and being myself has helped me succeed in my career.’ – Poo Bear

‘I’m just really excited to expose people to different identities, different conversations but also to kind of reframe how they think about black women just by being myself.’ – Franchesca Ramsey

‘I’m more comfortable doing a character than being myself.’ – Matt Besser

‘I’ve always had my wrist slapped for being myself.’ – Amy Schumer

‘Sometimes it’s really weird being an artist, and I deal with that best by being myself.’ – Sigrid

‘Me just existing and being myself is making change and making things easier for other young queer kids. I want to be me and express that and break new ground along the way.’ – Kevin Abstract

‘I enjoy being myself on television, where I am not enacting a character.’ – Rana Daggubati

‘I always just felt more comfortable just kind of hiding behind a character than being myself onstage.’ – Bobcat Goldthwait

‘Me being myself, I’m not happy when I’m not playing.’ – Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

‘Before I created Christine, I was actually really girly. Maybe I was trying to hide something, but I was trying too hard to be a girl, and I didn’t know what it meant. I was afraid of being myself.’ – Christine and the Queens

‘Prior to stepping on stage, I prefer to continue being myself, whether that is making jokes with others, talking about other non-bodybuilding topics, or just sitting around listening to music.’ – Phil Heath

‘Some people see what I don’t see – I’m just so happy to do all of this just being myself. The same thing what you get on the TV, you will see in your local Asda or the pound shop.’ – Big Narstie

‘The whole journey of being a wrestler is also a journey of finding yourself and who you are. If it feels natural to you, it’s natural to me because I’m just being myself every time I’m out there.’ – Elias

‘Television takes you to an altogether different audience and directly to people’s living room. On television, I’m being myself, and that’s why people relate to me more.’ – Sonali Bendre

‘The fact that I get to play a queer Filipino on television and another queer character in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is huge. I never thought I’d have a career being myself. I always thought that being an actor in Hollywood meant that I would have to put that side of me on the back burner.’ – Nico Santos

‘The country has been shaken up by me. I am just being myself.’ – Ko Wen-je

‘Being myself has worked out pretty well for me I think.’ – Tristan Thompson

‘I figured out that it was important for me to have my identity, just live independently and like being myself, musically.’ – Rostam Batmanglij

‘I’m trying to be as real as I can and I’m being myself. I’m not gonna create an act.’ – Justin Gaethje

‘I’ve never gone out and courted favors. I’ve never gone out to be booed, either. It’s just me being myself.’ – Wade Barrett

‘I hate this quality, but I can go to dark levels when we lose. It’s not a panic attack, but there’s anxiety. I’m inconsolable. I’m a train wreck. I’m being myself. Then I get this crazy, intense focus, where I get desperate not to be embarrassed again. That dark spot is what I tap into. Creativity comes from there.’ – Erik Spoelstra

‘Just try to play hard to win games and to be versatile. And also be a great teammate. I’m not faking anything I’m doing out here. I’m being myself. I’m not faking anything.’ – Thon Maker

‘I’m most comfortable being myself, but I will admit to having an abnormal amount of fun being the King of Spice.’ – Christopher Daniels

‘As a human, you tend to lose your calm at some point. But I ensured I was being myself through the journey. I feel people liked my honesty and casualness.’ – Ashwin Kumar

‘When I’m on the microphone and I’m recording, or onstage, or shooting a video, I’m doing my job. When I’m not, I’m being myself.’ – Too Short

‘I remember going to a bookstore in Chennai and getting recognised as the ‘Ahista’ girl. The good thing about the video was the director let me do just what I wanted. And my costar in the video was really sweet. I think it came across well because I portrayed emotions just the way I would in real life. I was just being myself.’ – Sameera Reddy

‘Everybody sees the person on the football field and has a perception of him, but in the media or on Twitter it’s just me being myself. I’m an honest, hard-working guy who likes a laugh.’ – Robbie Savage

‘I’m not nervous being in front of people, it’s being myself in front of people that I hate.’ – Carrie Hope Fletcher

‘When it came to WWE, we were able to freestyle a lot of stuff, especially in the ring and backstage, so with reality I’m just kind of being myself and basically have the same character I was in WWE.’ – Kelly Kelly

‘If I’m not being myself in my music, I’m getting up on stage every night and lying to myself; it would be a real cause for identity crisis.’ – JP Saxe

‘I’m just being myself. That’s why I got problems all the time.’ – Manny Ramirez

‘I think everything for me has just been about opportunity and just being myself.’ – Alex Caruso

‘Maybe the UFC will see value in me saying these things and being myself and maybe, ‘OK, Moicano can fight Paddy Pimblett.’ Or not.’ – Renato Moicano