‘Allah will help him who moves in the way of Allah.’ – Abu Bakr

‘I believe in the religion of Islam. I believe in Allah and peace.’ – Muhammad Ali

‘Everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah.’ – Cat Stevens

‘I talk to Allah, I pray to him.’ – Shah Rukh Khan

‘I owe my success to Allah and my parents who have sacrificed so much to get me where I am.’ – Javed Ali

‘Thanks to Allah, I trust myself to distinguish between right and wrong.’ – Mohammad Amir

‘Allah is with people who show patience. If you are down in the dumps, Allah will help you if you have belief. But this is a personal thing between you and him. You can’t fool Allah.’ – Mohammad Azharuddin

‘My fate is in the hands of almighty Allah.’ – Yahya Jammeh

‘My mother always used to say, ‘Well, if you had been born a little girl growing up in Egypt, you would go to church or go to worship Allah, but surely if those people are worshipping a God, it must be the same God’ – that’s what she always said. The same God with different names.’ – Jane Goodall

‘Yes, love indeed is light from heaven; A spark of that immortal fire with angels shared, by Allah given to lift from earth our low desire.’ – Lord Byron

‘The Universal Zulu Nation stands to acknowledge wisdom, understanding, freedom, justice, and equality, peace, unity, love, and having fun, work, overcoming the negative through the positive, science, mathematics, faith, facts, and the wonders of God, whether we call him Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, or Jah.’ – Afrika Bambaataa

‘I seek truth over a lie; I seek justice over injustice; I seek righteousness over the rewards of evildoers, and I love Allah more than I love the state.’ – H. Rap Brown

‘All of the people are the dependents of Allah.’ – Hamza Yusuf

‘Allah says in the Qur’an not to despise one another. So the criterion in Islam is not color or social status. It’s who is most righteous. If I go to a mosque – and I’m a basketball player with money and prestige – if I go to a mosque and see an imam, I feel inferior. He’s better than me. It’s about knowledge.’ – Hakeem Olajuwon

‘I’ve always believed in a higher power. You can call it God, you can call it Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Allah, I don’t care. I really believe we are all a part of God.’ – Olivia Hussey

‘The underprivileged are the only privileged ones in the eyes of Allah.’ – Sana Khan

‘May Allah guide us to the good of the kingdom of Bahrain and its loyal people.’ – Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

‘The fact is I have lost a fight, and I accept the loss from Allah. That’s the way a real fighter and a real man goes out.’ – Naseem Hamed

‘Do not share the knowledge with which you have been blessed with everyone in general, as you do with some people in particular; and know that there are some men in whom Allah, may He be glorified, has placed hidden secrets, which they are forbidden to reveal.’ – Ali ibn Abi Talib

‘The fundamental idea which defines a human being as a Muslim is the declaration of faith: that there is a creator, whom we call God – or Allah, in Arabic – and that the creator is one and single. And we declare this faith by the declaration of faith, where we… bear witness that there is no God but God.’ – Feisal Abdul Rauf

‘You’re not gonna get through life without being worshipful or devoted to something. You’re either devoted to your job, or to your desires. So the best way to spend your life is to try to be devoted to prayer, to Allah.’ – Mos Def

‘Just as ‘Islam’ literally means ‘peace,’ none of the 99 names of Allah mean violence. Similarly, every religion in the world stands for peace, compassion, and brotherhood.’ – Sushma Swaraj

‘I’m very conscious about putting good food into my body. Years ago, I went to see an amazing healer called Allah, who could read your body. She told me that I can’t absorb vitamins very well, and I have to eat the right things to get my vitamins. I’ve always remembered that.’ – Trinny Woodall

‘Traditional Islam is a mixture of all obedience to Allah, and if that requires militancy, so be it.’ – Deepak Chopra

‘The more knowledge you have, the greater will be your fear of Allah.’ – Abu Bakr

‘Every child is a gift of Allah, and every child in Pakistan, to me, is like my own child, so I will do my best to take the message to every doorstep in Pakistan. Reaching every child, every time with the polio vaccine is not only necessary, but it is our duty. This disease can’t deter us; we will defeat it.’ – Shahid Afridi

‘Many Muslims put their Islamic faith ahead of their national identity and forbid preachers from other religions from coming into their countries to convert their young. Apostasy is treason to Allah. Heresy has no rights.’ – Pat Buchanan

‘I have to ask Allah’s forgiveness and not get angry, because they come to me out of love, and it’s not fitting that I should turn to them in hatred.’ – Abdul Qadeer Khan

‘For the most part, Islam is about peace. It’s dealing with submission to the most high. Mohammed is a prophet, a messenger. But at the same time, we’ll fight in the name of Allah. We’re not going to let you disrespect our prophet.’ – Ghostface Killah

‘The terrorists hide behind Allah.’ – Linda Chavez

‘Allah’s the Arabic term for God. Stand up for God, fight for God, work for God and do the right thing, and go the right way, things will end up in your corner.’ – Muhammad Ali

‘I have always known my mother as an agnostic, less certain than my father that the universe hadn’t been created by some great intelligence. But she would get even more annoyed than my father did when she thought that people were invoking God to do their jobs for them – for example, when she saw a bus with a sticker saying ‘Allah Protect Us.” – Elif Batuman

‘Seeing a man praying to Allah is enough for some people to assume he is a terrorist.’ – Damian Lewis

‘Every hip-hop artist I have worked with has a respect for higher power, whether that’s church, Allah, or any sort of higher being – they all have a humbleness.’ – BJ the Chicago Kid

‘If I have another life at all I will once again beseech Allah to give me the blessing of living this life again.’ – Saira Banu

‘He who builds a masjid in the way of Allah, God will build a house for him in the paradise.’ – Abu Bakr

‘If Muslims curse the Christians, then the Christians will curse the Muslims. And people will curse Allah, and Allah will hold us responsible for that.’ – Feisal Abdul Rauf

‘I see no difference between Islam and Islamism. Islam is defined as submission to the will of Allah, as it is described in the Koran. Islamism is just Islam in its most pure form.’ – Ayaan Hirsi Ali

‘People get involved not just in politics but in groups and sects and… forget the main reason why we’re here: to worship Allah.’ – Moeen Ali

‘My fate is in the hands of almighty Allah. I will deliver to the Gambian people and if I have to rule this country for one billion years, I will, if Allah says so.’ – Yahya Jammeh

‘Allah is on our side. That is why we will beat the aggressor.’ – Saddam Hussein

‘I have to say when we talk about the treatment of these prisoners that I would guess that these prisoners wake up every morning thanking Allah that Saddam Hussein is not in charge of these prisons.’ – Jim Inhofe

‘When many astronauts go to space, they see the insignificant size of the earth and vastness of space, and they become very religious, because they have seen the Signs of Allah.’ – Cat Stevens

‘You and I are but specks of that rhythmic urge which is Brahma, which is Allah, which is God.’ – Ruth St. Denis

‘For one, the Qur’an is considered by Muslims to consist entirely of words spoken by Allah himself.’ – Paul Weyrich

‘9/11 was a deliberate, carefully planned evil act of the long-waged war on the West by Koran-inspired soldiers of Allah around the world. They hated us before George W. Bush was in office. They hated us before Israel existed. And the avengers of the religion of perpetual outrage will keep hating us.’ – Michelle Malkin

‘Michael is a gift from Allah, and he is taking him back. The world didn’t appreciate him.’ – Jermaine Jackson

‘Reform is the mission from which we shall not digress; it is an expression of belief and determination between us and our people. With the help of Allah, we will proceed forward in this promising national process within the natural progress of the life cycle and the development of people and nation.’ – Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

‘Some people call God, some people call Allah; I want to see the fruit of the love, I want to see the love, the love to help the brothers who may not be as fortunate as us.’ – MC Hammer

‘All people who worship Allah, not each other, are equal before Him. We are entrusted to spread this message and to extend that call to all the people.’ – Osama bin Laden

‘Praise be Allah and prayers and peace upon Mohammed.’ – Osama bin Laden

‘America has been hit by Allah at its most vulnerable point, destroying, thank God, its most prestigious buildings.’ – Osama bin Laden

‘We are continuing this policy in bleeding America to the point of bankruptcy. Allah willing, and nothing is too great for Allah.’ – Osama bin Laden

‘My name is Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, the former H. Rap Brown. I am a devoted servant of Allah, and an unwavering devotee to His cause. For more than 30 years, I have been tormented and persecuted by my enemies for reasons of race and belief.’ – H. Rap Brown

‘Theory states that Allah’s law is cruel and unfair, but Allah himself has said that his law is indeed fair.’ – Hassanal Bolkiah

‘With faith and gratitude to Allah the almighty, I declare that tomorrow, Thursday May 1, 2014, will see the enforcement of sharia law phase one, to be followed by the other phases.’ – Hassanal Bolkiah

‘Some felt as if ‘Charlie Hebdo’ was obsessed with its ‘Screw Allah’ stance. It’s a sort of provocation that caused a lot of debates.’ – Patrick Chappatte

‘If I were to pray in Arabic, I’d pray to Allah. If I were to pray in English, I’d pray to God.’ – Rabih Alameddine

‘I am in constant search of charitable work and thank Allah that I am happy, that my children are happy, and I like that all of my family is happy.’ – Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi

‘A lot of times in Hollywood, when casting directors find out you’re of Middle Eastern descent, they go, ‘Oh, you’re Iranian? Great. Can you say, ‘I will kill you in the name of Allah?” I could say that, but what if I were to say, ‘Hello, I’m your doctor.” – Maz Jobrani

‘I hope that we when we stand up to those who oppress our communities that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad.’ – Linda Sarsour

‘I thank Allah that I have been playing for Pakistan for a long time. This is a big honour for me; I had not even thought so.’ – Shahid Afridi

‘The song that starts with ‘Neene Rama, neene Shama, neene Allah, neene Yesu,’ is very profound. It exhorts people to stop looking for god everywhere and to instead look within themselves.’ – Arjun Janya