‘A lot of people are ashamed to talk about mental illness. To me, it’s power to give people that.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I would hope the pages would be blank, and every time you flipped the page, a beautiful picture would form. The universe knows where I’m going, and I’m just gonna let it do what it does.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I don’t be bringing harm to people.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘For me, it just doesn’t make sense that somebody could be out the same day or not have to serve a day in jail because they have better resources.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I mean for me, I can’t really say I differentiate ’cause when I go into the studio to make music, I just make music. Sometimes, it just ends up with me, and sometimes it doesn’t.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘My songwriting has brought so much to me as an artist and my ability that I have as an artist has brought so much to my songwriting that they live off each other. Without one, the other one dies.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I live in that studio. I make music when they party. I make music when they go on romantic trips and on vacations. I’m working. That’s what I do. This really has all my attention all the time.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘Rap is supposed to change. It’s supposed to do new things.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I’ll just write with no music, no nothing and then try to apply it to music and sometimes, a beat will speak to me.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I feel like as much as there’s a little pocket of people who do know me, there’s a whole bigger pocket that doesn’t and I want them to know me and understand who I am for real before making pre-judgments.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘It’s hard for me to be open with anybody else. I can say that I lost relationships over that.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I guess I had passed out and fell on the floor. I was out cold for 16 hours. I woke up and one whole side of my face was bruised. I just knew that something like that could happen, and you may never wake up from it. Everything changed for me after that day.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘Me and DJ Mustard linked up, as we both respected each other’s art and wanted to work together.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘A lot of times I don’t really work with people based on a look. I work with people I know, and that I think would bring something to the music. Ultimately I think that’s the best way to go about it.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘When I approach my mixtapes I’m very calculated.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘You know, just being recognized for anything musically for me has been, like incredible because this is all I do, this is all I got. So whenever people can recognize and acknowledge that I’m out here working and doing the best that I can and it’s actually paying off and doing something for me, it’s a blessing.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I’m really working towards perfecting my craft every single day.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘Yeah, I’m a young immigrant and I came to Canada with nothing.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I wanted to show, like, neighborhoods in Canada and Europe and stuff like that are integrated with all of us, you know what I mean? People live together harmoniously and they teach each other culture and they teach each other things that school can’t teach you, only real life can teach.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I bring nothing but love and joy to everything I do when it comes to this music… I just want to see people smile more when they see me instead of reading my name and getting a preconception of what I am.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I think taking back the term ‘mumble rap’ was important to me because I appreciate and love every facet of hip-hop and everything that’s going on right now in the game, so I felt it kind of disrespectful that people kept referring to that whole genre as ‘mumble rap.” – Ahmad Balshe

‘We’ve had different genres within our genre for so long that people just fail to realize that it’s going to keep repeating and we’re watching the cycle repeat again.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I reached all the accomplishments that I planned out to reach in Canada.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I wanted a new phase in my life I needed something new. I stepped back, started doing song writing and various business ventures down the line.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘A lot of people don’t understand that refugees especially, are fleeing situations that are affecting their livelihood and their children’s livelihood.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘I’m blessed to be around some of the same guys that I came into this business with and learning of off each other and watching each other’s experiences as young immigrants and trying to thrive in this world.’ – Ahmad Balshe

‘Labeling it ‘political’ is not going to stop me from talking about it.’ – Ahmad Balshe