‘One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.’ – William Feather

‘The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.’ – Oprah Winfrey

‘It’s time to say goodbye, but I think goodbyes are sad and I’d much rather say hello. Hello to a new adventure.’ – Ernie Harwell

‘Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.’ – Helen Keller

‘We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.’ – Jawaharlal Nehru

‘Adventure is worthwhile in itself.’ – Amelia Earhart

‘The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.’ – Joseph Campbell

‘Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.’ – Edwin Powell Hubble

‘A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.’ – Charlie Chaplin

‘Juvenile crime is not naturally born in the boy, but is largely due either to the spirit of adventure that is in him, to his own stupidity, or to his lack of discipline, according to the nature of the individual.’ – Robert Baden-Powell

‘Marriage is an adventure, like going to war.’ – Gilbert K. Chesterton

‘Our greatest human adventure is the evolution of consciousness. We are in this life to enlarge the soul, liberate the spirit, and light up the brain.’ – Tom Robbins

‘Adventure is just bad planning.’ – Roald Amundsen

‘You’ll always remember your first car and the memories that come with it – that sense of adventure!’ – Paddy McGuinness

‘I am just a girl chasing her dreams and having an amazing adventure.’ – Madeline Stuart

‘Men want a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. That is what is written in their hearts. That is what little boys play at. That is what men’s movies are about. You just see it. It is undeniable.’ – John Eldredge

‘Knowledge is an unending adventure at the edge of uncertainty.’ – Jacob Bronowski

‘Why fear death? It is the most beautiful adventure in life.’ – Charles Frohman

‘You can’t call it an adventure unless it’s tinged with danger. The greatest danger in life, though, is not taking the adventure at all. To have the objective of a life of ease is death. I think we’ve all got to go after our own Everest.’ – Brian Blessed

‘Life is an adventure, it’s not a package tour.’ – Eckhart Tolle

‘Life is full of adventure. There’s no such thing as a clear pathway.’ – Guy Laliberte

‘If I see anything vital around me, it is precisely that spirit of adventure, which seems indestructible and is akin to curiosity.’ – Marie Curie

‘What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it.’ – Juliette Binoche

‘This land may be profitable to those that will adventure it.’ – Henry Hudson

‘Adventure is worthwhile.’ – Aesop

‘Science moves with the spirit of an adventure characterized both by youthful arrogance and by the belief that the truth, once found, would be simple as well as pretty.’ – James D. Watson

‘Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life’s greatest adventure; it is an illustrated excursion into the minds of the noble and the learned.’ – Taylor Caldwell

‘Adventure is not outside man; it is within.’ – George Eliot

‘Love is an adventure and a conquest. It survives and develops, like the universe itself, only by perpetual discovery.’ – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

‘A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.’ – Eugene Ionesco

‘There is no certainty; there is only adventure.’ – Roberto Assagioli

‘I get up in the morning looking for an adventure.’ – George Foreman

‘The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure.’ – Christopher McCandless

‘It’s not a real adventure when you have to pay for it.’ – Edmund Hillary

‘I was addicted to hacking, more for the intellectual challenge, the curiosity, the seduction of adventure; not for stealing, or causing damage or writing computer viruses.’ – Kevin Mitnick

‘The secret to so many artists living so long is that every painting is a new adventure. So, you see, they’re always looking ahead to something new and exciting. The secret is not to look back.’ – Norman Rockwell

‘By refocusing our space program on Mars for America’s future, we can restore the sense of wonder and adventure in space exploration that we knew in the summer of 1969. We won the moon race; now it’s time for us to live and work on Mars, first on its moons and then on its surface.’ – Buzz Aldrin

‘A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will is sure to be short.’ – Bertrand Russell

‘Anytime I feel lost, I pull out a map and stare. I stare until I have reminded myself that life is a giant adventure, so much to do, to see.’ – Angelina Jolie

‘It is like a voyage of discovery into unknown lands, seeking not for new territory but for new knowledge. It should appeal to those with a good sense of adventure.’ – Frederick Sanger

‘Death is just life’s next big adventure.’ – J. K. Rowling

‘For an occurrence to become an adventure, it is necessary and sufficient for one to recount it.’ – Jean-Paul Sartre

‘Instead of trying to make your life perfect, give yourself the freedom to make it an adventure, and go ever upward.’ – Drew Houston

‘It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.’ – Andre Gide

‘Colonialism bred an innate arrogance, but when you undertake that sort of imperial adventure, that arrogance gives way to a feeling of accommodativeness. You take pride in your openness.’ – Wole Soyinka

‘It’s never too late in life to have a genuine adventure.’ – Robert Kurson

‘It is in the compelling zest of high adventure and of victory, and in creative action, that man finds his supreme joys.’ – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

‘I have often been downcast but never in despair; I regard our hiding as a dangerous adventure, romantic and interesting at the same time. In my diary, I treat all the privations as amusing.’ – Anne Frank

‘We love because it’s the only true adventure.’ – Nikki Giovanni

‘Adventure without risk is Disneyland.’ – Douglas Coupland

‘Domesticated males aren’t much use for adventure.’ – Jim Elliot

‘Every day is an adventure.’ – Joseph B. Wirthlin

‘Every day is an adventure, and no two days are ever alike.’ – Scott Borchetta

‘Human progress has always been driven by a sense of adventure and unconventional thinking.’ – Andre Geim

‘There’s a call to adventure. It’s something in the inner psyche of humanity, particularly males.’ – Gary Gygax

‘Study what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. It’ll be one great adventure.’ – David Gerrold

‘Let us cherish the hope that the day is not far distant when we will be in the midst of this next adventure.’ – Ernest Lawrence

‘When I did ‘Bird,’ it was a surprise to some people, first because I wasn’t in it and second because most of the films I’d been doing were cop movies or westerns or adventure films, so to be doing one about Charlie Parker, who was a great influence on American music, was a great thrill for me.’ – Clint Eastwood

‘I crave for adventure. It makes me feel alive and excited. It’s a constant tussle between what you want to do and other parameters that aren’t in your hands.’ – Sushant Singh Rajput

‘When you’re safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure you wish you were safe at home.’ – Thornton Wilder

‘Let’s face it. Adventure and exploration are in my blood.’ – Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

‘To me, adventure has always been to me the connections and bounds you create with people when you’re there. And you can have that anywhere.’ – Bear Grylls

‘Life is an adventure in forgiveness.’ – Norman Cousins

‘When launching a product called an Energy Drink and named Red Bull, a product that stimulates body and mind, it is a short step to the roots where Red Bull came from. We have been doing this for 20 years – now it’s called adventure sports, extreme sports, and outdoor sports.’ – Dietrich Mateschitz

‘The pursuit of natural knowledge, the investigation of the world – mental and material – in which we live, is not a dull and spiritless affair: rather is it a voyage of adventure of the human mind, a holiday for reckless and imaginative souls.’ – Archibald Hill

‘I have this fantasy of my older days, painting or sculpting or making things. I have this fantasy of a bike trip to Chile. I have this fantasy of flying into Morocco. But right now, it’s about getting the work done and getting home to family. I have an adventure every morning, getting up.’ – Brad Pitt

‘I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding from the people I have met in this great adventure in the world of AIDS than I ever did in the cutthroat, competitive world in which I spent my life.’ – Anthony Perkins

‘I’m not a parenting expert. In fact, I’m not sure that I even believe in the idea of ‘parenting experts.’ I’m an engaged, imperfect parent and a passionate researcher. I’m an experienced mapmaker and a stumbling traveler. Like many of you, parenting is by far my boldest and most daring adventure.’ – Brene Brown

‘I think it’s my adventure, my trip, my journey, and I guess my attitude is, let the chips fall where they may.’ – Leonard Nimoy

‘I have found adventure in flying, in world travel, in business, and even close at hand… Adventure is a state of mind – and spirit.’ – Jacqueline Cochran

‘Adventure has to do with private, personal experiences. But, the possibilities, there are millions of unclimbed mountains – I have seen in the Eastern part of Tibet, mountains 6,000-6,500 meters high, vertical walls twice as tall as the Eiger… but nobody is going there, because they aren’t 8,000-meter peaks.’ – Reinhold Messner

‘I was Boots The Monkey in ‘Dora The Explorer Live Dora’s Pirate Adventure,’ and it was the greatest! – Frankie Grande’ – Frankie Grande

‘I had a project for my life which involved 10 years of wandering, then some years of medical studies and, if any time was left, the great adventure of physics.’ – Che Guevara

‘Every man can transform the world from one of monotony and drabness to one of excitement and adventure.’ – Irving Wallace

‘There are two kinds of adventurers: those who go truly hoping to find adventure and those who go secretly hoping they won t.’ – William Least Heat-Moon

‘Music should always be an adventure.’ – Coleman Hawkins

‘It’s like Forrest Gump said, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates.’ Your career is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. But everything you get is going to teach you something along the way and make you the person you are today. That’s the exciting part – it’s an adventure in itself.’ – Nick Carter

‘Space offers extraordinary potential for commerce and adventure, for new innovations and new tests of will. As Americans, we can’t help but reach for the stars. It’s our nature. It’s our destiny.’ – Bill Frist

‘The word ‘romance,’ according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.’ – Billy Graham

‘Hong Kong is a wonderful, mixed-up town where you’ve got great food and adventure. First and foremost, it’s a great place to experience China in a relatively accessible way.’ – Anthony Bourdain

‘All adventure is now reactionary.’ – William F. Buckley, Jr.

‘The vitality of thought is in adventure. Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them. When the idea is new, its custodians have fervor, live for it, and if need be, die for it.’ – Alfred North Whitehead

‘No one has really heard my side of the story, the adventure we had together, the transformation that I had going from a schoolgirl to a woman overnight.’ – Priscilla Presley

‘For many, the icon of the British Museum is the Rosetta Stone, that administrative by-product of the Greek imperial adventure in Africa.’ – Neil MacGregor

‘I will say that as I get older and calmer and quieter in my own self, the one quality in a woman that I find more and more attractive is kindness. A sense of adventure and humor is important too, but I truly find kindness and consideration for others to be the most attractive thing in anyone.’ – Colin Farrell

‘When I went to Warner Bros., there was a woman named Bonnie Lee who was an executive who helped me to get to ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.” – Tim Burton

‘Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.’ – W. Somerset Maugham

‘Most men who have really lived have had, in some share, their great adventure. This railway is mine.’ – James J. Hill

‘Every man ought to be inquisitive through every hour of his great adventure down to the day when he shall no longer cast a shadow in the sun. For if he dies without a question in his heart, what excuse is there for his continuance?’ – Frank Moore Colby

‘Humor strips dominated what were called the funny papers early in the century, but by the 1920s and ’30s, adventure strips had taken over. With ‘Beetle Bailey,’ I revived the funny part of the funny papers, and I’d be proud to be remembered for that.’ – Mort Walker

‘I find it quite hard to sum up my relationship in a sound bite. I feel that it trivializes it for other people’s pleasure. It’s an adventure.’ – Emily Blunt

‘I’m still a kid inside, and adventure is adventure wherever you find it.’ – Jim Dale

‘An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.’ – Gilbert K. Chesterton

‘My first job out of school was the ‘Adventure Time’ pilot. I was lucky enough to have my first lead on a job at a company called Frederator. They were accepting pitches for a shorts program.’ – Pendleton Ward

‘If you crave a bit of adventure and the unknown, Singapore is not for you.’ – Fiona Bruce

‘I believe the adventure game genre will never die any more than any type of storytelling would ever die.’ – Roberta Williams

‘Our nuclear weapons are meant purely as a deterrent against nuclear adventure by an adversary.’ – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

‘If you watch 100 episodes of ‘SpongeBob’ and then the 101st is ‘Adventure Time,’ you’d be like, what is this? The same is true about your audience.’ – MrBeast

‘The film of tomorrow will not be directed by civil servants of the camera, but by artists for whom shooting a film constitutes a wonderful and thrilling adventure.’ – Francois Truffaut

‘Seven years ago, when I started free soloing long, hard routes in Yosemite – climbing without a rope, gear or a partner – I did it because it seemed like the purest, most elegant way to scale big walls. Climbing, especially soloing, felt like a grand adventure, but I never dreamed it could be a profession.’ – Alex Honnold

‘Life is full of surprises: new opportunities come up; that’s part of the fun – the adventure of life. The thing is, chaos doesn’t allow us to enjoy the adventure.’ – Patrick Lencioni

‘I was very happy in Bombay. I was good at school. There was no reason to change anything. I suppose it must have been some spirit of adventure, of wanting to see the world.’ – Salman Rushdie

‘Life is either a great adventure or nothing.’ – Helen Keller

‘Adventure should be 80 percent ‘I think this is manageable,’ but it’s good to have that last 20 percent where you’re right outside your comfort zone. Still safe, but outside your comfort zone.’ – Bear Grylls

‘Learning is the gateway to adventure.’ – Princess Beatrice of York

‘To die will be an awfully big adventure.’ – James M. Barrie

‘The poet is a madman lost in adventure.’ – Paul Verlaine

‘I was never a good student. I had to be dragged into kindergarten. It was hard to sit and listen to somebody talk. I wanted to be out, educated by experience and adventure, and I didn’t know how to express that.’ – Robert Redford

‘What joy and adventure the youngsters of today are missing as they sit indoors mucking about with computer games and videos!’ – Brian Clough

‘Sometimes for a lot of new artists, they don’t have a vision, really, or know what they want to say; it’s kind of drawn out for them. But me, because I’m such a transcendental thinker, it’s always like a journey and an adventure with each project. It’s like going through a different doorway each time.’ – B.o.B

‘The art of climbing is to go where you go knowing that you could die, but you don’t die. That is adventure.’ – Reinhold Messner

‘The traveler was active; he went strenuously in search of people, of adventure, of experience. The tourist is passive; he expects interesting things to happen to him. He goes ‘sight-seeing.” – Daniel J. Boorstin

‘The area of teenage life is not necessarily rarefied; we’ve all gone through that period. It’s not as rarefied as a western or a space adventure or a gangster film, but it has its own dynamic.’ – Gus Van Sant

‘Eventually, competition and adventure wane, and I enter my ibuprofen phase. Tweaky hamstrings and achy knees restrict mileage, but I continue running for health, sanity, and the ritual of a Sunday trail run with like-minded buddies. We discuss the nagging injuries that bedevil us, and remember the good old days when we were kings.’ – Don Kardong

‘Men of age object too much, consult too long, adventure too little, repent too soon, and seldom drive business home to the full period, but content themselves with a mediocrity of success.’ – Dale Carnegie

‘But the love of adventure was in father’s blood.’ – Buffalo Bill

‘Adventure upon all the tickets in the lottery, and you lose for certain; and the greater the number of your tickets the nearer your approach to this certainty.’ – Adam Smith

‘Sex in a woman’s world has the same currency a penny has in a man’s. Every penny saved is a penny earned in one world and in the next every sexual adventure is a literary experience.’ – Harry Golden

‘Imagine an eye unruled by man-made laws of perspective, an eye unprejudiced by compositional logic, an eye which does not respond to the name of everything but which must know each object encountered in life through an adventure of perception.’ – Stan Brakhage

‘To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.’ – J. K. Rowling

‘We should not allow it to be believed that all scientific progress can be reduced to mechanisms, machines, gearings, even though such machinery also has its beauty. Neither do I believe that the spirit of adventure runs any risk of disappearing in our world.’ – Marie Curie

‘Each child is an adventure into a better life – an opportunity to change the old pattern and make it new.’ – Hubert H. Humphrey

‘Railway termini are our gates to the glorious and the unknown. Through them we pass out into adventure and sunshine, to them, alas! we return.’ – E. M. Forster

‘It’s great to be able to connect parents with children both emotionally and through humor. I look forward to exploring family entertainment once again and examining the specifics of our day-to-day lives against the backdrop of an extraordinary adventure.’ – Jon Favreau

‘I’m always improving and I want to get better and never hit a plateau. I find it an amazing adventure.’ – Nigel Kennedy

‘I’ve always been in love with the stars and view the cosmos as the ultimate adventure.’ – Emily Calandrelli

‘Adventure games are all about details – if you happen to take this one object and use it with this other object, in a really weird place, at a weird time. If you happen to write a really funny dialogue line for that, even if it didn’t solve the puzzle, people will appreciate that.’ – Tim Schafer

‘I adore this adventure, I adore working with youth. For me it’s a daily challenge, working to help these youths realize their dreams.’ – Patrick Roy

‘Without adventure civilization is in full decay.’ – Alfred North Whitehead

‘My parents taught me honesty, truth, compassion, kindness and how to care for people. Also, they encouraged me to take risks, to boldly go. They taught me that the greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure.’ – Brian Blessed

‘A woman wants to be romanced. She wants to be an essential part of a great adventure; she wants a beauty to unveil. That is what little girls play at, and those are the movies women love and the stories that they love.’ – John Eldredge

‘We have breathtaking state and national parks, flourishing adventure tourism and culinary scenes and the world’s best horses. And of course bourbon.’ – Andy Beshear

‘I am not into action and adventure on holiday; that doesn’t really do it for me. I would much rather go and lie down.’ – Keeley Hawes

‘I don’t know, I like to go on really different types of dates. Going someplace new or some new part of the city, something that’s not your average thing. Something where you just go have an adventure together.’ – Rachel McAdams

‘I would let climbing slide away if I had to maintain my relationship with my family. Because it really is the big adventure.’ – Alex Lowe

‘I was ten years old in 1969, and while we lived in Arizona that year, I spent most of the summer staying with family friends in Portland, Oregon while my parents visited Spain. It was an adventure all around.’ – Patrick Nielsen Hayden

‘My work is all about adventure and teamwork in some of the most inhospitable jungles, mountains and deserts on the planet. If you aren’t able to look after yourself and each other, then people die.’ – Bear Grylls

‘Thank you for sneaking your transistor under the pillow as you grew up loving the Tigers. God has a new adventure for me.’ – Vin Scully

‘To me, watching your spouse, somebody that you love, have an adventure – what is better than that?’ – MacKenzie Scott

‘War is not an adventure. It is a disease. It is like typhus.’ – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

‘For there is a price ticket on everything that puts a whizz into life, and adventure follows the rule. It’s distressing, but there you are.’ – Leslie Charteris

‘Men, in fact, are excited and looking forward to settling down and having families and being true partners with women in relationships that are full of excitement, unpredictability, adventure, and loyalty.’ – Ian K. Smith

‘I’ve titled this book ‘Eighty Is Not Enough’ not just for the obvious play on words, but as a way of expressing the single idea that has governed my entire life, that every moment of life is precious, that every step we take is an adventure, that every day on earth is a gift from God.’ – Dick Van Patten

‘I’ve always liked telling stories. That probably came from my dad, who definitely had the gift of gab and who wove a kind of personal folklore about his youth – stories full of adventure and ghosts and wild antics.’ – Cullen Bunn

‘I started when I was 15 years old. And at that time, I was not thinking about changing the world, I was doing graffiti – writing my name everywhere, using the city as a canvas. I was going in the tunnels of Paris, on the rooftops with my friends. Each trip was an excursion, was an adventure.’ – JR

‘I went to Alaska as a young man just looking for adventure. And like so many of us in the ’70s, we found it.’ – Tom Bodett

‘An adventure game is nothing more than a good story set with engaging puzzles that fit seamlessly in with the story and the characters, and looks and sounds beautiful.’ – Roberta Williams

‘We were doing it under the most extraordinary circumstances, but the first out of the tent in the morning would be David Lean. He said to me on the very first day of shooting, Pete, this is the beginning of a great adventure.’ – Peter O’Toole

‘Liberalism, on the other hand, regards life as an adventure in which we must take risks in new situations, in which there is no guarantee that the new will always be the good or the true, in which progress is a precarious achievement rather than inevitability.’ – Morris Raphael Cohen

‘My life has never been a part of a big plan. It’s more of an unfolding adventure.’ – Asa Hutchinson

‘I am proud to have been born in Iowa. Through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy, it was a place of adventure and daily discoveries – the wonder of the growing crops, the excitements of the harvest, the journeys to the woods for nuts and hunting, the joys of snowy winters, the comfort of the family fireside, of good food and tender care.’ – Herbert Hoover

”Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is the best movie for a guy like me. A cerebral adventure. A moving story. A bunch of little green men.’ – Tom DeLonge

‘There are 30,000 days in your life. When I was 24, I realized I’m almost 9,000 days down. There are no warm-ups, no practice rounds, no reset buttons. Your biggest risk isn’t failing, it’s getting too comfortable. Every day, we’re writing a few more words of a story. I wanted my story to be an adventure and that’s made all the difference.’ – Drew Houston

‘My primary goal of hacking was the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.’ – Kevin Mitnick

‘As we begin to have landings on the moon, we can alternate those with vertical launch of similar crew modules on similar launch vehicles for vertical-launch tourism in space, if you want to call it that… adventure travel.’ – Buzz Aldrin

‘Expand the definition of ‘reading’ to include non-fiction, humor, graphic novels, magazines, action adventure, and, yes, even websites. It’s the pleasure of reading that counts; the focus will naturally broaden. A boy won’t read shark books forever.’ – Jon Scieszka

‘My father has been an actor since 1964. Things were tight a lot of the times, financially. It wasn’t like a big romantic adventure.’ – Chris Pine

‘Art flourishes where there is a sense of adventure.’ – Alfred North Whitehead

‘As a spiritual person, nature for me has always been a healing place. Going back all the way to my childhood on the farm, the fields and forests were places of adventure and self-discovery. Animals were companions and friends, and the world moved at a slower, more rational pace than the bustling cities where I’d resided my adult life.’ – David Mixner

‘The two genres that probably take the most flack in literature – they are young adult and romance right now. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these are genres that provide places for women to express desire and love for adventure, for the opportunity to be placed to heroic roles.’ – Leigh Bardugo

‘Mountains were once my big adventure but is is over since a long time; I still dream from the wonderful days sometimes, read also a few pages from a mountain book. But the thought of doing again active mountain climbing has faded.’ – Fritz Zwicky

‘For me, the blank page to draw on is a window to adventure.’ – Eduardo Risso

‘Learn to reverence night and to put away the vulgar fear of it, for, with the banishment of night from the experience of man, there vanishes as well a religious emotion, a poetic mood, which gives depth to the adventure of humanity.’ – Henry Beston

‘I am very excited, as ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’ is my first show on television, and I am thrilled about this new adventure in my career. It is an honour to be associated with such a fantastic team.’ – Erica Fernandes

‘The experience of creating my adventure games was, other than marrying my husband and bringing into the world my two sons, the most fulfilling, wonderful experience I ever had.’ – Roberta Williams

‘I began doing writing projects and art and design projects to explore a new way of seeing Canada. Roots is one more way of continuing this exploration. I want to present a wide-open Canadian sense of color, adventure, communication and openness that defines our country.’ – Douglas Coupland

‘I love making ‘iCarly’ – it’s so much fun, and I love getting the script every week and not really knowing what insane thing I’m going to be doing. It’s just like an adventure every episode; that’s really fun.’ – Miranda Cosgrove

‘If you hate what you’re seeing, you call it sex and violence. If you like it, you call it ‘romance and adventure.” – Joe Bob Briggs

‘I didn’t like the person I was growing up to become. I needed to find myself and my identity. And for me, getting out of my comfort zone, getting away from the people I grew up with, and finding adventure, that was my odyssey, and it was the best decision I ever made.’ – Jonny Kim

‘I still have a Gypsy sense of adventure. I don’t think I have slept in the same bed for more than three or four months my whole life. I am always planting vegetables that I never get to eat and flowers that I never see flower. I have always moved around the world.’ – Helen Mirren

‘My mum always said, ‘A land without gypsies is a land without freedom.’ And I believe that. I’ve always been a bit restless, and in search of adventure.’ – David Essex

‘Perhaps the spirit of adventure, be it mental or material adventure, is a factor so essential in human progress that no emphasis of it is undue.’ – Archibald Hill

‘An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.’ – Gilbert K. Chesterton

‘Adventure books are my personal favorites. ‘The Endurance,’ a story about Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Antarctica expedition, or ‘Into Thin Air,’ Jon Krakauer’s personal account of the 1996 disaster on Mt Everest, are two notables.’ – Dean Karnazes

‘Why, I’d like nothing better than to achieve some bold adventure, worthy of our trip.’ – Aristophanes

‘The spirit of adventure to embrace the new and the incredible belief in the power of invention attracted me to the Russian avant-garde.’ – Zaha Hadid

‘It is very difficult to generalise. Everyone’s adventure is original.’ – Bernard Pivot

‘To me, the great joy of writing is discovering. Most writers are told to write about what they know, but I still love the adventure of going out and reporting on things I don’t know about.’ – Tom Wolfe

‘For me, climbing has always been about adventure and that involves difficulties, danger and exposure, so I deliberately set out to climb with as little equipment as possible.’ – Reinhold Messner

‘Everyone is an entrepreneur. The only skills you need to be an entrepreneur: an ability to fail, an ability to have ideas, to sell those ideas, to execute on those ideas, and to be persistent so even as you fail you learn and move onto the next adventure.’ – James Altucher

‘The best part of my job is being able to travel to places to investigate powerful stories, many of which contains unsolved mysteries and deaths. To me as a documentarian and paranormal investigator, this puts the adventure in my life and meaning to my job.’ – Zak Bagans

‘Each coming together of man and wife, even if they have been mated for many years, should be a fresh adventure; each winning should necessitate a fresh wooing.’ – Marie Stopes

‘Marriage is a risk; I think it’s a great and glorious risk, as long as you embark on the adventure in the same spirit.’ – Cate Blanchett

‘I hang out all the time with kids and young scouts and I never meet kids who don’t want adventure.’ – Bear Grylls

‘I’d set out to Oman in search of luxury with culture and family-friendly adventure thrown in. And I found it.’ – Fiona Bruce

‘I approached the bulk of my schoolwork as a chore rather than an intellectual adventure.’ – Steven Chu

‘I remember, May 1944: I was 15-and-a-half, and I was thrown into a haunted universe where the story of the human adventure seemed to swing irrevocably between horror and malediction.’ – Elie Wiesel

‘Be careful going in search of adventure – it’s ridiculously easy to find.’ – William Least Heat-Moon

‘Travel, which was once either a necessity or an adventure, has become very largely a commodity, and from all sides we are persuaded into thinking that it is a social requirement, too.’ – Jan Morris

‘An adventure may be worn as a muddy spot or it may be worn as a proud insignia. It is the woman wearing it who makes it the one thing or the other.’ – Norma Shearer

‘We owe something to extravagance, for thrift and adventure seldom go hand in hand.’ – Lady Randolph Churchill

‘I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream.’ – Heywood Broun

‘We live at the edge of the world, so we live on the edge. Kiwis will always sacrifice money and security for adventure and challenge.’ – Lucy Lawless

‘Whatever course you have chosen for yourself, it will not be a chore but an adventure if you bring to it a sense of the glory of striving.’ – David Sarnoff

‘It is a peculiar part of the good photographer’s adventure to know where luck is most likely to lie in the stream, to hook it, and to bring it in without unfair play and without too much subduing it.’ – James Agee

‘The great social adventure of America is no longer the conquest of the wilderness but the absorption of fifty different peoples.’ – Walter Lippmann

‘I wish more people felt that photography was an adventure the same as life itself and felt that their individual feelings were worth expressing. To me, that makes photography more exciting.’ – Harry Callahan

‘I want to make as many people as possible feel like they are part of this adventure. We are going to give everybody a sense of what exploring the surface of another world is really like.’ – Steven Squyres

‘The director is a bit analogous to the conductor of a symphony orchestra. It’s a collaborative adventure.’ – Nicholas Meyer

‘The great living experience for every man is his adventure into the woman. The man embraces in the woman all that is not himself, and from that one resultant, from that embrace, comes every new action.’ – D. H. Lawrence

‘To tell her that I joined the parachute club was too hard for me. I didn’t want to trouble her; besides, I was not completely sure about the success of my new adventure.’ – Valentina Tereshkova

‘I’d like to read a book sometime. I’ve never read a book before. That’d be an adventure. I understand they have pages and everything. Yeah, I’ve got to do that sometime.’ – Frank Oz

‘What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money.’ – George Leigh Mallory

‘Until they come up with an independent woman who’s on an adventure of her own, I don’t think I’m interested.’ – Michelle Rodriguez

‘It has become impossible to give up the enterprise of disarmament without abandoning the whole great adventure of building up a collective peace system.’ – Arthur Henderson

‘I’m also very pleased that we were able to include a full orchestrated score for Dragon’s Lair 3D. The 40 different music pieces blend with the action to make you feel more a part of the whole adventure.’ – Don Bluth

‘I am living out my adolescent dream of travel and adventure.’ – Tim Cahill

‘For English assignments I was constantly coming up with these strange adventure stories… But I actually wanted to be an artist, or maybe work in the comic book industry.’ – Paul Kane

‘There were a lot of adventure books for boys, historical novels by Kenneth Roberts, and whatever mystery novels the alarmed librarian imagined might not corrupt an eager but innocent youth.’ – Peter Straub

‘If we put our trust in the common sense of common men and ‘with malice toward none and charity for all’ go forward on the great adventure of making political, economic and social democracy a practical reality, we shall not fail.’ – Henry A. Wallace

‘And now, without having wearied my friends, I hope, with detailed scientific accounts, theories, or deductions, I will only say that I have endeavoured to tell just the story of the adventure itself.’ – Joshua Slocum

‘It seems people are more willing to let other people control their minds now and recreational drug use doesn’t seem to have that same renegade sense of adventure that it once did.’ – Marc Maron

‘Even if you’re specific about the character of the song, it’s more exciting to place them, juxtapose them in such a way as to make an adventure out of the sequence of the songs.’ – Robert Wyatt

‘Well, it’s an adventure story, and a Bildungsroman, of course, but there was also the intention to describe a culture that had been seen in rather narrow terms.’ – John M. Ford

‘Restless, and in desperate need of adventure, I quit my job at an insurance company to travel west with a couple of guys I smoked pot with, scandalizing my family.’ – Mink Stole

‘The point is, when you have a chance to have a big adventure, especially if, like in your case, it doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s just plain foolish not to take it.’ – Mink Stole

‘My breakthrough as a reader was when I discovered the European adventure story writers – Alexander Dumas, Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Walter Scott, to name a few.’ – Terry Brooks

‘It is not because I do not love my adopted land – it is the natural feeling of one far from home, who remembers those happy, carefree days when life flowed at full tide, without responsibility, flashing past one like the drama in a fascinating story of adventure and romance.’ – Erich von Stroheim

‘The idea in The Man that Would Be King was that the music should recreate all that majestic surrounding and emphasize the adventure, but also speak about the frustration or, rather said, the curse of both protagonists, even before happened what happens them.’ – Maurice Jarre

‘I don’t write about things that I have the answers to or things that are very close to home. It just wouldn’t be any adventure. It wouldn’t have any vitality.’ – Ann Beattie

‘I decided that adventure was the best way to learn about writing.’ – Lloyd Alexander

‘As much as most of the actors were kind of curious to know what their character meant in relation to the script and to the plot, they really were quite happy to be part of the adventure of not knowing.’ – Radha Mitchell

‘Sure, give me an adventure and I’ll ride it.’ – Melissa Auf der Maur

‘My life and career is my own adventure.’ – Dario Argento

‘Who knows, I have always lived one day at a time. Probably more adventure and excitement.’ – Rob Mariano

‘I like all the adventure sports but I like to do them in a safe way.’ – Catherine Bell

‘KISS Psycho Circus is my current favorite. I’m not ashamed to say that I prefer the mindless fun of blasting hordes of creatures to exploration or adventure games.’ – Mike Wilson

‘My earliest professional musical experiences were really as a session player, and every day was an adventure. Three sessions a day, every day, and you never knew who you would be working with until you arrived at the studio.’ – Rick Wakeman

‘Adventure Bay is a convenient and safe place for any number of ships to take in wood and water during the summer months: but in the winter, when the southerly winds are strong, the surf, on all parts of the shore, makes the landing exceedingly troublesome.’ – William Bligh

‘All the 20th we were endeavouring to get into Adventure Bay but were prevented by variable winds.’ – William Bligh

‘On the unofficial level it was a glorious moment in our national life because young people decided that this had to stop, that they could no longer stand the shedding of blood in this tragic adventure in Southeast Asia.’ – William Kunstler

‘We have built our State on the freedom of personal adventure.’ – John Grierson

‘Travel can also be the spirit of adventure somewhat tamed, for those who desire to do something they are a bit afraid of.’ – Ella Maillart

‘Roosevelt’s humor was broad, his manner friendly. Of wit there was little; of philosophy, none. What did he possess? Intuition, inspiration, love of adventure.’ – Emanuel Celler

‘Although by 1851 tales of adventure had begun to seem antiquated, they had rendered a large service to the course of literature: they had removed the stigma, for the most part, from the word novel.’ – Carl Clinton Van Doren

‘Sometimes you like the personal adventure implicit in the making of a film, and sometimes you like your part in a film, and sometimes you like the final result.’ – Jacqueline Bisset

‘Acting, to me, is about the incredible adventure of examining the landscape of human heart and soul. That’s basically what we do.’ – Glenn Close

‘And you know, when you take on something like this, you read a book like this, you know that it’s going to be an adventure. That’s part of what draws you to it.’ – Lawrence Kasdan

‘I get mad when people call me an action movie star. Indiana Jones is an adventure film, a comic book, a fantasy.’ – Harrison Ford

‘In racing, we have a better chance of it happening quicker because we have attracted good people to come to work for us. It’s the beginning of a great adventure, and we’re looking forward to it.’ – Roger Staubach

‘I like adventure.’ – Marc Garneau

‘We in middle age require adventure.’ – Carolyn Gold Heilbrun

‘New discoveries in science will continue to create a thousand new frontiers for those who still would adventure.’ – Herbert Hoover

‘I had always been intrigued by the emotional aspect of adventure gaming-the fact that people get so personally involved.’ – Roberta Williams

‘My definition of an adventure game is an interactive story set with puzzles and obstacles to solve and worlds to explore.’ – Roberta Williams

‘I always say that my favorite game was Original Adventure, published by both Microsoft and Apple Computer back in 1980.’ – Roberta Williams

‘I’ve recently started composting in my apartment, which is quite an adventure.’ – Shalom Harlow

‘Liberalism regards life as an adventure in which we must take risks in new situation, in which there is no guarantee that the new will always be the good or the true, in which progress is a precarious achievement rather than inevitability.’ – Morris Raphael Cohen

‘Public life is regarded as the crown of a career, and to young men it is the worthiest ambition. Politics is still the greatest and the most honorable adventure.’ – Pat Riley

‘I call for a collective adventure in generalized joy and freely interdependent exuberance.’ – Bob Black

‘It’s been a great adventure, everything I hoped for. But it’s time to go home. I miss my family. I miss the Earth.’ – John Phillips

‘Democracy is an extraordinary adventure. It’s difficult, full of daring and risk and danger. But it’s the greatest gift we have.’ – Jon Voight

‘It was an amazing adventure, it was my dream to be in an American musical… I really hope you are going to love what you are going to see.’ – Marion Cotillard

‘The process of making a movie is what I love. I thrive on that. It’s an exciting miracle, a mad adventure. I love being part of it.’ – Orlando Bloom

‘We all want something else other than what we have and don’t realize what you got works. It works. It does work. You gotta work. Marriage is work. Marriage is a career. It’s not an adventure.’ – Sinbad

‘It wasn’t on my agenda, but the thing about getting important awards is it makes the adventure of your career have a little more possibility. I think just what’s happened so far is already making the opportunities more interesting, even though I’m at the twilight of my career of like 48 years.’ – Jacki Weaver

‘I sold my first script when I was 21 – this kids’ adventure movie that never got made. I just bought that one back, actually. I’m pretty psyched about it.’ – Jason Segel

‘It’s been the most astonishing year because I’ve been having a marvelous adventure, and yet I kind of sympathize with people who have to live in exile, because I’ve so missed England.’ – Richard Griffiths

‘I know what wanting and craving adventure feels like, I can really relate to that.’ – Emile Hirsch

‘Madrid is enjoyed most from the ground, exploring your way through its narrow streets that always lead to some intriguing park, market, tapas bar or street performer. Each night we’d leave our hotel to begin a new adventure in Madrid and nine out of 10 times, we’d walk through the Plaza Mayor.’ – Emilio Estevez

‘There’s no adventure in knowing the outcome of who you’re supposed to be with.’ – Emma Caulfield

‘I moved from New Zealand to Melbourne when I was 17. I’d planned to go to university to study French, but I was offered a contract to write and record an album that was too good to pass up. Looking back now I think that was pretty young but, at the time, I was ready to have an adventure.’ – Kimbra

‘As an audience member, those studio films are fun. I like an adventure tale, and I also like to go see something that has more of a social pulse. I like to keep learning and trying new things. And if the scripts are good, it doesn’t really matter.’ – Michael Fassbender

‘I’ve always liked adventure television. Pre-‘Survivor,’ I did a series on cable called ‘Eco-Challenge,’ an adventure race with experts mainly, and here we have ‘Expedition Impossible.’ I like the outdoors and I like doing something fresh for television you haven’t seen before.’ – Mark Burnett

‘So many people wanted an adventure. It was really more about finding the cast that I wanted for ‘Expedition Impossible,’ so it had good diversity, and people could really say, ‘Oh, there’s the firefighters, there’s the team of cops, there’s the grandpa’ – so that you can really relate with them.’ – Mark Burnett

‘I love adventure, so I’m excited to be working on something new and making the transition from reality show contestant to host.’ – Rob Mariano

‘I would say my sense of adventure outweighs my grace.’ – Kathy Ireland

‘If I’m riding my bike I just replay the same scenarios over and over in my head, like I haven’t had a new mental adventure since high school. So that’s what I like about books on tape, so my mind can’t wander anywhere.’ – David Sedaris

‘Working with Danny Thomas was truly an adventure every week. Danny didn’t always say the words as they appeared in the script. I learned more by osmosis than by sitting down together. He was a force to be reckoned with: an explorer of television.’ – Angela Cartwright

‘As I began making my feature films, it was a great adventure. It was about constructing something I saw in my head or I had designed on storyboards and capturing that on film.’ – Sam Raimi

‘To me, the kitchen is a place of adventure and entirely fun, not drudgery. I can’t think of anything better to do with family and friends than to be together to create something.’ – Ted Allen

‘For me, the kitchen is the most special room in the house. It’s a place for adventure – not drudgery, but discovery, sharing and showing off with friends, trying new ideas.’ – Ted Allen

‘I wanted to be a pilot. I loved flying and I loved all the technology and the equipment and the sense of adventure that came with it. I think that feeling still bleeds over into everything I do today.’ – Graham Brown

‘Muhammad is more human, more self-doubting, even self-tortured at times. His story is full of adventure, intrigue, betrayal.’ – Deepak Chopra

‘I had a huge advantage when I started 50 years ago – my job was secure. I didn’t have to promote myself. These days there’s far more pressure to make a mark, so the temptation is to make adventure television or personality shows. I hope the more didactic approach won’t be lost.’ – David Attenborough

‘I don’t want to just do independent movies and I don’t want to just do adventure films. I enjoy both, and I think both are cogent.’ – Nicolas Cage

‘I’m on this extraordinary adventure, and if I have no one to talk to at the end of the night, I feel lonely.’ – Katy Perry

‘But I did ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ They made a cereal out of it, so once you’ve had a cereal, it doesn’t get much more surreal than that. Surreal cereal.’ – Keanu Reeves

‘It’s as great a part of the human adventure to invent things as to understand them. John Randall wasn’t a great scientist, but he was a great inventor. There’s been lots more like him, and it’s a shame they don’t get Nobel Prizes.’ – Freeman Dyson

‘I think mostly it’s the adventure that I will have in making the movie. That’s what I look for.’ – Christian Bale

‘I like the idea of making a big, fun, adventure type of movie.’ – Dwayne Johnson

‘Very few recognize science as the high adventure it really is, the wildest of all explorations ever taken by human beings, the chance to glimpse things never seen before, the shrewdest maneuver for discovering how the world works.’ – Lewis Thomas

‘I look on life as a joyous adventure.’ – Ernie Harwell

‘To go into therapy is an adventure, not really to iron anything out.’ – Jeff Bridges

‘My career has been my craziest adventure.’ – Ray Romano

‘With ‘The Mummy’ it was a fantasy action adventure. You get taken away for a few hours and come out and feel revamped and ready to go into the world and enjoy your next day at work.’ – Luke Ford

‘Every time you make a movie it’s an adventure.’ – Shia LaBeouf

‘I left home when I was 16 because I was looking for adventure.’ – Gene Hackman

‘Today I still feel like the most illiterate person ever to have roamed the campuses of Wellesley and Harvard, where I later transferred. I remain intimidated by all the books I haven’t read, but over the years I’ve come to realize that being a student is a lifelong adventure.’ – Elisabeth Shue

‘America’s Facebook generation shows a submission to standardization that I haven’t seen before. The American adventure has always been about people forgetting their former selves – Samuel Clemens became Mark Twain, Jack Kerouac went on the road. If they had a Facebook page, they wouldn’t have been able to forget their former selves.’ – Jaron Lanier

‘Playing different characters in different films helps keep you excited about what you do. It always seems like a whole new adventure.’ – Abbie Cornish

”Aladdin’ was probably my favorite Disney animation when I was a kid. The animation was great and Robin Williams was unbelievable as the Genie. ‘Aladdin’ was an amazing adventure and the lead character was a hero for guys, which I loved. It wasn’t a princess or a girl beating the odds; it was a street rat. That seemed really cool to me.’ – Zachary Levi

‘I crave attention and adventure.’ – Eddie Cibrian

‘If what you know and what you love are the same thing, that’s great. But if not, write what you love. I love history, secrets, conspiracies, action, adventure, international settings.’ – Steve Berry

‘It’s always a surprise! This business is always an adventure.’ – Tony Hale

‘He’s this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What we’ve made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. It’s been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes.’ – Zack Snyder

‘I’m sure, to many people, my life is not that exciting, but to me every day is an adventure.’ – Angela Kinsey

‘One person may need (or want) more leisure, another more work; one more adventure, another more security, and so on. It is this diversity that makes a country, indeed a state, a city, a church, or a family, healthy. ‘One-size-fits-all,’ and that size determined by the State has a name, and that name is ‘slavery.” – David Mamet

‘I’m a very professional man. I’m not out for the experience of adventure.’ – Werner Herzog

‘I saw a picture of Elvis in blue lame, and thought that if I could recreate that suit and walk down the King’s Road in it, someone might pick me up and take me off on a crazy adventure.’ – Malcolm Mclaren

‘I’m the biggest geek of all. Adventure, fantasy, comic books – I can’t get enough.’ – Nathan Fillion

‘I want my job to include a little adventure, a little more of a heightened reality than what I’m actually living. And ‘Castle’ has that. He gets this opportunity to tail these homicide detectives, and he’s driven by that. He’s a little immature, but he’s obviously loving life.’ – Nathan Fillion

‘When I moved out of London 13 years ago, I found a whole other reason not to drive. This was because my new husband Dan, unlike my dad, did drive, and this became a great source of fun and adventure.’ – Julie Burchill

‘While I was serving, I worked as an adventure training officer, teaching soldiers how to ski, canoe and climb.’ – Ranulph Fiennes

‘I lived in a tiny Midwest town, so I was always looking for adventure.’ – Kellan Lutz

‘Many people have compared me to the Victorian adventure writer, Rider Haggard. I accept that as a compliment. As a boy growing up in Central Africa I read all Haggard’s African novels.’ – Wilbur Smith

‘I read all of Rider Haggard’s books. For me he had the romance of Africa with a little bit of mysticism. I’m delighted to be looked on as his heir and be categorised as an adventure novelist because that’s exactly what I am.’ – Wilbur Smith

”I Am Number Four’ is an action-packed adventure entwined with a romantic story. I play the role of John Smith. John wants to be a normal kid, but he is from a different planet and he has been given this destiny of becoming a warrior.’ – Alex Pettyfer

‘I suppose women are attracted to the bad-boy image sometimes because it’s fun to have an adventure. It’s like eating junk food… it’s fun at the time, but ultimately not the best choice.’ – Dita Von Teese

‘Growing up, nobody I knew even knew a writer. So it was a big adventure and something that I’ve wrestled with my whole life. I think it’s a journey worth taking, really finding out who you are and what you do well.’ – Candace Bushnell

‘In true-life dramas, you have to do so much research. It’s a big responsibility to make sure things are as correct as possible. In ‘Robin Hood’, you have more artistic license – it’s all action, adventure and reaction. This gives everyone a chance to make their characters their own and to make them believable.’ – Joanne Froggatt

‘It is part of my responsibility as a bridge builder to speak the truth about what’s great about America, what we’ve done right, and what our less glorious moments. And many people feel that the Iraq adventure, for example, has been one of our less glorious moments.’ – Feisal Abdul Rauf

‘I’ve done a show at the Largo Theater called The ‘Thrilling Adventure Hour.’ We read, like, radio teleplays. It’s a send-up of radio dramas from the ’30s and ’40s. We just did a Kickstarter for that so that we can do a web series and a concert film.’ – Paget Brewster

‘My life is an ongoing, ever changing adventure.’ – D. J. MacHale

‘I like a man who has a great curiosity and sense of adventure because that’s the way I am. He has to have a willingness to be vulnerable and a willingness to see where the road takes us. And I want a man who is romantic.’ – Mary Frann

‘Being on the road is like a campout. I’m the only girl. The guys in my band are like my big brothers. It’s definitely an adventure, but it can be a nomadic lifestyle.’ – Kate Voegele

‘The dirty little secret about adventure writing is that something has to go wrong.’ – Tim Cahill

‘I have no problem with the adventure travel movement. It makes better, more sensitive people. If you get people diving on a coral reef, they’re going to become more respectful of the outdoors and more concerned with the threats that places like that face and they’re going to care more about protecting them than they would have before.’ – Tim Cahill

‘As one of the first editors at ‘Outside’ magazine in 1975, it was my contention that most American writing going back to James Fennimore Cooper and then through Twain up to Hemingway had been outdoor writing. At that time, adventure writing meant stuff like ‘Saga’ or ‘Argosy.’ ‘Death Race with the Jungle Leper Army!’ That kind of thing.’ – Tim Cahill

‘Adventure travel existed before I started, I just didn’t know it.’ – Tim Cahill

‘The last part of life is a spiritual concern. You need to find a context to put your life into, that will allow you to go through it with as much grace and balance as possible, even if there is rebellion and adventure and exploration and resistance.’ – James Cromwell

‘It may seem unfashionable to say so, but historians should seize the imagination as well as the intellect. History is, in a sense, a story, a narrative of adventure and of vision, of character and of incident. It is also a portrait of the great general drama of the human spirit.’ – Peter Ackroyd

‘These days young kids don’t have any place to form an epic adventure. It’s more often in front of the TV screen or a laptop. That’s very hard on them. They’re being taught daily unsocial skills. Facebook is an unsocial skill. It’s so sad.’ – John Lydon

‘I wrote for magazines. I wrote adventure stuff, I wrote for the ‘National Enquirer,’ I wrote advertising copy for cemeteries.’ – Walter Dean Myers

‘Being vegan is a glorious adventure. It touches every aspect of my life – my relationships, how I relate to the world.’ – Victoria Moran

‘When I was a kid, ‘Land of the Lost’ was my favorite show, just because it was – in the landscape of Saturday morning cartoons – it was so unique. It was a live-action show and kids were in it, these creatures, these Sleestaks and dinosaurs. Every week was a different adventure. I couldn’t wait. I loved it so much.’ – Will Ferrell

‘I’d love to do a PG-13 animated adventure. It would be great.’ – Gore Verbinski

‘I grew up in a bus, traveled with various circuses and freak shows. I was a trapeze artist, and that was my dream. We just traveled the whole world, me and my mom and my little brothers and sisters. It was an adventure.’ – Neon Hitch

‘I’ve always walked around with the sense that the world is not a safe place. I didn’t get the spontaneous gene or the adventure one, really. After going through the day with its stresses, when I shut that door at night, I don’t have to deal with anything but dinner, ‘E.R.’ and my bathrobe.’ – Caroline Knapp

‘I definitely don’t see myself as much of a singer, because my upbringing is really based around the guitar, learning chord progressions and that sort of thing. So the singing aspect of what I do has been a secondary adventure.’ – M. Ward

‘If you were to look at an old ‘Betty Boop’ cartoon or an ‘Out of the Ink Well’ animation, there are many things about ‘Adventure Time’ that really remind you of that, even though it doesn’t look like any of those cartoons.’ – Fred Seibert

‘Everything about ‘Adventure Time’ is the purest form of kid’s play. A kid does not live in the Land of Ooo. That is one of the wonderful things about the show; it doesn’t pretend to be real. That was the great thing about ‘Pee Wee’s Playhouse’; it existed in a world completely outside any reality a kid recognized.’ – Fred Seibert

‘Life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, you need the downs to appreciate the ups. Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important.’ – Nev Schulman

‘I do a lot of TV stuff, but I also turn a lot down – it’s got to be an adventure.’ – Vanilla Ice

‘I grew up as a fifth-generation Jew in the American South, at the confluence of two great storytelling traditions. After graduating from Yale in the 1980s, I moved to Japan. For young adventure seekers like myself, the white-hot Japanese miracle held a similar appeal as Russia in 1920s or Paris in the 1950s.’ – Bruce Feiler

‘As a young boy, I was very interested – as I still am – in all sorts of adventure and exploration. I thought about being an astronaut, a dinosaur scientist, or marine biologist, but I clearly was drawn to the ocean and to the water.’ – Brian Skerry

‘Sailing is the closest I can get to nature – it’s adrenaline, fear, a constant challenge and learning experience, an adventure into the unknown. And of course there is nothing better than wearing the same T-shirt for days and not brushing my hair for weeks.’ – Daria Werbowy

‘I always like to look for adventure when I go away. I have gone on several horse adventures with my wife – from Guangxi we went up to the High Tibetan region. We also went along the Hurunui River on horseback in the South Island of New Zealand.’ – Antony Gormley

‘I’d like to be a cross between Bruce Parry and Keith Floyd. Someone with a sense of adventure who truly loves food.’ – Arthur Potts Dawson

‘My life and the life of my family has to do with exploration, with adventure. My grandfather was the first man in the stratosphere, and my father was the first to touch the deepest point in the ocean… For me, adventure and exploration is something in the blood.’ – Bertrand Piccard

‘To my mind, an adventure is something a person willingly undertakes.’ – Nathaniel Philbrick

‘A journey into space is the greatest adventure I can imagine.’ – Sarah Brightman

‘I suppose all fictional characters, especially in adventure or heroic fiction, at the end of the day are our dreams about ourselves. And sometimes they can be really revealing.’ – Alan Moore

‘Science is the greatest of all adventure stories, one that’s been unfolding for thousands of years as we have sought to understand ourselves and our surroundings.’ – Brian Greene

‘The Congo was the most difficult shoot of my life but was also maybe the greatest adventure of my life.’ – Anthony Bourdain

‘I’m a person with a lot of affection for adventure – I scuba dive, skydive, fly helicopters.’ – Sebastian Pinera

‘Youth is the spirit of adventure and awakening. It is a time of physical emerging when the body attains the vigor and good health that may ignore the caution of temperance. Youth is a period of timelessness when the horizons of age seem too distant to be noticed.’ – Ezra Taft Benson

‘NASA projects often have romantic names that link into a long history of exploration and adventure: Atlantis and Discovery, for example.’ – Hanna Rosin

‘I think I still have a great sense of adventure and trust, and am surprisingly idealistic given all the horrible things I’ve seen since I was 25. I think how I have changed is that I have a much deeper understanding of the dark forces in the world, of power.’ – Jacqueline Novogratz

‘I’ve actually done a lot of on-screen, live-action stuff prior to ‘Adventure Time.” – Jeremy Shada

‘I was a crazy Pee-wee Herman fan when I was in my early teens. Before he had the kids’ TV show, he had a nightclub show in L.A., and I had gotten a VHS copy of it. It was a kids’ show, but onstage in a bar, so it’s sort of poking fun at the kids’ show. And I was obsessed with that, and then ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure.” – Dallas Roberts

”Pair of Kings’ is so much fun, literally. It is a very physical show with loads of stunts and green screen work, and you never know what great adventure is ahead of you! It’s also a nice change in terms of being of similar ages to Doc Shaw and Mitchel Musso.’ – Kelsey Chow

‘Older men are wiser and that is much cooler to me. I’ve never been one for going out clubbing or getting off my head, so I always gravitated to men who were similar. They just tended to be older. I think you have more of an adventure with an older man. And a happier journey.’ – Emilia Fox

‘I want to be in ‘The Hobbit.’ I love fantasy and mythical adventure films. I believe in fairies and angels. I believe in nature’s spirit, that there are other realms, other planets, life forms.’ – Julia Sawalha

‘We all have our ways of handling fear and managing trying; jumping in or climbing down, a direct approach or a delay, joyful or miserable, a spirit of adventure, or God help me, get this thing over with.’ – Kristin Armstrong

‘I adore water, so it would be a real adventure to visit the Amazon before they chop down all the trees.’ – Michelle Ryan

‘I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but I do watch ‘Adventure Time’, ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, and ‘Looney Tunes’ and old classic cartoons.’ – Ty Simpkins

‘I was always singing to myself, but I never ever performed, and I never told anyone I liked to sing. So it was a definitely a new adventure going in to audition for ‘Glee.” – Jacob Artist

‘Acting has been really good me. You end up in some wild places, and I love adventure.’ – Martin Compston

‘I was motivated to improve the U.S. strategy of going back to the moon in 1985. That’s a long time ago. Going back to the moon would be a great achievement for tourism adventure flights.’ – Buzz Aldrin

‘The reason why bookstores are going out of business in the States is that people just can’t focus on longer narratives now – even narrative film is in crisis in many ways, unless it’s an adventure film.’ – Barbara Kruger

‘I’ve completed half of my space training at Space City in Moscow. I love adventure, and I’ve been training in a centrifuge and MiG Fighter with a view to going into space and being a spokesman for space exploration!’ – Brian Blessed

‘I wanted to be an explorer, but gradually found the world had been explored and that there was nowhere left, really. Once they climbed Everest in 1953, when I was 10 years old, I thought, ‘Well, that’s pretty much it now.’ But the idea of travelling and exploring and adventure was very strong.’ – Michael Palin

‘Every day’s an adventure when I step out of my door. That’s why I usually wear a hat and keep my head low.’ – Steve Buscemi

‘My parents made no money whatsoever, but they really knew how to see, as artists. So a big adventure might be, on a hot, dreadful day with no place to go, to go out and draw our chickens with pastels. My parents gave me a sense of wonder.’ – Ali MacGraw

‘Being sensitive to the problem of women is just another symptom of the quality of movies: I don’t think you can do anything that’s very sensitive. Everything’s sort of broad strokes and big gestures – adventure things that boys, guys want to see.’ – Teri Garr

‘When I won the Oscar, I made a point of actively going against that and doing adventure films like ‘Con Air’ and ‘Gone in 60 Seconds,’ not what would be expected.’ – Nicolas Cage

‘I grew up in a house my parents built together on a mountain in Tennessee. When we moved in, the walls were still going up, we didn’t have hot water, and we turned it into an amazing adventure.’ – Rachel Boston

‘I moved from a mountain with one traffic light to New York City when I was 17, and it was an amazing, eye opening, creative adventure. I would walk through the streets of Manhattan looking up at these huge buildings, amazed that I didn’t know a single person in any of them.’ – Rachel Boston

‘The strongest moments in my life are when I’m filming. It’s an adventure. As an actor I try to seduce someone, try to share something. The rest of my time is spent exploring experiences with women.’ – Jean-Pierre Leaud

‘Writing a novel is a huge adventure; when it’s going well it’s more fun than fun. When it stutters to a halt put it aside. Go for a swim, go for a walk, take a week off. Don’t panic or be afraid; you and your characters are in it together. Trust them to come to your rescue.’ – Deborah Moggach

‘I climbed nine mountains because I love adventure, and I got addicted to that feeling and I never wanted to stop. I wanted to see what I could accomplish. I finally can say that I stood on top of the world.’ – Raha Moharrak

‘I think risk-taking is a great adventure. And life should be full of adventures.’ – Herbie Hancock

‘My father was a really sharp cartoonist and filmmaker. He used to tape-record the family surreptitiously, either while we were driving around or at dinner, and in 1963 he and I made up a story about a brother and a sister, Lisa and Matt, having an adventure out in the woods with animals.’ – Matt Groening

‘My self-publishing adventure led to my work being picked up by a traditional publisher and eventually hitting the bestseller lists. That led to two more bestselling novels.’ – Ashwin Sanghi

‘There are those people that eat to live and those that live to eat. I am of the latter, as many of you already know. To me, eating is an adventure.’ – Rachel Nichols

‘I do not outline. There are writers I know and count as my friends who certainly do it the other way, but for me, part of the adventure is not knowing how it’s going to turn out.’ – Joyce Maynard

‘You have to think of your brand as a kind of myth. A myth is a compelling story that is archetypal, if you know the teachings of Carl Jung. It has to have emotional content and all the themes of a great story: mystery, magic, adventure, intrigue, conflicts, contradiction, paradox.’ – Deepak Chopra

‘I find age such a foreign concept. I have to be reminded. I still have the extraordinary feeling of adventure, striking out into unknown fields.’ – William Shatner

‘Al Plastino helped redefine Superman in the 1950s. His work on ‘Superman’s Girlfriend,’ ‘Lois Lane,’ ‘Adventure Comics’ and pretty much any title in the Superman family will be fondly remembered for years to come. He will be missed.’ – Jim Lee

‘The best of life is to embark on an adventure with a woman interested in having an adventure with you.’ – Oleg Cassini

”Life Aquatic’ was the first movie I did, and it’s been an incredible adventure since then.’ – Waris Ahluwalia

‘I’ve always thought photography was a bit of an adventure, so to come home with the film, develop it, then look at the results has more of a sense of excitement.’ – Anton Corbijn

‘Filming in India was one big adventure. For ‘The Cheetah Girls’, we were in Mumbai for two weeks, then Rajasthan for six weeks. Every day after shooting, I would hop into a rickshaw and start exploring the city. I even learned a bit of Hindi. It’s such an amazing place to visit.’ – Michael Steger

”Iron’ Mike Tyson is the last boxer who was truly embraced by the media. They followed him around. You didn’t know what he was going to do next: bite you, cut you, fight you. When you think about it, that defines him – it was an exciting adventure.’ – George Foreman

‘The ‘Kickin’ It’ set is so much fun, I find myself in a new adventure every week. I work with an amazing cast and crew.’ – Olivia Holt

‘I think, in Japan, animation isn’t relegated to being a genre unto itself. It’s just a medium by which you can tell any number of stories, be it horror or action or adventure or drama or whatever, and we’re trying to do that as well. Every film that you go see from Pixar, we’re hoping is a little bit of a surprise.’ – Pete Docter

‘I myself was born beside a river – the Avon in Sarum. So when I first encountered New York’s great harbor and the Hudson River as a teenager, and came to understand their historic canal and railroad links to the vast spaces of the Midwest, I felt both the thrill of a new adventure and a deep sense of homecoming.’ – Edward Rutherfurd

‘What was I like in 1966? I was 19 years old, very confident, and life was a big adventure.’ – Diana Quick

‘Writing is a marvelous adventure and very labor-intensive: those words run away and try to escape. They are very difficult to capture.’ – Eduardo Galeano

‘After reading Graham Greene and Joseph Conrad when I was a student at Yale, I wanted to live in the world they captured in their books. I had had some experience living in Africa. I was drawn to that kind of adventure.’ – Leslie Cockburn

‘I’m from northern Virginia, but I grew up next to the West Virginia border, so it was hills and farmland. We had that sense of adventure you get from growing up around old farmhouses and lazy, rolling hills, you know?’ – Hilarie Burton

‘I love Disneyland because the teacups are so awesome. But California Adventure is the best.’ – Joey King

‘There was something so immensely redemptive and exciting for me to imagine that my unknown father was not just a man who had abandoned me but a noble man of adventure who had no choice.’ – Said Sayrafiezadeh

‘If you have to write a fictional adventure to convey a philosophy of evil, the best person is the destroyer of evil himself, Lord Shiva.’ – Amish Tripathi

‘There’s an interesting mix to ‘Robin Hood’ because it’s kind of modern but medieval. There is a blend of adventure with a very modern feel.’ – Joanne Froggatt

‘I’ve never looked at film-making as a career. I’ve looked on film-making as an adventure. When you come down the mountain, you get ready to climb again.’ – Shekhar Kapur

‘I am not possessive at all. In every relationship I have had, the girl has left me. And the fundamental complaint has been that I am self-contained. I am just comfortable with myself and am always on an adventure.’ – Shekhar Kapur

‘Filmmaking is a great adventure. I’m as excited as a kid to be given tickets to fly suddenly to England, South Africa, America, everywhere. I’m still a 13-year-old kid, flying.’ – Shekhar Kapur

‘Jewish history turns out not to be an either/or story – as in, either pure Judaism detached from its surroundings or else assimilation – but rather, for the vast majority, the adventure of living in between.’ – Simon Schama

‘Soccer presented no challenge to me. Playing felt like breathing: I always had a magical connection to the ball. But it didn’t feel like an adventure. Music was more of a challenge and, in the end, felt more interesting.’ – Pete Wentz

‘Ever since I was nine years old and I watched Neil and Buzz walk on the moon, I have felt passionately that this is an interesting human adventure. This is one of the things we’re doing that is really fundamentally important, as we leave our home planet, but also exciting.’ – Chris Hadfield

‘It is not a very difficult task to make what is commonly called an amusing book of travels. Any one who will tell, with a reasonable degree of graphic effect, what he has seen, will not fail to carry the reader with him; for the interest we all feel in personal adventure is, of itself, success.’ – James Fenimore Cooper

‘I really wanted to write an adventure story, a murder-mystery that was set during the gold-rush years in New Zealand.’ – Eleanor Catton

‘If you like the outdoors, Colorado is a big adventure playground for adults: it’s great for skiing, cycling, climbing, and hiking.’ – Tyler Hamilton

‘Shopping in the right kind of stores and looking for healthier foods can be a wonderful adventure to health.’ – Jane Velez-Mitchell

‘There’s two tiers of science fiction: the McDonalds sci-fi like Star Trek, where they have an adventure and solve it before the last commercial, and there are books that once you’ve read, you never look at the world the same way again.’ – David Gerrold

‘I have taken some hits here and there, but I’ve been most damaged carrying my little terrier to bed, and I broke my hip turning off the lamp. I’ve been nicked a few times, but he put me out of business. So life is a very strange adventure.’ – David Douglas Duncan

‘You know that I had heard so many times people say things like, ‘You could never write ‘Harry Potter’ and have it be about Harriett Potter because nobody would read it; people only want to read an adventure story if it’s about a boy,’ and I thought, ‘I don’t think that’s true.” – Cassandra Clare

‘I think ‘Paranorman’ was a great adventure.’ – Kodi Smit-McPhee

‘My most cherished desire is to help our women come out of their routine chores and infuse in them the indefatigable spirit of adventure.’ – Samina Baig

”A Valley Without Wind’ takes the idea of dungeon crawls and throws it on its head by casting you as a magic user in this 2D platforming labyrinth of a world. From NPC’s to rescue, spells to learn, and a whole civilization you practically need to build back from scratch, this adventure takes to a new world where few other games dare to go.’ – Rob Manuel

”Botanicula’ tells the story of a group of twigs, nuts, and leaves trying to escape with the life essence of a tree in tow before nasties from another world destroy them and everything else in their path. Yes, it’s a point-and-click adventure game, but behind every click, there’s a bit of joy to be found. Bugs sing. Bees dance.’ – Rob Manuel

‘When I began work on my first book, ‘The River of Doubt,’ which tells the story of Theodore Roosevelt’s 1914 descent of an unmapped river in the Amazon rainforest, I thought of it as a tale of adventure, exploration and extraordinary courage.’ – Candice Millard

‘I admire ‘Adventure Time’ for being a piece of art in the way that I think art should be. If you want to see it is poetry, you can, and if you don’t, you can watch a fun cartoon.’ – Rebecca Sugar

‘My dad loved Scotland, so we would pile into his caravan and head for the Highlands, to Fort William and Loch Ness. It was such an adventure – my siblings and I were allowed to roam and explore the local beaches. We loved the freedom of those trips.’ – Rick Astley

‘I’ve done drives through Budapest and Oslo and used to drive to Sardinia, too, which is quite a journey. Drives are an adventure because I don’t plan them too carefully. I take detours depending on how I feel and usually stop and stay at places I like the look of.’ – Rick Astley

‘I’m always looking for that sense of fun and adventure and even unlikeability. I don’t want to be the obvious leading lady. I have the most fun playing these girls who are a little damaged and maybe a little insecure and trying to overcompensate for it.’ – Becki Newton

‘It seems to me that whatever path you choose to take, in the end its up to each of us to try, test and live what we find out, to apply it and see what actually works, and that’s the exciting and challenging part of this very real adventure.’ – Linus Roache

‘When you agree to work with a filmmaker, it’s important that you accept their world. It’s an adventure. I like that. I throw myself into the director’s arms, into their universe.’ – Tahar Rahim

‘I remember my favorite books when I was a kid: ‘The Redwall Adventure’ series, ‘Ender’s Game,’ things like that.’ – Marie Lu

‘I didn’t start out angry. I started out a young man wanting adventure.’ – Andrew Vachss

‘I think ‘Lost in Space’ certainly shifted from being an ensemble adventure series about a family facing the unknown alien environment to this trio of comedians – Dr. Smith, the Robot, and Will Robinson being the straight guy. It definitely changed its tone over the three seasons and 84 episodes we did.’ – Bill Mumy

‘I was gifted with a life that was full of adventure. I’ve always believed, if you’re gifted, that it’s incumbent not to think about giving something back.’ – Bob Weir

‘Space tourism is a logical outgrowth of the adventure tourist market.’ – Buzz Aldrin

”Anthony and the Magic Picture Frame’ tells it like it really was in America’s early space program – the adventure, the risks, and the rewards.’ – Buzz Aldrin

‘I went to 11 different schools. It was a fantastic adventure, but I was incredibly sensitive and needed a bit more stability.’ – Lykke Li

‘The whole atmosphere of the book, the tone of ‘The Hobbit,’ is of a kid’s adventure story, told in the first person by Tolkien, who is introducing young people to the notion of Middle-earth. A lot of it is very light-hearted.’ – Ian Mckellen

‘In 2005, I had the great honor of playing Shailene Woodley’s mother in ‘Felicity: An American Girl Adventure.’ I was immediately impressed by her work ethic, both on and off set.’ – Marcia Gay Harden

‘The narrative that Peter Jackson has put into ‘The Battle of the Five Armies,’ it stands alone as a film. Rather than just finishing off the story, it’s like a whole new adventure all of its own. I’m very excited about it.’ – Richard C. Armitage

‘I decided to take my foot off the pedal with all the detail. I’m sure after ‘Animalia’ and ‘The Eleventh Hour,’ readers thought that’s what to expect from Graeme Base. With ‘The Sign of the Seahorse,’ I took a step away from the puzzle-book genre – that was more of an adventure story.’ – Graeme Base

‘Writing is like a rollercoaster ride for me, an adventure. I love exploring the world through ‘playing’ people who are absolutely nothing like me.’ – Karen Traviss

‘I don’t try to write songs that will further my career. I write about things that I care about. I don’t have a career as much as I’m having an adventure with a guitar. I never liked the business way of doing it. You have to follow some sort of instinct.’ – Jerry Jeff Walker

‘Moving is easy, exciting, an adventure – when you’re young. Later, not so much. I love Massachusetts, my old home. Sometimes, late at night, I even study the real estate ads in my old hometown. But it’s not even a fantasy. My parents are both gone. The world I left doesn’t exist anymore. Neither does the person I was.’ – Susan Estrich

‘In Ronald Reagan’s chaotic childhood, the imagination was armor. There is nothing unusual about that; transcending the doubts, hesitations, and fears swirling around you by casting yourself internally as the hero of your own adventure story is a characteristic psychic defense mechanism of the Boy Who Disappears.’ – Rick Perlstein

‘Anything new is a sort of adventure – as a child, I think I was quite bad at tackling new experiences, like unusual foods, and I hated new clothes or having my hair cut.’ – Mini Grey

‘A traveler is really not someone who crosses ground so much as someone who is always hungry for the next challenge and adventure.’ – Pico Iyer

‘Not having a car gives me volumes not to think or worry about, and makes walks around the neighborhood a daily adventure.’ – Pico Iyer

‘Sometimes just being on a beach with my loved ones is all the adventure I need. I am a happy camper and continue to be a citizen of the world. I have yet to discover other cultures, other peoples’ dreams and treasures. I will always be a traveler who is discovering beautiful Gaia.’ – Guy Laliberte

‘What I’d love to do would be to bring a person from the past to me. In that case I’d pick Jane Austen, because I’d like to know what really made her tick. It’s my opinion that she was inhibited by her family and a desire to do the right thing. Away from all that, I believe she’d show new facets and enjoy the adventure.’ – Jo Beverley

‘To all my soap fans out there, my horror fanatics, comedy lovers, I will tell you this: ‘Death Valley’ is an action-packed drama, comedic, horror TV series that has a non-stop adventure in each episode. It’s like a huge pot of Texas gumbo. If you like all four of those genres, then you’ll love this show.’ – Texas Battle

‘The first ‘Polly and the Pirates’ is about a prim and proper girl who gets kidnapped out of her comfy boarding school by a bunch of pirates that think she’s the daughter of their long lost queen. In the course of the adventure, she discovers she has a natural penchant for swashbuckling, despite her sheltered childhood.’ – Ted Naifeh

‘Each one seems to be, in some way, essentially different from the others, and each is a surprise to me. I think that making books, or any kind of art, might also be like mining. The artist digs into his or her life and imagination and never knows what they’ll find. That’s the adventure.’ – Mordicai Gerstein

‘The war broke out, and I wanted to do something to aid my country in a time of crisis. I was too tall for the WACs and WAVES, but eventually joined the OSS and set out into the world looking for adventure.’ – Julia Child

‘Life’s the adventure. You don’t have to drop your bundle and go bush. It’s about being brave within the context that you’re in.’ – Robyn Davidson

‘I joined the Marines the week I turned 17, and that led to a few experiences that might qualify as adventure – eye of the beholder.’ – Daniel Woodrell

‘Life’s supposed to be an adventure, a surprise!’ – Anton du Beke

‘I love the idea of animation just because it removes the actor from the character, and you can be anything. I’ve been devouring ‘Adventure Time’ and ‘Archer.’ I’d love to get my hands dirty on either of those shows.’ – Jack Falahee

‘I remember my first night in L.A. I was sitting outside, looking out at the city and thinking, ‘I don’t know anyone.’ I just approached it as a big adventure. I still think of it that way.’ – Luke Bracey

‘Growing up in a rural setting in Minnesota, I was raised with the outdoors and a sense of adventure.’ – Ann Bancroft

‘I think the reason I’m a writer is because first, I was a reader. I loved to read. I read a lot of adventure stories and mystery books, and I have wonderful memories of my mom reading picture books aloud to me. I learned that words are powerful.’ – Andrew Clements

‘I know what it feels like to be bullied, and I will not tolerate the thought of anyone, for any reason, being bullied. It starts with young people and can end with young people. As we learn to embrace our diversity, we become stronger, more tolerant. The differences are beautiful. The differences matter. It’s what makes life an adventure.’ – Ryan Potter

‘The biggest adventure is to move into an area in which you are not an expert. Sometimes I joke that I am not interested in doing re-search, only search.’ – Andre Geim

‘I like to show ordinary people reacting to extraordinary circumstances. It’s an opportunity for adventure, and I like women to have adventures. There’s been far too little of it with women.’ – Susan Isaacs

‘Whether it’s as the hero of an adventure story, as teacher and friend, as icon on watch, shirt or hat – everyone knows Mickey Mouse.’ – Warren Spector

‘I don’t even make multiplayer games much, so dealing with multiple characters is something new for me – or, rather, something I’ve had to recall from my days as a roleplaying adventure designer where the party was everything!’ – Warren Spector

‘What I discovered in Auschwitz is the human condition, the end point of a great adventure, where the European traveler arrived after his two-thousand-year-old moral and cultural history.’ – Imre Kertesz

‘It’s the adventure, the adrenaline-flowing, risk-taking in outdoor activities that attracts me.’ – Baba Kalyani

‘I think that the tying of the Montenegrin economy with the euro is a much better option than the adventure of printing our own currency.’ – Igor Luksic

‘I have, I must admit, despised the English countryside for much of my life – despised it and avoided it for its want of danger and adventure.’ – Jim Crace

‘I wanted to write an adventure in the old-fashioned way, something to which I could apply the adjective ‘rollicking’ and not feel embarrassed. But I’ve never liked my heroes to be too heroic, so they ended up being a bunch of criminals instead.’ – Chris Wooding

‘I love adventure. When I’m not working or on the road, you can find me in my favorite spots around the Mission neighborhood of S.F., kitesurfing in the Bay or dancing.’ – Leila Janah

‘I started off doing indie comics that I wrote and drew myself. I was doing those for ten years before I started to work for DC. The first book that I wrote for DC was for another artist. I did some backups in ‘Adventure Comics’ years ago starring The Atom. That’s the first time that I ever wrote for another artist.’ – Jeff Lemire

‘I really just wanted to work on adventure games, so Pinkerton Road is our own little indie studio that’s focused on that.’ – Jane Jensen

‘I’d really love to work with virtual reality at some point. You could make a killer adventure game with that.’ – Jane Jensen

‘I like the ‘Blackwell’ adventure games, and I’m fond of some of Telltale’s games, like ‘Hector’ and ‘Puzzle Agent’ – simple stories, but fun. I thought ‘Heavy Rain’ was amazing.’ – Jane Jensen

‘My ‘Rot & Ruin’ series is a post-apocalyptic adventure for teens. My ‘Joe Ledger’ novels are science-based action thrillers for adults. My ‘Dead of Night’ stories are zombie tales for adults; my ‘Pine Deep Trilogy’ is classic horror for adults, and I’ve written nonfiction books on topics ranging from martial arts to folklore.’ – Jonathan Maberry

‘Fifteen- to 30-year-olds are interested in all kinds of intelligent movies – it doesn’t have to be a broad comedy or an action adventure for them to go see it.’ – Patrick Whitesell

‘I’ve lived in New York City for over twenty years now, and every single day is like a new adventure. At this point, there are many places I’d love to visit, but I can’t imagine living anywhere else on the planet.’ – Kevin Kwan

‘I’ll spend the rest of my life chasing that feeling I had on ‘The Grey,’ because I think we’re all aware that, first and foremost, we were having an adventure, and we were also making this movie at the same time.’ – Joe Carnahan

‘If you read a story with an ‘I’ or a ‘he’ or a ‘she,’ you’re in familiar territory – but ‘we’ is mostly unexplored. I think of ‘we’ as an adventure.’ – Steven Millhauser

‘When I started writing ‘Luck in the Shadows,’ I just wanted to create an adventure story.’ – Lynn Flewelling

‘The spirit of pickling is one of adventure and fun.’ – Wylie Dufresne

‘I love the leisurely amplitude, the spaciousness, of taking a walk, of heading somewhere, anywhere, on foot. I love the sheer adventure of it: setting out and taking off.’ – Edward Hirsch

‘EarthEcho Expeditions represents the culmination of more than a decade of working with educators and youth from around the world. EarthEcho Expeditions uses the thrill of adventure to inspire and empower a new generation of environmental champions.’ – Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

‘I can tell you that Rey is an incredibly brave young woman who starts off alone and encounters Finn, and they go on an amazing adventure, and she makes relationships she never could have imagined, and she sees things she never could have imagined.’ – Daisy Ridley

‘Finn is just a stormtrooper, and stormtroopers are no longer clones, so they are bred from birth to fight. He’s not too sure about it, so he escapes and meets Rey and Poe and BB8, and their stories kind of mesh together, and they go on a major adventure.’ – John Boyega

‘I love meeting readers and booksellers and am beyond overwhelmed and gratified at the reception. Each day feels like an adventure.’ – John Corey Whaley

‘I’m still driven by the feeling I had when I wrote my first book or read a Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle adventure.’ – Kate Klise

‘Venissa is a perfect destination for day-trippers from Venice proper who are searching for great food and a little adventure; it’s a 30-minute jaunt by vaporetto from St. Mark’s, quicker by water taxi.’ – Roger Morris

‘My friend Josh Glenn compiles terrific lists of genre novels from the mid-20th century. His latest is a list of the ten best adventure novels of 1966. Josh also includes the cover art of early editions of the books, which are always much better than the art on newer editions. I want to read every book in this list!’ – Mark Frauenfelder

‘In a single lifetime, roughly from 1865 to 1930, one finds the pioneering and patterning works of modern fantasy, science fiction, children’s literature and detective fiction, of modern adventure, mystery and romance.’ – Michael Dirda

‘Young people looking for adventure fiction now generally turn to fantasy, but for those of a certain age, the spy thriller has long been the escape reading of choice.’ – Michael Dirda

‘With the possible exception of steampunk aficionados, many reasonable people must view my fascination with Victorian and Edwardian popular fiction – mysteries, fantasy, and adventure – as eccentric or merely antiquarian.’ – Michael Dirda

‘Most of the fiction on the California Gold Rush makes it sound like one grand, boyish adventure. However, when you read the real history, you realize that it wasn’t that way at all.’ – Laurence Yep

‘Part of the joy of writing for kids is that you have to have a real adventure story. You can get really involved in the fantastic in a way that perhaps you can’t so much in adult fiction.’ – Edward Carey

‘I love Fredorator and what they produce and the storytelling of ‘Adventure Time’… There’s such a dark, adult underlying theme underneath the whimsical, magical children’s aspect of their storytelling element.’ – Michelle Phan

‘I love science fiction, and one of the things I love about it is that it’s so very different. You can read stuff that’s just fast-paced adventure, and the characters are cardboard, but who cares, because they’re heroes, and we love it. And you can read stuff that’s really deep character, and everything in between.’ – Ann Leckie

‘Science fiction in particular is often assumed to be about the future, or about some abstract technological or philosophical idea, or just about ‘adventure,’ but writers can’t build worlds out of nothing. We use bits and pieces of the real world to assemble our fictional ones.’ – Ann Leckie

‘I had really wanted adventure. At the time that I ran away, lots of kids ran away from home. It was something of a social phenomenon.’ – Mary Gaitskill

‘Although the Academy prefers their Best Pictures grounded in realism, not fantasy, Lee’s ‘Life of Pi’ win proved that the voters understand and appreciate the qualities a visionary director needs to create an otherworldly adventure.’ – Richard Corliss

‘As a child, I was lucky to have the support of my parents because starting a tennis career is a very expensive adventure.’ – Stan Wawrinka

‘If you don’t have a sense of adventure in this job, then you’re not going to do very well. You have to be prepared for the unexpected, and that’s one of the reasons why you really, really, really have to trust the people you’re going to work with because you don’t know what’s on the other end.’ – Cush Jumbo

‘John Chatterton is the kind of person who always seems to be up to some kind of incredible adventure.’ – Robert Kurson

‘I think that pirates represent every person’s ability to get up and leave their current daily situation and go on an adventure, and maybe to see things and do things they’ve never done before or even dreamed of doing.’ – Robert Kurson

‘Among my favorite half-dozen topics is the field of Victorian female explorers, the intrepid women who packed up their parasols and petticoats and roamed the world in search of adventure. Some were scientists, some artists, some unabashed curiosity-seekers who simply went out to see what they could see.’ – Deanna Raybourn

‘As was the case in ‘Darth Plagueis’ – even going back as far as ‘Cloak of Deception’ – I was well aware that I was writing what used to be called ‘men’s adventure’ fiction.’ – James Luceno

‘If I had my way, I’d love to see ‘Wolverine’ in a cosmic adventure all by his lonesome.’ – Cullen Bunn

”The Oath’ seems like the perfect project for me, coming off the back of a big-scale adventure film like ‘Everest.’ I want to delve into an intimate, dark and psychological world where the characters are claustrophobic.’ – Baltasar Kormakur

‘For my brother and me, there would be no ‘Field of Dreams’-like playing catch, no nature lessons with our old man. Instead, it would be a darkened theater, the projector light coming on, and a new adventure unfolding.’ – Bob Weinstein

‘I’d love to say that I’m this brave person doing this big adventure and that it’s easy. The truth is, the night before I left, I called my mom, crying and nervous, thinking, ‘What am I getting into? Can I really ride my bike across the country?” – Megan Shull

‘Banana Republic stands for casual sportswear, relaxed outdoor clothing with some elements of adventure and travel. The clothes are more about style, value, and taste than they are about fashion.’ – Robert J. Fisher

‘When I made my first film, it was just an adventure. But after my first movie, I guess I got more of a feeling of what was happening around me.’ – Michelle Yeoh

‘Once I graduated from university, I wanted to climb and be outdoors as much as possible. I worked as a part-time carpenter and kept up a relationship with The North Face. One thing led to another, and I’m lucky to be where I am now. It was a circuitous path with lots of adventure throughout.’ – Conrad Anker

‘Specifically choose not to take a GPS. Just create a challenge. You can climb Everest or walk across Antarctica with minimal gear and still have that sense of adventure. But in terms of exploration, Google Earth has this world mapped down to the square foot.’ – Conrad Anker

‘It’s more of an adventure when you set off into unknown territory, and there’s nothing like that feeling you get when you discover a place on the Earth where no one has ever been.’ – Conrad Anker

‘Climbing, as my grandmother said, it’s a pretty frivolous thing. She always wondered when I was going to get a real job. But climbing is a real job for me now, and I enjoy it. It’s a gift that I’m able to do it, share adventure and motivation with people.’ – Conrad Anker

‘I’ve always been interested in working with top athletes, athletes who are pushing the edge and are really progressive in the outdoor space and adventure world.’ – Jimmy Chin

‘I love adventure stories.’ – Paul Muldoon

‘I’m certainly a real homebody. But the truth is that I understand that desire to, in a way, go join the circus. That’s what got me out of Long Island and into show business. I was like, ‘I’m just going to have an adventure. I want to be a person that isn’t surrounded by their mail and their cat.” – Winnie Holzman

‘Whether it be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or dealing with your children, life is an adventure, and it’s how you perceive it.’ – Rhys Darby

‘My father Tom was a workaholic who never missed a single one of my sporting events for nearly two decades, and imparted in me a sense of risk and adventure. Being the one in the middle, I had more room to drift, and after college, I left the U.S. for Chile.’ – Jonathan Franklin

‘While marriage is historically associated with dire obligation and clipped wings, I’ve found that it actually liberates you to take on adventure and achieve your dreams. I like to call my husband ‘my person.’ Find your ‘person,’ and you can do anything!’ – Lake Bell

‘I now talk to different cultures, and I hope that I can bridge those gaps and differences between us. It’s an adventure, a dream… I feel like I’m on an anthropological mission.’ – Shakira

‘When the new becomes commonplace, people become accustomed to it. That’s a tribute to our sense of adventure.’ – John Glenn

‘I am single. Acting can make it hard to have profound relationships if you’re not careful. You get into this pattern of three-month, four-month jobs and ‘what’s the next adventure.” – Tom Hollander

‘There’s a million jokes about what’s going on with Batman and Robin. It’s a classic thing to call out the homoerotic nature of the men’s adventure show.’ – Christopher McCulloch

‘If most women are looking for security, I think men look for adventure.’ – Vincent Cassel

‘I work everywhere. If there is a nice adventure in South Korea, for example, why not? Russia, Brazil, whatever. I’m ready for almost anything.’ – Vincent Cassel

‘I felt proud that the baby’s first real adventure should be as a protest against the insanity of world annihilation. Already a certain percentage of unborn children are doomed by fallout, and no one knows the cumulative effects of what is already poisoning the air and sea.’ – Sylvia Plath

‘Ghost stories and Sherlock Holmes mysteries were great. And I had a major soft spot for those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books.’ – Ransom Riggs

‘Ariel may look a lot like Barbie, and her adventure may be limited to romance and over with the wedding bells, but unlike, say, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, she’s active, brave and determined, the heroine of her own life. She even rescues the prince. And that makes her a rare fish, indeed, in the world of preschool culture.’ – Katha Pollitt

‘As a director, I’ve wanted to have adventure in my life, creative adventure. I think it’s partly because I grew up, basically from age six to 26, mostly on television series where the producers find something that works and then do it over and over and over again.’ – Ron Howard

‘Frank Gehry not only understood my sense of fun and adventure but also reciprocated it and translated that feeling into his work.’ – Issey Miyake

‘Architects always have a feel for time – the generation they live in – as we do, and they are always striving toward boundless adventure.’ – Issey Miyake

‘You can get stuff done in New York that you can’t in Los Angeles. If you wanted to get some milk and get your shoes repaired and drop something off at the dry cleaner, that’s an all-day adventure in Los Angeles. In New York, you can bang that out in half an hour.’ – Justin Theroux

‘A romance is a courtship story. In the 19th century, the definition of the romance genre was an escape from daily life that included adventure and love and battle. But in the 20th century, that term changed, and now it’s deemed only a love story, specifically a courtship story.’ – Diana Gabaldon

‘I inhaled books. I loved Classics Illustrated comic books. These were books that I could afford to buy after I turned in pop bottles for change. ‘The Prince and the Pauper,’ ‘Robinson Crusoe,’ ‘A Journey to the Center of the Earth.’ Male narratives filled with adventure and self-discovery.’ – Jewell Parker Rhodes

‘The general direction seems to be becoming fairly clear to me, but every new piece is a small adventure.’ – Steven Stucky

‘I guess there are certain conventions that come with film and with scoring film. So maybe one of those is menace in a lower register. It’s trying to evoke some sense of chaos and adventure.’ – Thomas Newman

‘Like university science departments, the arts have shown how they can earn their way and point to an economically newborn future for this country. They show that the U.K. could be a prime provider of imaginative riches and intellectual adventure, which I think are the two great prizes of the 21st century.’ – Melvyn Bragg

‘I love adventure sports. And, I love cooking.’ – Kajal Aggarwal

‘Not many know that I’m a mountaineer, and my love for adventure will never die.’ – Divyanka Tripathi

‘I am a reserved guy and need somebody to pep me up every day, Upsi does that job perfectly. She is very vivacious and outspoken, so we blend very well. We both love travelling, and we have a thing for adventure. We love being outdoors and like to ride our own boat rather than being rowed by someone else.’ – Ram Charan

‘I was always interested in acting and writing, and I honestly thought I’d make my name as a scriptwriter one day. But somehow, I ended up in London in the early ’70s, and that’s where I had my David Bowie adventure.’ – Angela Bowie

‘I went to Legoland in Denmark when I was five, I think, but I went to Germany when I was 17 to have a little adventure after graduation.’ – Jens Lekman

‘We got offers to make sequels to both ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz,’ and they never really interested us because we like having these endings where it seems very final but could hint at some kind of future adventure that you’ll never see.’ – Edgar Wright

‘I’m a lover of the great adventure films of the 1980s: ‘Goonies,’ ‘E.T.,’ ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ ‘Star Wars.” – Kelly Asbury

‘How indifferent are men to this carpenter or that fisherman, who has no word to speak of adventure or of wealth, but has only the word of God to proclaim, and has no credentials but that he comes in the name of the Lord.’ – Edward Everett Hale

‘I long for a life that explodes with meaning and is filled with adventure, wonder, risk, and danger. I long for a faith that is gloriously treacherous. I want to be with Jesus, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.’ – Mike Yaconelli

‘Life would be pretty boring if I didn’t explore. It’s about letting my ears take me on an adventure to soak in everything I can.’ – Trombone Shorty

‘I’m down for adventure and up for anything.’ – Zach Anner

‘Expats are a self-selecting group of outgoing, confident people – if you’re not those things, you probably don’t choose this adventure – and the lifestyle is very conducive to making fast, close friends.’ – Chris Pavone

‘My earlier books, ‘The Oath,’ ‘This Present Darkness’ were pretty straight adventure. ‘The Visitation’ is like a deeper book, more thought-provoking. It probes at character more.’ – Frank Peretti

‘I knew what I didn’t want. I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me. I didn’t want people to see me as disabled. I wanted to live a life of adventure and stories.’ – Amy Purdy

‘I was not big on playing house. I preferred make-believe that revolved around adventure, featuring pirates and knights. I was also domineering, impatient, relentlessly verbal, and, as an only child, often baffled by the mores of other kids.’ – Ariel Levy

‘The 10 or 20 minutes I was somebody’s mother were black magic; there is no adventure I would have traded them for.’ – Ariel Levy

‘I’d hate to be writing ‘Adventure Time’ comics and not be excited about it.’ – Ryan North

”Adventure Time’ tells stories where anything can happen, but what happens is. It stars Finn, a boy who fights evil, and Jake, a dog with stretchy powers. Both of them can talk.’ – Ryan North

‘As a kid, I loved the idea of alternate possibilities, roads not taken, that sort of thing – and I think seeing the ‘Adventure Time’ universe rendered by the artists in those stories will scratch that same itch really well.’ – Ryan North

‘Adventure with a purpose is what we do.’ – Travis Kalanick

‘It occurred to me the thing that broke my heart the most was when I grew up and realized everything wasn’t an adventure. I got to a certain age and realized I couldn’t be Indiana Jones.’ – Jason Isbell

‘When I got hired to do ‘Guardians,’ it was the dream of a lifetime for me. This is what I’ve been working towards. I’ve always wanted to create a space adventure, and especially a space adventure with a raccoon. Now that I’m finally able to do it, I created exactly the movie I wanted to make.’ – James Gunn

‘I’m considered the ‘old daddy of adventure.” – Clive Cussler

‘I was offered the Gene Hackman role in ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ four times, and I turned it down four times. I didn’t want to do that movie. I called it the upside down boat.’ – Martin Landau

‘I think I saw ‘Rushmore’ my senior year in high school. You know, Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson, there’s such a voice to those movies. It’s not like ‘Die Hard’ where it’s like, ‘Oh, this is an adventure. It just happened.’ It’s like you can hear the voice. I was like, ‘Oh, I want to do that.” – Anders Holm

‘Guilty pleasure implies that it’s something that I feel guilty for watching… people tell me I should feel guilty for watching because I’m too old to watch it, but I don’t give a damn: I love everything on Cartoon Network from ‘Adventure Time’ to ‘The Adventures of Gumball’, ‘Teen Titans’… all those shows that are for my kids, I like those!’ – Ne-Yo

‘It would be a great adventure for Leicester to be in the Champions League.’ – Gary Lineker

‘You immediately hear the word ‘Merlin,’ you think magic, you think adventure, excitement – you also think ‘an old man.” – Colin Morgan

‘It was ‘ST’ format to let space and alien worlds, rather than human weakness, provide the conflict and danger necessary to our adventure show.’ – Gene Roddenberry

‘I have to thank Leicester City Football Club. The adventure was amazing and will live with me forever.’ – Claudio Ranieri

”Trek’ is probably more cerebral and philosophical. ‘Stargate’ does seat-of-the-pants adventure and humor better.’ – Robert Picardo

‘As kids, we did see the Disney movies and the kids’ adventure stories of the day.’ – Ethan Coen

‘Each book, for me, has been an adventure, a period of time dedicated to study, to document certain facts, to traveling, and also to fantasize and to invent.’ – Mario Vargas Llosa

‘Writing with kids is an adventure. It seems like someone always has the flu or pink-eye. I mean, you don’t even have to be in direct contact with anyone to get pink-eye. But for parents who write, flexibility becomes essential, and as long as I have a pad of paper and a pen, I can write anywhere. Starbucks is fine.’ – Claire Messud

‘I love the novel as a form, as an adventure of mind and soul. Really, I absolutely love writing them; they consume my days and nights – what can I say? But I am an avid film student, too: I watch a movie every night.’ – Lawrence Osborne

‘To me, Wonderlust is all about living life with a sense of adventure. I’m so honoured; I love being a Michael Kors woman.’ – Lily Aldridge

‘I don’t blame Le Havre. Back then, I wasn’t an easy person to handle. I was always one of the first to mess around. So there were a lot of reasons why my adventure stopped at that point.’ – Dimitri Payet

‘I’m really drawn to adventure, and characters being plucked from normal life and sent on extraordinary adventures.’ – Doug Liman

‘Making ‘American Made’ really was an adventure.’ – Doug Liman

‘Following a pre-cellphone world of children on an adventure is incredibly appealing for me. These are the kinds of movies I fell in love with and made me want to be a filmmaker in the first place.’ – Dean Devlin

‘There’s a lot of superhero stuff out there and a lot of cop stuff out there. What we have very little of anymore is adventure.’ – Dean Devlin

‘The great thing about adventure, when told correctly, is it is one of the few genres that everybody in the family can watch together.’ – Dean Devlin

‘There is a kind of adventure- and risk-seeking audience in classical contemporary music that is really empowering and part of what draws me to it. The people that come to these concerts are open-minded and curious.’ – Bryce Dessner

‘A great JRPG captures that feeling of going on an unusual adventure, of bringing a ragtag group of heroes from famine to fortune or steering cold-hearted villagers away from indifference.’ – Jason Schreier

”Star Wars’ was the mythology of my youth. I longed for adventure.’ – Ernest Cline

‘I’m so proud of ‘Underground’ because it’s this thriller; it’s this action- adventure. It’s unexpected. People think it’s gonna one be one thing – they think it’s gonna be very depressing and downtrodden – and it’s empowering.’ – Jurnee Smollett-Bell

‘I see Grand Challenge not as the end of the robotics adventure we’re on: it’s almost like the beginning.’ – Anthony Levandowski

‘I’m looking forward to the new adventure. Playing in the Premier League was always my dream, and I’m definitely going to relish this opportunity and give my absolute everything for this club.’ – Granit Xhaka

‘I love the challenge of any adventure.’ – Ginger Zee

‘I can do a dance, adventure, or sports-based reality shows. But I cannot live in a locked house because I’m very moody.’ – Shaheer Sheikh

‘I feel adventure associations in our country can be the best but somehow are lazy about getting their act together.’ – Erica Fernandes

”True Blood’ was the most amazing adventure of my life; I met some of my best friends.’ – Alexander Skarsgard

‘I love the thriller genre generally. I like murder mysteries and those kinds of adventure stories.’ – Jennifer Egan

‘Kids are curious, and if you don’t lose that, then everything is an adventure.’ – Diane Greene

‘I see the world as an adventure thriller and a voyage of discovery. To me, all lives are lives of mystery and secrecy, and that’s what I write about.’ – Simon Sebag Montefiore

‘Marriage is really an exciting adventure.’ – Ruby Dee

‘I know what it’s like to be genuinely intrigued and compelled by a story and to have a sense that there’s an adventure to be had and a film to be conjured.’ – Bennett Miller

‘One of the biggest turnoffs is being presented with an idea that’s already, to a degree, complete. That’s not an adventure, and it’s not a learning experience. It’s more of a chore. Then you become a technician with taste, as opposed to an explorer and an author.’ – Bennett Miller

‘I’ve just had this idea pop in my head of trying to learn a new song every da, and try and play it that night. That’s been fun for me because it’s a little bit of a scary adventure, playing a song for the first time in front of people and letting it just be what it is.’ – Jim James

‘I entered my egg-freezing adventure from a feeling of lack – a lack of fertility, of the right partner, of biological time. But this perceived lack actually produced abundance – of options, time, peace of mind, and microscopic chances of a child.’ – Faith Salie

‘I learned that getting a movie made in Hollywood is a near impossibility, and the process can be a wild adventure. TV is a lot more consistently productive – no offense to the beautiful world of feature film.’ – Julie Plec

‘Travelling by myself is always more of an adventure: I meet more people. I experience the place to the fullest. I’m on my own schedule.’ – Shenaz Treasury

‘I believe in adventure and imagination, and I got that from my parents and the things I experienced as a child.’ – Mirai Nagasu

‘It’s a pretty crazy adrenaline rush because I feel like every run is different. You can never really expect anything. It’s like a new adventure every time you drop into the pipe.’ – Chloe Kim

‘I was going to go to a midnight screening of ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’ in college, and it’s the sort of thing where people dress up. So I got dressed up, and then I got lost. I was speeding, and a cop pulled me over while I was wearing a Pee-wee suit. That’s a hard ticket to get out of.’ – Paul Rust

‘The thing I always liked about ‘Pee-wee’s Big Adventure’ was Pee-wee’s, obviously, an oddball, but nobody in that universe points a finger at him and goes, ‘Look at the weirdo!’ I think that’s why weirdo, arty kids like it so much: because it’s sort of like a utopia.’ – Paul Rust

‘I want a little black girl to pick up my book one day and see herself as the star. I want her to know that she’s beautiful, and she matters, and she can have a crazy, magical adventure even if an ignorant part of the world tells her she can never be Hermione Granger.’ – Tomi Adeyemi

‘We like epic stories, we like adventure, we like epic fights, so if you can mix a great story that can also really teach someone about a different experience, you have the potential to really help people.’ – Tomi Adeyemi

‘For me, ‘Jaws’ is much more of an adventure movie, but when it’s scary, it’s terrifying. When it’s funny, it’s hilarious. When there’s drama, it’s the most sincere stuff on screen. When there’s adventure, there’s swashbuckle. It’s all those things.’ – Dan Trachtenberg

‘As time goes on, at both DC and Marvel, characters notch up so many victories that we often start to think of them as infallible, which is kind of death for adventure fiction.’ – Gail Simone

‘When I was 26, I got pregnant. I decided to have the baby because I accept everything in life as an adventure. I accept life. I couldn’t see why you would not accept it.’ – Vicky Krieps

‘When I got pregnant, I knew I wasn’t anywhere in my career, that I had not arrived. I was still on my adventure, and so I said to the child in my belly, ‘I am so happy for you to come, but you should know I’m still on my way, and you’ll have to come with me and be in my rucksack.” – Vicky Krieps

‘I would love to do something that takes me on an adventure. I really want to do it all.’ – Kylie Bunbury

‘I grew up in the ’80s, and you had these original, big-budget sci-fi adventure things all the time, not based on any source material – you’d have ‘Gremlins,’ ‘Back to the Future,’ ‘E.T.’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ the list goes on and on. I would love it so much if ‘Pacific Rim’ was but the first in a new wave of that sort of thing.’ – Travis Beacham

‘For me, the stamp that I impose on stuff comes from the fact that in the ’80s, when I was starting to write movies, I looked back to the ’70s. So the films I enjoyed as a kid were the thrillers that came out of the ’70s. Back then, you didn’t have action movies; you had adventure films or thrillers.’ – Shane Black

‘What’s interesting when you see ‘Black Panther’ is you realize it couldn’t have been directed by anybody else but Ryan Coogler. It’s a great adventure movie, and it works on all those different levels as entertainment, but it has this kind of cultural through-line that is so specific that it makes it universal.’ – John Singleton

‘Edgar Rice Burroughs taught me pace and gave me a sense of action and adventure.’ – Joe R. Lansdale

‘A dark, fantastic adventure set in an alternate 1900s Asia, ‘Monstress’ is buried deep in the supernatural. It’s a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time – it just took me awhile to put all the pieces together.’ – Marjorie Liu

‘I wanted college to be a real American adventure for me.’ – Mark Kurlansky

‘When I’m on an adventure, I live with a camera in my hand, and that’s what I try to give to the readers inside the space that gives us every chapter of the story.’ – Eduardo Risso

‘I would love ‘Patsy’ to join the ranks of superhero comics that have something for everybody and are new-reader-friendly, with an adventure every issue.’ – Kate Leth

‘It was strange to go off the path that everyone takes and not finish college, but it’s been a great adventure.’ – Taylor Louderman

‘I think I can safely say that, as adolescents, most people have excess energy to spare and need adventure, excitement, and a challenge.’ – Prince Charles

”Winnie the Pooh’s Grand Adventure’ – the movie where Rabbit adopts a baby bird and raises her, and then the bird grows up and flies away and leaves him – I cried.’ – Noelle Stevenson

‘Parenthood is an adventure.’ – Audra McDonald

‘I prefer active vacations. I really like the adventure aspect of it, and I also like a trip with intentions, where something will be gained on the other side of it. But I also like the option to just be there.’ – Abigail Spencer

‘I get to come home to my family. It’s awesome, just constant adventure, never a dull moment. So much life.’ – Kurt Vile

‘I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of fantastic people, from royalty to rock stars. I’ve also been known to be a bit of a daredevil, so I’ve tried to explore extreme travel and adventure – scuba-diving in an arctic glacier and camping in the Himalayas.’ – Cynthia Rowley

‘I’ve taken a lot of risks through the years, but I always followed my instincts and always explored new opportunities. The biggest reward has been having an idea and being able to make it a reality. My passions always lead the way – travel and adventure, fitness, art, and home.’ – Cynthia Rowley

‘To have Judas Priest together? It’s a real adventure, and we always feel excited when it’s time to create a new record.’ – Rob Halford

‘The thing I love about Vegas is there’s something for any type of mood you’re in and something for any kind of adventure you seek out.’ – Christina Tosi

‘I was a good boy in high school , and I read for English class, and I vaguely remember reading, as a kid, ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ stuff, but I didn’t really read for pleasure.’ – Paul G. Tremblay

‘I have dedicated my life to answering the great scientific questions of our time and to the incredible adventure of space exploration.’ – John M. Grunsfeld

‘I don’t particularly want to jump out of an airplane with a parachute if I don’t have to. I don’t want to go bungee jumping. I like adventure with a real purpose that I can buy into.’ – John M. Grunsfeld

‘We need the daring visions. To go to theatre must be different than to go to shopping. We adventure together, we journey through the mindful and emotional landscapes, we create together an event, unique and unrepeatable.’ – Haris Pasovic

‘Everyone wants me to do the comedy thing. But I always wanted to do action adventure. I want to be a guy like 007 who fights against the establishment. If they can make Bruce Willis believable as an action hero, I could do it, too.’ – Sinbad

‘I like new experiences, so I want to promote the same among my colleagues, and this is why I decided to go on this adventure, because I believe going to the Moon will help me create something better.’ – Yusaku Maezawa

‘I want adventure in my life. I want to do things I haven’t done before. These Hollywood people are so careful of their image and looking right, but there’s a wildness when I come into the photographs. I just want to wade through rivers, climb mountains.’ – Juergen Teller

‘I find ‘True Grit’ to be one of the very best American novels: It is a rousing adventure story and deeply perceptive about the makeup of the American character.’ – George Pelecanos

‘Part of life has to be about enjoying life and having different experiences, especially if you’re with friends and you’re on an adventure on a boat or a submarine – it’s a lot of fun.’ – Paul Allen

”Ready Player One’ has it all – nostalgia, trivia, adventure, romance, heart, and, dare I say it, some very fascinating social commentary. The novel follows Wade Watts through the virtual reality world, the OASIS, and on a quest to uncover and unlock the secrets buried deep inside.’ – Rebecca Serle

‘You have to have a spirit of courage and adventure, or else you’re going to find it tough to get up in the morning sometimes.’ – Justine Musk

‘I was only 19 when I came to Hoffenheim. Everything was new to me – a strange country, a foreign language. That was not easy at the beginning. Europe was a big adventure to me, and of course I had my doubts.’ – Roberto Firmino

‘I gave 100 per cent, 100 per cent of the time I played for Liverpool. Five years, I did everything I could possibly do. I love this club, but it is time for a new adventure.’ – Philippe Coutinho

‘I come from ‘black-box’ theater, where basically, you make your own adventure out of nothing.’ – Dan Fogler

‘I’m a country girl. We lived in a neighborhood, but at the back of the house, there was a little pathway with a creek and a trail. And we would go there, me and my brother. It was always an adventure in our imagination.’ – Danielle Brooks

‘Life isn’t just about football. The adventure starts when you finish, and I’m looking forward to that.’ – Craig Bellamy

‘We are definitely modernizing ‘The Three Musketeers’ without compromising the fun of shooting a period piece. But in our film, corsets and feathered hats don’t take center stage. Our version is rich in eye-popping action, romance, and adventure.’ – Paul W. S. Anderson

‘My passion is always the same. In fact, with a new adventure, the passion always grows.’ – Andrea Pirlo

‘I always get excited by the idea of adventure, of doing something different.’ – Ludovico Einaudi

‘The expat life was a good one: There was my French boyfriend. My bright two-bedroom flat in Islington. My wine at lunch. I had a ‘go bag’ packed with loose linens and mosquito repellent – I was ready to be flung to the outer edges of the world at a moment’s notice. It was all intrigue and adventure.’ – Katy Tur

‘In my actual life, a food adventure is my favorite thing to do.’ – Haylie Duff

‘There are actors who do various different shades of a similar character, which is fine. But I prefer the Cillian Murphy school of doing something that takes you so far outside yourself that it’s an incredible challenge and adventure.’ – Robert Sheehan

‘Dropping 25 pounds was something I was unsure about. It seemed like a pointless adventure, in a way.’ – Buddy Murphy

‘I thought ‘Gone Baby Gone’ was really modern in showing a couple going on an adventure.’ – Zal Batmanglij

‘My life is ready, fire, aim, and it is one of adventure.’ – Jesse Itzler

‘I chose China because I needed something new. Other clubs in Europe and Qatar were also a possibility, but the adventure at Guangzhou was the most interesting.’ – Mousa Dembele

‘All my family worked for Puma. My mother worked there, and my father was the guy that opened and closed up in the evening. We lived in the neighbouring building – just a couple of steps, and I would be in the Puma factory. All 300 people that worked there knew me; it was my adventure playground. I knew everything, even how to make a shoe sole.’ – Lothar Matthaus

”Indigo Prophecy’ already brought a lot of new features to the traditional adventure genre, including the Action system, MultiView, Bending Stories, etc. ‘Heavy Rain’ will include features like advanced physics and AI, realistic characters and living environments.’ – David Cage

”Heavy Rain’ is a cousin of the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books.’ – David Cage

‘My Italian adventure was positive because I improved a lot in tactical terms, most of all defensively, which is something I hadn’t worked on quite so much.’ – Bojan Krkic

‘At its core, what we do in ‘MythBusters’ is turn science into an adventure.’ – Jamie Hyneman

‘I want to do a few crazy things like skydiving and bungee jumping. I am quite an adventure junkie.’ – Dinesh Karthik

‘I was young, out of the military service in Israel. I was looking for a big adventure, and I was searching for it.’ – Yossi Ghinsberg

‘I wanted to go to the extreme in the sense of places that were not explored and meeting people, tribes. I wanted to have an adventure.’ – Yossi Ghinsberg

‘I would love to work with Pendleton Ward who created ‘Adventure Time,’ and I’m dying to work with Ryan Murphy. I’m obsessed with ‘American Horror Story’ and everything he does.’ – Bria Vinaite

‘At its root, ‘God of War’ was always the promise of adventure.’ – Cory Barlog

‘Storytelling has changed. Shows like ‘Adventure Time’ have taken storytelling in a different direction.’ – Genndy Tartakovsky

‘The first game I remember being ridiculously passionate about was Super Mario Bros. 2. It was the first game where you could play as Princess Peach. It wasn’t just a game where the boys had their adventure. Peach was in the game and she was so powerful there.’ – Brianna Wu

‘You try to bring a smile to people’s faces, and try to tell people of the adventure you’ve been on, the success you’ve had and what it takes.’ – Mike Phelan

‘As a child my life felt like an adventure, because my dad is such a fun guy. I had a brother and sister who were in and out of hospital a lot ‚Äì one had a congenital heart problem and the other had a cleft palate. But my parents never stopped smiling.’ – Nadiya Hussain

‘When I went to California Institute of the Arts, I was classmates with a lot of like-minded weirdoes, some of who have gone on to create other cartoon shows-J.G. Quintel, ‘Regular Show;’ Pen Ward, ‘Adventure Time.’ We were all friends in school and pushed each other and made each other laugh.’ – Alex Hirsch

‘American Odyssey’ will be an amazing adventure inside the musical walls of our cities. It’s theater, and radio has always been great theater to me.’ – Marty Stuart

‘I genuinely believe that being on death row for 22 years ultimately saved my life. It was the greatest adventure of my life, and I survived it.’ – Nick Yarris

‘For me a great date will be going on jet skiing or other adventure sport.’ – Amyra Dastur

‘I don’t know exactly where my life will lead. Adventure and the unknown has always been appealing to me.’ – Tom Anderson

‘I was driving home and thinking about what rock and roll should be about. ‘Adventure and Trouble!’ I thought. I sang the song first and then added the chords later.’ – Paul Gilbert

‘I enjoy making all kinds of films. I love action films, war films, period films, adventure films.’ – Mani Ratnam

‘If you’re going to perform, you’re going to attract criticism. You can’t please everyone all the time. You don’t know how things are going to come out. But that’s part of the fun of it, the adventure of doing any kind of art.’ – Bill Bailey

‘Life in ‘Blue Peter’s’ world is always presented as happy, positive and fun. It’s an adventure that you have to make the kids believe they want to join in. There are no marks for being a scaredy-cat.’ – Konnie Huq

‘Michael Palin and Paul Theroux are my travelling icons. I have a soft spot for Joanna Lumley. I’d love to go on an adventure with her.’ – Ben Fogle

‘In England, it’s usually cold. So surfing is more of an adventure where you’re floating around in a big, dark, stormy sea rather than the California notion of girls in bikinis on beaches. It’s really going into the fray. I like it because it gives you the extra time and space you need to think.’ – Ben Howard

‘When you’re given the assignment to write, for example, ‘Spider-Man,’ the concept, characters and environment are all laid out for you. Everything is pre-established, and your sole responsibility as a creator is to craft an exciting, entertaining, hopefully original adventure, to add layers and colors to a canon that already exists.’ – Chris Claremont

‘I’ve seen people who like a certain song write on their Instagram what they think the lyrics are – which they aren’t. I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s interesting – you can create your own adventure with some of these songs.’ Which is really cool.’ – Adam Granduciel

‘We try to write things that can be interpreted on lots of different levels. There’s not a right way or a wrong way… people can adventure a little.’ – Danny Carey

‘There’s always another adventure if you keep your head above water and I don’t have any desire to slow down because it keeps you young.’ – Jim Ross

‘Most people like to backpack through Europe; I think the States is big enough for you to have an adventure in.’ – Cedric Bixler-Zavala

‘I’m a Sagittarius and I love adventure and new beginnings, new experiences, because it makes me feel like I’m living.’ – Maria Brink

‘Motherhood is quite challenging. Everyday is a whole new adventure with your child.’ – Lara Dutta

”E.T.’ and ‘Star Wars’ were cult movies then and opened up a brand new world of adventure and mystery. But as much as I would have loved to be friends with E.T., I realized that following in the footsteps of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan was more realistic.’ – Baron Davis

‘First, I am afraid to die and I love to live. But an adventure is only an adventure when there is the threat of dying.’ – Reinhold Messner

‘I go to the mountains for an adventure and each time I pray I will get up and down again.’ – Reinhold Messner

‘I play a lot of video games. I’ve started playing even more games since I heard Cartoon Network was interested in making an ‘Adventure Time’ game.’ – Pendleton Ward

‘I’d worked with Matt Strevens on ‘Adventure in Space and Time’ and he’s a great friend of mine.’ – Sacha Dhawan

‘Having the chance to model was completely unexpected. I wasn’t very girly, but it was an adventure and it changed my life for ever.’ – Emma Willis

‘People don’t realize all the stuff I gave up growing up. I could have gone to parties and had fun at adventure parks with friends on weekends and things like that. But I went out and worked my butt off for eight hours playing golf.’ – Bryson DeChambeau

‘To me, OVW was one of my favorite periods in my career. I felt like I was on the greatest adventure of all time. I was there five months before WWE developmental moved down to Florida.’ – Wade Barrett

‘Schalke, for me, is a great adventure, and I wanted to experience new sensations away from Real Madrid.’ – Raul

‘I recall my first foreign agent meeting was on a dark, moonless night with an agent I’d never met before. When I picked him up, he passed me the intelligence and I passed him extra money for the men he led. It was the beginning of an adventure I had only dreamed of.’ – Gina Haspel

‘I think for me the final push to move to Paris was the fact I wanted an adventure and I was slightly bored of my life in London.’ – Rachel Khoo

‘Alaves were very keen on me and I was very keen for another adventure. It doesn’t really faze me moving to another country.’ – Oliver Burke

‘With Edge and Christian, we were like ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,’ the Bill & Ted of WWE. We were kind of goofy, kind of funny, humorous, but then when we had to be serious in the ring, we would get serious.’ – Christian Cage

‘I like to find adventure.’ – Bitty Schram

‘The great thing about jamming is that you come in with zero preconceptions. Someone might want to play something that suggests something else to you, and the next thing you know you’re on a 20-minute adventure.’ – Chris Thile

‘Africa is a paradise. You meet people who look at life differently. They love the adventure.’ – Jocelyn Wildenstein

‘I’m actually really excited to be off of ‘General Hospital’ because I know God orders my steps, and this only means He has a new adventure for me.’ – Jen Lilley

‘For me having kids, it doesn’t clip your wings, it gives you a different type of adventure to take, like you say you’ve got different priorities.’ – Helen Skelton

‘The challenges of adventure, rock climbing and alpinism trained me well for dealing with the slow neurodegenerative malady I’m experiencing.’ – Jeff Lowe

‘Exposing the world’s biggest financial heist, the so-called 1MDB scandal, turned out to be an adventure in more ways than one.’ – Clare Rewcastle Brown

‘I prefer adventure to comfort.’ – Princess Stephanie of Monaco

‘I am part of another film by Abhimanyu titled ‘Hullor.’ There is also a comedy flick ‘Bhoot Chakra Private Limited’ by Haranath Chakraborty, where three friends embark on an adventure with a machine created by one of their grandfathers, which can see the past and hunt ghosts.’ – Soham Chakraborty

‘It was this epic adventure and I had this mad idea that it would be interesting to follow the Greek hero Odysseus on his trail from what is modern day Turkey to the west of Greece. He took 10 years to do that and I took six months. I was on 27 different boats for 1,700 miles and I went to 13 different islands.’ – Bettany Hughes

‘I’m an adventure guy, so I can’t be driving around in a Prius. That just doesn’t really fit my life that well.’ – Josh Gates

‘Even my fiction novels are all about outdoor adventure, and have plenty of information to encourage the reader to get interested in adventure and conservation.’ – Steve Backshall

‘When you’re on the wrong side of 50 there are few opportunities for adventure. So you grab them while you can.’ – Carol Thatcher

‘In every sport you have to have a Plan B. For me, Plan B is already set. It’s to do everything from voice-overs for cartoons to action and adventure movies, not only in the United States but here in Japan.’ – Bob Sapp

‘When we were kids, every time you left the house with your friends you had it in the back of your head that you could go on a crazy adventure just like the characters in those movies we loved. That’s hard to do if you’ve got your parents constantly texting you.’ – Matt Duffer

‘I’ve approached a couple of publishing houses about getting my work in print one day. I’d like to concentrate on sci-fi or action adventure.’ – Brook Lopez

‘What gets us excited about any movie is the social relevance and the character themes and the character journeys and like the adventure story.’ – Anna Boden

‘Acting in movies? Why not. It would be a new adventure for me. This is always something I’ve liked to do, act in movies.’ – Jan Blachowicz

‘Now I’m just loving the world of Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle so much. I really wouldn’t want to go back into the world of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling – where would the fun and adventure be in that?’ – Gyles Brandreth

‘What I’ve done is I’ve started writing a novel, so that’s my big adventure.’ – Lesley Sharp

‘Now, I am an adventure junkie.’ – Rubina Dilaik

‘I would be honest when I say that the adventure element in my life was introduced by Abhinav. He really enjoys pushing his limits when it comes to adventure sports.’ – Rubina Dilaik

‘No, I’m alright for adventure. I will up the Thames in one of those Jacuzzi dingys.’ – Jonathan Bailey

‘You need to put yourselves in places where adventure can find you.’ – Charley Boorman

‘I got that sense of travel and adventure from my father.’ – Charley Boorman

‘One thing I can say about pursuing a career in the arts is, it is an adventure – a beautiful, intimidating, and fulfilling adventure.’ – Kiana Madeira

‘The fun of that sci-fi and adventure stuff is that it’s always somebody who’s not believed and is not being trusted. If you saw an alien walk across the street, who are you gonna tell? Who would believe you?’ – Eoin Macken

‘It’s never fun to run out of gas while on a road trip, But the adventure of trying to find gas when your in the middle a nowhere usually ends up being a funny story a few years down the line.’ – Ryan Bingham

‘Sometimes we get so focused on the results that we miss doing it – we miss the adventure of being in the midst of something because we’re looking too far ahead.’ – Alison Sudol

‘Marrying Cristina Bayardelle, now Cristina Cawthorn, is the greatest honor, privilege, and adventure of my life.’ – Madison Cawthorn

‘My mum was quite a wanderer. She had a real sense of adventure and a cheekiness to her, which is something I like and that I try to take into my style of work.’ – Mary McCartney

‘I love being in the band, I love being that person and it’s such a beautiful and ridiculous adventure but that has an effect mentally, good and bad, just from being the age we were.’ – Luke Hemmings

‘I guess I’m driven by a sense of adventure in my life and I don’t want to find myself stuck in the same place doing the same thing forever.’ – Richard Bacon

‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ lets you do the best adventure games in the world with the best safety possible. It’s severe but a once-in-a-lifetime experience.’ – Rahul Vaidya

‘If someone asks me what ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ is? I would say that it is a show where we’re paid to try adventure based stunts. This is the only show which pays you to do the most adventurous games ever with safety. It is a once in a lifetime experience.’ – Rahul Vaidya

‘I want to be at the top of my division and if that’s something that I’m not doing and I can’t do, then it’s probably on to the next adventure in my life.’ – Chad Mendes

‘I am fond of anything creative and I love adventure.’ – Bhumika Chawla

‘Working on science fiction, horror, and adventure series is fun because the music is needed to help build the world that the action takes place in. The score tells us something about the place, the setting, the backstory, the characters. It’s doing more than simply commenting on the immediate action.’ – Bear McCreary

‘I like action and adventure games, and puzzles.’ – Rimi Sen

‘Ordinarily I would play the Lee Marvin role in ‘Avalanche.’ You know, the cynical, two-fisted rebel. But I play the president’s agent on the mission, an Ivy Leaguer in suit and tie. Although I take part In the adventure, I’m not the instigator.’ – Mike Connors